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Sarah Freytag

MSc Politics & Communication

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn's political scandal: does it matter?

Sarah-FreytagSince finishing my MSc, I did two internships. I first did a Blue Book Internship at the European Commission, I was working at the Representation of the European Commission in France where I interned with the Head of Representation. My second internship was at Weber Shandwick - an international PR agency - in their International Clients Service. Before the end of my internship, I was offered a job which I accepted.


Mark Leo

Media & Communication Governance
I am currently working for the American Red Cross on a NATO base in Sicily as Chairman of Publicity.

Chang Li

MSc Media & Communications

I am now working for Ping An Insurance Group of China.Ltd. to provide management and advice on brand and communications. Before this, I was a reporter in CapitalWeek in China.

John Hrabe

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)



The Huffington Post:

I've been freelancing as I travel the world. Although I'm primarily focused on California state government, I've been living in Delhi, Cape Town and Croatia. In particular, I've concentrated on the problems within higher education, especially the California State University. Check out my series of pieces:

Michael Burke Christian

MSc Politics & Communication

Mediated Legitimacy: Canada's 2008 Parliamentary Crisis: A study of Ideology, Legitimacy and Political Communication

Twitter: burkechristian

I am currently providing senior strategic advice and leadership support to the Chief Officer, Diversity and Accessibility in the Ontario Public Service as it continues its journey toward building an inclusive and accessible public service. I am continuing to explore my academic interests in the area of deliberation and civic engagement. It is my intention to complete a Ph.D in this area with the hope of developing some practical and concrete tools that could be utilized by collaborative civil servants to combat declining public trust in our democratic institutions.

Daniel Schwarz

MSc Politics & Communication

Relating to 'Ohio' in Political Advertisements: Interpreting Representations of Culture in Narratives, Myths, and Symbols from Democratic Spots in the 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign

After finishing my MSc I went to work on the re-election campaign of Mayor Boris Johnson as Deputy to the Media Director. I have since gone to work for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee as Research Director and Head of Communications.

Chang Li

Msc Media & Communications

Framing Strategy of Hsinhua News Agency on Haiti earthquake

After graduating from LSE, I joined Future Leader programme of Barclays Business Banking, as an associate in business planning & analysis. After 6 months, I work as financial journalist & Banking analyst in CapitalWeek, a publication of China Securities Regulatory Commission to report listed companies in China.

Robyn Abzug

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

Working in LA

John Wie

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

Dr. Horrible: Web Series, Transmedia, and Experimentation

Since graduating, I have been working at a social media marketing company in Southern California as well as keeping up with my movie reviewing. Additionally, I have started to create short films/digital videos on the side.

Katharine Miltner

MSc Media & Communications

Srsly Phenomenal: An Investigation Into The Appeal of LOLCats


Kate has been living in London and working as a Lead Planner for Jam @ Engine, devising social media and social business strategies for major corporations like Samsung and Renault. She continues to investigate the role that internet culture plays in our lives, speaking regularly at conferences and panels, and she recently published an article in The Atlantic that analysed the memetic disaster humour that arose from the Aurora shootings ( She hopes to pursue a PhD and is preparing applications for entry in 2013.

Shutong Zhang

Global Media & Communications (USC)


I traveled for a while after graduation. After I moved back home to Chengdu, China, I worked as a political/government reporter at a local newspaper for a year. Now I am in Beijing working as a product manager at Tencent (an internet company).

Jue Huang 

MSc Media, Communication & Development

Working for a Hedge Fund based in London.Responsible for Investor Relations and Marketing. +44 7554537250

Ka Li

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

I'm working in a public relations firm.

Mayuree Rao 

MSc Media & Communications 

I am currently anchoring the lifestyles supplement of a national daily called DNA (

Giulia Rocca 

Global Media & Communications (USC)

I went to China to pursue a job as a strategist at Interbrand (Shanghai). Interbrand is a global, brand management consulting company.

Carol Haidar 

MSc Media & Communications

I am working at Google in Advertising.

Martyna Podstawa 

MSc Media & Communications 

Chime Communications Plc graduate scheme, specifically within the Research and Engagement Division.

Edouard Beauchemin

MSc Global Media and Communications
(Global-Fudan 2008-2010, currently working for Monde Chinois in Paris) Contributing to Monde Chinois, a French journal focusing on China's current affairs, with a strong emphasis on International Relations and Global problems. The Global Media and Communications program did play a part in helping me to secure this opportunity.


Leandro Humberto Pereira Beguoci

leandro-beguociMSc Media & Communication Governance


Do empowering arguments empower? A study about the justifications on speech regulation in Brazil

Since I graduated, in 2009, I took part in a lot of different projects, most of them online projects. From 2010 to 2012, I worked for one of the most important websites in Brazil, iG, creating a news agency and taking part of the innovation group. In 2012, I moved to FOX International Channels, in Brazil, where I am editor-in-chief of the online projects, including FOX Sports, FOX, National Geographic and FX. 

Aine Lutz

MSc Media & Communications
After graduating with a MSc in Media and Communications, I started my doctoral thesis at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU) supported by the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation with a postgraduate scholarship.  

Ben Wright

MSc Politics and Communication

Potomac Fever: The Politics of the White House Press Briefing Room

Twitter: @wrightben

I work as a public affairs consultant with Connect Communications, providing strategic political communications support to a range of organisations.

Katerina Vlachavas

MSc Media & Communications

Three Men in Suits: How did British newspapers frame the 2010 televised leaders' debates?

I have been working in London at Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.

Anne Lazarus Savariappan

MSc Media & Communications

News & Identity Construction Among Indian Overseas Students in the UK

I am a Catholic priest. I have been using my formation and studies I received from LSE at my ambiance. I have published a few articles in some of the well-known Catholic magazines in our part of the world. At present I am entrusted 16 young students to give training to them in their pursuit to become priests. I am doing my best to give solid formation both in religious level and in virtual realities. I am indeed grateful to the formation I received from LSE.

Yu Li

MSc Media & Communications

Worked as Marketing & PR Assistant for De Beers Diamonds Jewellers at LVMH for over a year after graduation. Now working as Marketing Executive at American Express.

Young Sun Chun

MSc Media & Communications

Changes in journalistic practices in digital environment

Yi Huang

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

I have been worked in iResearch (Shanghai) since graduation from USC, one of the top Internet research and consulting groups in China. As senior data research manager, I'm devoted to the study of people's online behavior and online marketing, serving new media enterprises, advertising agencies as well as advertisers.

Maria Angelica Bulnes

MSc Politics & Communication

The relationship between audiences and publics: how Chilean journalists construct their audiences

Twitter: @angelicabulnes

Working at the School of Journalism at Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago, Chile.

Giulia Rocca

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

July 2010 - Dec. 2011 Interbrand - Associate Strategist Feb. 2012 - Present - Chrysler/Fiat - Marketing Executive - Media Specialist

Augusto Fontana

Augusto-FontanaMSc Media & Communications

Radical media


Ashley Challinor

Ashley-ChallinorMSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

Our Home and Native Values: Canadian rights talk in the Maclean's human rights complaints coverage

I worked in migration research and policy in Washington, DC, then moved to the Republic of Georgia where I taught English to police officers and worked for a local newspaper. I'm now back in my native Canada. War Games: Russian Power Strategy, Abkhazia, and the 2014 Olympics. The Journal of the International Relations and Affairs Group Vol. 2, No. 1 (June 2012): 62-83. Canada's Immigration Policy: A Focus on Human Capital. Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute, 2011. Improving Immigrants' Employment Prospects Through Work-Focused Language Instruction (with Margie McHugh). Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute, 2011. Mexican and Central American Immigrants in the United States (with Kate Brick and Marc R. Rosenblum). Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute, 2011.

Dongfang Chen

Dongfang-ChenMSc Media & Communications

The Cosmopolitan Identity of Journalist in Disaster Reporting

I used to work in an independent media company in London doing video news and media report for one year after finishing school. And then came back to Shanghai in 2012 working for branding and communication in Sunyat China, a commercial real estate management company in Shanghai. Hope to keep contact with School and Media Department.

My video about safe travelling in the UK is available to view here:

Bonnie Chen

Bonnie-ChengMSc Politics & Communication

Political opportunity makes a difference: a case study of the West Kowloon Cultural District Movement



I was promoted to be the Business News Editor for The Standard, the most highly circulated English news paper in Hong Kong. Not only do I oversee news on listed companies and the red hot property market in Hong Kong, my juniors and I also cover news on the macro-economy in mainland China plus the practice of the companies from a critical point of view. I am very grateful to the LSE for awarding me a scholarship to complete the programme in 2010. Studying in London was such a marvellous experience especially the fact that the election was held in 2010 that provided us with interesting discussion materials in the class. That year also allowed me to explore London and the UK and I had contributed a weekly column on the British cultural life to a Chinese newspaper during my stay there. It covered life both inside and outside school. Last year, I edited and added value to the column articles which were compiled into a book. The book was released this year when London has so much to celebrate. Through the various book autograph sessions, I was able to share my wonderful experience with the others and to encourage them to study in the UK. What's more, they are good opportunities to meet alumni from the LSE and to recollect our memories of our good old days at the school.

Ariel Margalith

Ariel-MargalithMSc Global Media & Communications (Fudan)

LSE - Globalizing Nollywood in a Network Society. Fudan: How China Changes Hollywood: The New Standards of Content Production in a Network Society

Ariel Margalith is the founding CEO of the China based ARMA Global Media Development Ltd. Following a decade long career as an Israeli Radio and TV journalist, in 2010 Margalith founded ARMA Global Media Development Ltd. in Shanghai. The company focuses on production of commercial, entertainment and documentary projects that increase awareness of global governance issues and contemporary societal transformations and threats. ARMA is a content supplier for Israeli and Chinese TV, and creates creative content for some of the world's leading brands and corporations. ARMA global Media development partners with some of the most advanced technologies in marketing and application design, and is proud to introduce new technologies to the booming Chinese economy. Margalith is a regular contributor to Israeli Channel 10 TV on issues concerning China, globalisation and media. Since 2011 he has been writing a specialist column for Globes Magazine on Globalization, Media and Emerging Markets. 


Jana Hladikova

MSc Media & Communications

How viewers make sense of female representations in a new form of reality TV (Miss Naked Beauty)

Eda Cabbar

MSc Media & Communications


An Analysis On the Experience of Authenticity and Interactivity: Courtauld Online Museum

Thanks to the "Cultural and Creative Industries" lecture series, I had a chance to choose the area for my future career even though it was still not that specific! Having graduated during a world economic crisis, I was lucky to find an internship which gave me chance to work with EU professionals from all over the world. After spending some of my summer time in USA, I have moved to Brussels to work for KEA European Affairs, a research company specialised on cultural and creative industries. Then, I had started to work as a project coordinator in a London based political publication for their Turkey project. All these experiences contributed a lot to my written and analytical skills. Now, I am working as a copywriter for Porter Novelli, US based PR agency. Being a copywriter means that you are involved in all stages of PR campaign for international companies. The fast-paced environment forces me to learn something new everyday.

Kinan Tsui-Suchaovanich

MSc Politics & Communication

Twitter: @thisiskin

Since graduation, I joined the Associated Press as their correspondent for Indochina. After about a year, I moved to the International Committee of the Red Cross and am now their spokesman/communication officer for mainland Southeast Asia. I have since been professionally using my Thai surname Suchaovanich, instead of my Hong Kong one Tsui.

Sneha Menon

MSc Media & Communications

Was all the tweeting just a lot of noise? A critical analysis of user response on twitter during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai

Twitter: @snehame


I worked as an Account Planner with Y&R based in Mumbai after the LSE for a year where I was involved in turning consumer insights into recommendations for branding and marketing communications. I now work as a Qualitative Researcher with the consumer research firm TNS where I conduct research across categories including the media, digital and entertainment space.

Arjun Jassal

MSc Communication, Information & Society

User Innovation on Purely Social Synthetic Worlds: 'Solution Space' in Google Lively @arjunjassal

After graduation I worked for a venture capitalist in London. In 2011 I moved back to India and started a media-technology consultancy called BlueAnt Digital Intelligence. Since then have been working on Augmented Reality, Kinect installations and social media. You can see my work here:

Nidhi Dewan

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

Twitter: @nidhidewan

After finishing my second year at USC in 2010, I now work at NBCUniversal in California as an Emerging Technology Producer.

Lucia Sconosciuto

MSc Media & Communications

Discourse on migration and representation of migrants in Italian mainstream and alternative television news

Between 2009 and 2010 I worked in the Public Information and Documentation Department of the International Criminal Court (ICC), The Hague, NL. It is the first permanent international tribunal with a mandate to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. There I dealt with Media relations and multimedia production as well as organising public events. Since end 2010 I've been working at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in London. It's an international financial institution that focuses on private sector development from Central Europe to Central Asia and, recently, North Africa and Middle East. I am a Communications Adviser for visibility of projects funded by international donors.

Claudia Schoenbohm

MSc Media & Communications

Since finishing my Masters, I have continued to work at Dow Jones. I switched job titles internally from Report Writer to Media Consultant one year after finishing the Masters degree.

Jim Baird

JimBairdPhotoMSc Politics & Communication

Media and Race in the Age of Obama

Twitter: J_Baird

I am the Director of Communications for the Stimson Center, a nonpartisan global affairs think tank located in Washington, DC. I oversee the Center’s daily communications operations and strategic planning, working with leading experts to ensure their research is communicated effectively to policy makers and key target audiences. Many of the qualitative skills I learned at LSE are directly applicable to my day to day work analyzing how issues are playing out in American media discourse.

Jing Meng

MSc Media & Communications

Facebook: Sei Lain Meow

Influences of internet on the suicide rate in Japan

After LSE, I moved to Tokyo and started to work for a Japanese Search Engine Marketing company. I also run a website and I take photos for different websites and magazines in Tokyo.

Becca Leonard Chambers

Becca-Leonard-ChambersMSc Global Media and Communication (USC)

Twitter: @BeccaPL

Direct to Consumer Advertising: The Case of Gardasil and American Women

I am an Executive Communications manager for the Security company, McAfee (an Intel company), part graphic designer, part communications professional. I create executive keynotes and speeches, as well as managing the corporate blog ( and social media. I create keynotes for our executives that are viewed by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and have the opportunity to travel globally for my job. Before starting at McAfee, (after finishing both the LSE and USC programs), I worked as a communications consultant serving a variety of clients in the Los Angeles area before moving to Silicon Valley. In fact, one of my fellow LSE-USC cohorts (Amanda Fine) and I started a communications consultancy together shortly after graduation. My passion continues to be brand strategy and development, which is due in large part to my dissertation research while at LSE.

Ting Liu

MSc Media & Communications

China Online Public Sphere

Strategic planning in advertising agency, focusing on consumer trends and insights based on research and observations.

Vance Whitfield

Global Media & Communications (USC)
I have consulted with the Inter-American Development Bank in communications. Currently, I am consulting with Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd.(Cardno) as communications specialist. I am developing branding strategies, communications strategies, and marketing strategies.

Jaibal Naduvath 

MSc Global Media and Communications
(Global-Fudan 2007-2009, currently working for Kotak Mahindra in Mumbai ) I now work with Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance, among India's leading private life insurers and look after the Corporate Affairs function. There is actually so much I took away from the programme, so apparent in retrospect. While going through the grind, it could appear a bit laboured, but it is well worth the effort

Sandra K. Evans (nee Bangasser)

Sandra BangasserMSc Global Media & Communications

Sandra is a 2009 alumna of the Global Media & Communications program at the LSE and USC. She went on to the doctoral program at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism where she conducts research in the field of organizational communication.

Raphael Daste

Raphael Daste

MSc Communication, Information & Society 2009

Since having graduated from the LSE, I have been working for Qedis Consulting, a London-based management consulting company. Since the majority of client work is done within IT, my competitive edge has been a strong theoretical background in Information Systems combined with a wider scope for media and economics as a whole.

This MSc was particularly rewarding in the flexibility it provides - whether you want to focus on new media, IS, or both, it's truly a unique opportunity. After a very positive start to my professional career, I am confident that my LSE MSc will serve as a testament of credibility, intellect, and motivation, whether in the UK or elsewhere. Thanks for a great year and an unforgettable experience. 

Claudia Schoenbohm

MSc Media & Communications 2009

I work as a report writer consultant at Dow Jones since 2006.


Tonusree Basu

MSc Politics & Communication

Mapping the Changing Dynamics of Political Campaigning in India: Focus on the 2004 General Elections

Soon after graduating from the LSE, I worked briefly as a Parliamentary Intern in the UK House of Commons. Along with that, I was a consultant with The Rory Peck Trust, on their work on freedom of the press and safety of journalists in India. Thereafter I returned to India to work with PRS Legislative Research, a non-partisan parliamentary research initiative in India. There I engaged with parliamentarians on issues of policy and parliamentary reform, trained journalists and civil society groups on legislative processes and helped start the Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament Fellowship, the first legislative fellowship programme for young Indians. I am currently studying for my Master's in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. I am focusing on political economy reforms for better service delivery and governance, and civic engagement. I continue to be involved with grassroots organizations based in India for advocacy on issues of transparency and accountability in governance, for the rural and urban poor. I spent my recent summer in graduate school interning at the UN Women headquarters in New York, focusing on leadership and governance. In addition, I am working on a consulting project with the World Bank on access to private education in India.

Ines Bamburac

Ines-BamburacMSc Media & Communications

Dr. Yahweh and Mr. House - The Representations of Medicine in the Genre of Television Medical Dramas

Executive director of Mediacentar Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Working on media development projects as well as strategic communication consultant.

Xu Zhou

MSc Communication Regulation & Policy

Yuchen Li

Yuchen-LiMSc Media & Communications

Media Power in the M&A Process

Build up my career on a top market research agency; focus on the branding and communication. After 2 and half years, joined another boutique agency and conducted more strategic marketing projects, e.g. market entry, brand re-positioning, new product development etc. Currently work as a strategic planner in 4A advertising agency. Design communication strategy for the advertising campaign and take the role as consumer insight expert.

Eleni-Revekka Staiou

MSc Communication, Information & Society

Organosi 2.0 (in greek):

I am currently a PhD Candidate in University of Athens, Greece, in the Department of Communication and Mass Media. My research interests focus on eGovernment 2.0, a combination of traditional eGovernment with social media.

Michelle Ameer

MSc Media and Communications

One of the most exciting times of my life.  Met some of the most fun and loving and intellectually stimulating people. On obtaining my degree I was approached by a local university in Pakistan to set up a media and communications department for undergraduate studies. The School of Creative Arts. Lahore is one of the front runners in media and education and research with a state of the art post-production facility. Currently I'm associated with a private school network The City School as a regional director.

Fang Liu

MSc Media & Communications

Liu-Fang2010 Media Coordinator of the United Nations Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo 2011 International Affairs Director of the the Organizing Committee of 2011 Kubuqi International Desert Forum 2012 Senoir Project Officer of the International New Energy Cooperation Organization   


Gopal Kushla Devi

MSc Media & Communications  
Currently working as a strategy consultant in London boutique consulting firm

Voronin Nikolay

MSc Media and Communications 
I'm working at the BBC World Service, in Russian Online team.

Eduardo Pereira

Eduardo Pereira

MSc New Media, Information and Society 2008

During my MSc at the LSE I wrote an essay on relations of power on the web. I then refined this essay based on the feedback I had received from professors and colleagues, and submitted a revised version of this manuscript to the journal Media, Culture and Society.

This article was vetted after a minor review and is now available in the issue of March 2009 of the journal. Pereira, C. (2009). Inequalities on the Web: strengths and weaknesses of a Political Economy analysis, Media, Culture and Society, 31(2), 325-330.

I am glad with the Department of Media and Communications and all professors and colleagues that provided me with such an intellectually challenging environment over the course of my MSc. Hope it is the first of a series of academic articles on this subject!

I'm currently working as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the UK on the subjects of People and Change. What does it have to do with my MSc? Everything! Think of how information and communication technologies have brought changes to the patterns of work you do. These tools and devices have enabled new behaviours in the workplace and beyond.

Clients often ask me how they can influence people behaviours to make their organisations more efficient and effective following the introduction of a new or improved information system. The answer is not straightforward, but certainly involves paying attention to the wider environment wherein people enact their everyday technologies (e.g. organisational culture, business practices, and so forth). It was what I've learnt throughout the MSc in New Media, Information and Society; and it is what I've been putting in practice as a business advisor.


Andrew Adamick

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

Currently, I am a Manager in the Statistics Department of the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, CA.

Rebecca Spry

MSc Media & Communications

Rebecca Spry2

Since graduating in 2007 with an MSc Media and Communications, I have been working for Conde Nast Publications in London. I have been Editorial Business Manager for British Vogue since February 2013. The position involves managing the editorial budget of the magazine, including supplements and collections costs, alongside the Managing Editor to ensure that pre-production costs are kept within agreed page rate; negotiation of shoot/production costs with photographers/agents; negotiating terms and fees with both UK and International agents; overseeing and negotiating all rights and celebrity agreements for the print magazine, supplements and iPad/digital editions; providing regular/weekly analysis/reporting of editorial spend for Vogue's Editor and Managing Editor; attending weekly Fashion, Features and budget meetings.

Bulbul Hasan

MSc Media & Communications

Bangladesh Today: A paradigm shift in the conventional obstacles of press freedom during the 'caretaker government- 2007'

After completing my MSc in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, I started my research at King's College London as a PhD student. I am however keen to investigate the history of Bangladesh's war of liberation through its representation in film, literature and in fine and performing arts. The research aims to find out how the history of the war so far written has tended to exclude various subaltern groups. Therefore, this is an attempt to discover the wartime representation of the subaltern which has always remained 'silent' in different media though historically the reality has been otherwise. Apart from my academic engagements, this year (2012) I got myself involved with the Tower Hamlets Labour Party as Media Consultant. I am also working for a London-based community television channel as broadcaster and senior producer. My job responsibility includes producing and hosting talk-shows on political practices and local neighbourhood contexts. At the same time, I am contributing to the Bangladeshi national dailies as a political analyst.

Amardeep Vidyarthi

MSc Global Media & Communications (USC)

After an initial move back to Kenya, where I worked for a large media conglomerate on the business development side, I have ended up in Dubai. No longer work in the media industry - currently working on the M&A team at an emerging markets focused investment bank.

Sheila Kulubya

MSc Media & Communications

I was a lecturer in the department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University in Kampala before taking up my current position as head of communications at the United Nations Development Programme Country Office in Uganda.

Kaberi Chowdhury

Kaberi-ChowdhuryMSc Media & Communications

The Local Global Soul

Immediately after the LSE, I worked at MindShare in Singapore as a digital media planner before I moved to Bangalore, India to join a market research firm, Quantum Consumer Solutions as a senior researcher, doing strategic brand and consumer work for clients like Nike, Titan, Unilever and Star TV Network. I then joined a proprietary trading firm start-up, Percentage Play as marketing manager where I was tasked with establishing a web-based platform that disclosed trades in real time for a fee. I am now an MBA candidate at Duke University in the United States, presently doing a management consulting summer internship at Deloitte in New York City. I graduate in May 2013.

Jenny Berlin

MSc Politics & Communication 2007

I work in group marketing and publicity for Penguin books. Basically this means I assist the director in managing the Penguin brand. I write and issue corporate press releases, handle media queries that affect Penguin's public image and coordinate communication initiatives across the company. I also work on marketing and publicity campaigns for individual books and Penguin's charity partnerships. The MSc Politics and Communication provided me with specialised knowledge, intellectual stimulation and expert insight. The coursework on political and consumer branding has been particularly useful for my current job.

Dominik Cziesche

MSc Politics & Communication

The End of the Media's '"War on Terror"? An Analysis of a Declining Frame

2007-2009 MPA, Harvard 2009-2012: - Deputy chief of staff for the head of the SPD in the German Bundestag, Frank-Walter Steinmeier - Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group From 10/2012: - Director in the Berlin office of the Brunswick Group

Evdokia (Evita) Agalianou

MSc Media & Communications

"Managing Communication during Political Crises"

Twitter: Evita Agalianou

Evdokia-(Evita)-AgalianouAfter my graduation from LSE in 2007, I moved to Brussels to work for the European institutions. My first professional experience was in the Directorate General for Communication of the European Commission, where I stayed for six months as a blue-book trainee responsible for media monitoring in the 27 member states. After the end of my traineeship, I had a short professional experience in the European Parliament, working as an Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament, responsible for monitoring the European Parliament Committee meetings in the fields of Agriculture and Climate change. For the past almost four years, I have been working in the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Currently, as a European Commission official, I am responsible for the European Social Fund interventions in Greece and responsible policy officer for the Social Inclusion and Social Protection policy developments in Greece.

Dominik Cziesche

Dominik Cziesche

MSc Politics & Communication

Looking back, I lack the words to describe how much I enjoyed my time at LSE. The intellectual rigour, the requirement to challenge each and every view, as well as the warm and open atmosphere in the media department all contributed to an enriching year. The overwhelming experience in London also played a role in my decision to continue studying: The day after I had finished my dissertation at LSE I took an airplane to Boston where I will graduate in 2009 with a "Master in Public Administration" from Harvard.

Hang Yee Leung

MSc Media and Communication (Research) 2007

After graduated from the MSc Media and Communication (Research), I am now working as a college lecturer in the HKU SPACE Community College in Hong Kong, teaching courses related to media and culture. Without the knowledge obtained from the LSE, I would not have the chance to pursue my career goal as a media educator.

Particularly, studied in a multi-national learning environment has broadened my horizons with lots of cultural exchanges. My solid theoretical basis and critical thinking were also well-developed from discussions with classmates, tutors and teachers. The taste of studying in this globalised department is one of the most memorable events in my life that knowledge, friendship and experience are treasures.

Bo Li

Bo Li

MSc Media and Communications 2007

Right after submitting my dissertation, I received an offer from the Department of Public Information, United Nations Headquarters and started my first job in New York.

Now I am working for the Information Management Unit, and my duties include disseminating the latest UN information to the governments of all member states, managing databases, developing the new UN Information Centre website, and so forth. Before entering the LSE, I was a student of international relations, and never knew I could work in the field of information management! It is the courses I took at the LSE that enabled me to explore different fields of media and communications such as ICT, political communication and gender.

Also, through this year's intense study, my ability of critical thinking and statistical skills were significantly improved. My LSE experience was very challenging and rewarding, and I believe it will be an important step for my entire career life.

Marina Makaron

Marina Makaron

MSc Media and Communications 2007

With the help of my dissertation, I have developed the  marina makaron moscow brand. It is an international high-end silk brand, the idea behind it is the fusion of cultural tradition with globalization - a mixture of Eastern European distinct ethnic motives with modern colours of the world.

The predominant focus of the brand is silk neckwear for women, having crossed the continent for the best silk, marina makaron moscow returned home for further production. As of today, sales have began in Peru, USA and Russia.  

Holly Peterson

Holly Peterson

New Media, Information and Society 2007

I have been interested in doing a master's degree in the communications department at LSE since I was an undergraduate on an exchange programme in the UK.    After spending 10 years working in the not-for-profit sector in the United States, I decided the time was right to follow up on those plans.  One of my previous roles had involved building and managing an online community for alumni of World Learning, where I was Director of Alumni Affairs.  This piqued my interest in new media, and prompted me to finally pursue the degree at LSE. 

The MSc built on my undergraduate degree in communications studies, and on my work building online communities.  The programme was intense, but worthwhile.  All the courses seemed to fit together to give a cohesive programme of study.  We had direction, but also enough freedom to pursue those areas that were of interest to each of us.  My dissertation was a great example of that freedom.  I studied how families play online games together, focusing on a specific interactive online game with a case study of three families who all played the game together.  It was a challenging project, but very rewarding.  I'm so glad I was able to focus my dissertation on a topic that was personally interesting to me and also of interest to the wider academic community.

Following the programme, I have been appointed Head of Alumni Relations at the University of Exeter.  I'm looking forward to starting that role, and to bringing what I learned at LSE to my work there.  One of my priorities will be helping redesign the alumni web presence so that it is as good as it can be, and I know I will draw on information from my studies to help with that process.  

I'm also hoping to keep in touch with all the great people I met during my year at LSE. 

Muzna Shihabi 

MSc Media & Communications Regulation & Policy 2007

My one year experience at LSE is unforgettable. The quality of teaching is immensely high and my teachers were truly helpful mentors throughout the year.

I also very much appreciated the multi cultural environment in which I was exposed to. This allowed me to create a large network of new friends from various backgrounds and countries. The support we had from the Media & Communications Department was tremendous.

I am now working as a Communications Advisor for the Negotiations Support Unit of the PLO in Ramallah.

Esther van der Ham

Msc Communication, Information & Society

The online public sphere

Twitter: esthervanderham

After 3 years of business consultancy, I started my own training and coaching company; DiscoverU. The goal is to make people successful and happy through Personal Leadership; the discovery and application of their strengths, drives and inspiration. The company designed several programs both for professionals and university students since I am convinced that learning these skills should also be available for young people, giving them a chance to live their lives in the best way possible, creating value both for themselves and other people. Therefore an affordable online Personal Leadership platform is designed so professional and students from all over the world can take part in online video classes, online workshops and coaching sessions to help them to enhance their personal lives immediately. For more information, visit:

Amar Vidyarthi

Amar VidyarthiMSc Global Media and Communications 2007

After two fantastic years in both London and Los Angeles I am back home in Nairobi, Kenya working for a media conglomerate.

The company owns and manages a number of commercial radio stations as well as Kenya's newest daily newspaper. I'm currently seconded to the newspaper division where I am in charge of setting up our own printing press (only the 3rd dedicated newspaper press in Kenya) and I am also involved in evaluating and improving our circulation and distribution networks.

Santiago Diehl

MSc Politics & Communication

An agonistic role for the press? Página/12 and the Argentine progressivism

I co-hosted a political show in cable TV. Later I've been working on government communications. First, in media monitoring, and later on in the cinema national board.

Twitter: @santdiehl


Karanja Gacuca

New Media and Information Society

I joined at the UN immediately after leaving LSE, followed by work on the Barack Obama presidential campaign leading to my current work as a freelance political columnist and commentator. I also work full time as a Sr. Financial Change Management Consultant.

Yan Zhou

MSc Media & Communication Regulation & Policy

Started as a business reporter in China Daily for more than 4 years until this July (2012) I joined Aramco recently as PR Manager.


Christopher Lee Ludwig

MSc Media & Communications

Re-Imagined in Translation: Sliding Signs, Hybrid Representation and Mis-recognition in the American, British and French Press Coverage of the November 2005 Crise des Banlieues

Since the end of 2006, I have been working on a group of magazines and events called Automotive Logistics, which focuses on the global automotive supply chain management and logistics industries. The group publishes highly specialised magazines, online content and reports that cover developments around the management of automotive production, sourcing and vehicle distribution and logistics. The company also runs a series of conferences across Europe, North America, Russia, China, India and South America. After starting as assistant editor, I became deputy editor at the end of 2007 and took over as chief editor of the group in 2009. My responsibility is for the complete commissioning, editing and production of two quarterly magazines, specialised reports, online news, as well as the writing and editing of detailed reports from conferences and seminars. I'm also involved in the planning of our conference programme and speakers, and share moderating and conference chairman duties across the events. Articles, magazines and reports can be found here:

Destri Martino

MSc Media & Communications

Personal website:



Twitter: @DestriMartino @MixedBlooms

Action! Exploring the Employment of Women Film Directors- A Political Economy from Below Approach

DestriMartino-cameraSMSince finishing my degree in 2006, I have been living in Los Angeles and pursuing a career in film directing. This past year I was on the festival circuit with my short film, THE DIRECTOR, which was screened in over 20 festivals, including a special emerging filmmaker showcase at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival (more info: Last year, I also launched a web sitcom, MIXED BLOOMS, which I created, directed and co-wrote. It can be watched on YouTube ( and has won several awards at web series festivals. The series follows the Fluge family as they attempt to keep their little flower shop running smoothly. During the day, I run the video department at the international law firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton where I produce all their marketing, training and recruiting videos. I also continue to advocate for more awareness about women directors and share my own experiences through my blog: and Pinterest board (believe it or not!)

Kate Lovell

Kate-LovellMSc Media and Communications

I have worked in Business Development, Marketing and Sales through various roles beginning first at a Travel PR agency, later a Branding Agency and currently work in TV Sales at The Pokemon Company International where I manage accounts with broadcasters across Europe. I have also become a certified yoga teacher (RYT 1000) and Holistic Health Coach and started a blog on health and wellness. I recently obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, having remained in the UK now for 7 years since graduation.

Shengyi Wu

Shengyi-WuMSc Media & Communications

Blogging and Culture Identity

Martin Garthwaite

MSc New Media and Information Society

Media Literacy in a New Media World

Twitter:  @mgarthwaite

I have been working in Information Technology for 25 years, mostly in the Media sector (BBC, ITV, T-Mobile). I was 40 years old when I started my MSc, I had just graduated from the Open University with a degree in Technology. I wanted to continue studying and better understand how society interacts with technology. I still work in IT, as a freelancer (back at ITV) but my time at LSE did change the way I think and view the world. I made some wonderful friends (2 weddings this year).

Jillian McDowell

MSc Media & Communications

Twitter: @jillianamdavis

Opportunities and Consequences of a Music-Driven Social Networking Site for the Music Industry

DavisAfter completing my studies at LSE, I started my career in advertising. At my current agency, mono, I lead audience insights and connection planning within our brand strategy department. I'm closely integrated with our creative teams as we develop brands and create advertising and experiences to support those brands. My time at LSE was enormously helpful both in sharpening my strategic and problem solving skills, and also in encouraging me to pursue the subjects and issues that I'm passionate about. I continue to reside in Minneapolis with my husband, Drew, and my dog Tucker.

Clarence Tong

MSc Politics & Communication

Internet and Political Activism

Currently serve as an advisor for congressional affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy. Received a Master in Public Policy (MPP) from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2010, where I also served as a Course Assistant for the Press, Politics, and Public Policy course taught by Alex Jones. Worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant and Communications Director in 2007-2008.

Margaret (Harbin) Fastert

MSc Media & Communications

Demons of the Financial World: Are Hedge Funds Negatively Represented by the United States Press?

Vice President, Investment Management at a boutique wealth management firm in New York, NY. Responsible for manager due diligence (hedge funds, private equity, real estate, etc).

Tanya Escamilla

MSc Media & Communications

Before finishing dissertation I was an intern for Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts at the London office. Oddly, and in a series of coincidences, that job lead me to my actual placement back home in Colombia. I am the Executive Director of the Fundacin Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (New Journalism Foundation), created and presided by writer and journalist Gabriel Garca Mrquez. FNPI (for its Spanish initials) is an international training centre for Latin-American journalists, based in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. We have an itinerant training program of workshops conducted by prestigious Spanish speaking journalists, which have place all over the region ( ). I started out as a project coordinator in 2007, then became program director, and was recently promoted to my current position. I was no longer in LSE when POLIS was created, but I am very glad that the department has strengthened its links with journalism. I consider my LSE experience the stepping stone for all my professional achievements since I left the school, and of course, have very fond memories in spite of all the hours spent in the library.

Hasan Bulbul

Hasan Bulbul

MSc Media & Communications 2006

Before joining LSE, I had been a freelance journalist with 8 years of work experience. I studied English Literature at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh where I did my Honours and Masters.

Being a journalist, I found media incredibly effective as a tool of communication and I thus realized the necessity of theoretical knowledge while working in this particular area. During my study at the LSE, I have had the opportunity to gain a high quality academic exposure in the department of Media and Communications.

I am currently working for a London based community television channel as Head of Communications. At the same time, I have been producing and presenting a popular talk-show focusing on political practices and local neighbourhood contexts. Apart from that I am also contributing to the Bangladeshi national dailies as a political analyst.

Allison Cooper

MSc Politics & Communication 2006

I am currently employed by the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations and I am based in Dili, Timor Leste. I speak on behalf of the United Nations and I manage the Public Information Office, which is mandated by the Security Council to provide authoritative and accurate information to the people of Timor Leste.

I talk on behalf of the UN's contribution to security sector support, human rights, technical assistance to state institutions, rule of law issues and a large part of my work for the first six months of the year is directed towards the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2007. A large part of the work of my office is to assist with capacity building of local media networks to strengthen the role of the media as an independent watchdog in this new democracy. I studied a MSc in Politics and Communication in 2005/2006. The degree capped my professional experience and I would probably not have been considered for this job without it.

Hong Ma

Hong Ma

MSc Media & Communications 2006

After graduating from Beijing University, I came to LSE to study Media and Communications, which was a fascinating programme throughout.  I benefited from the course, not only by acquiring more knowledge but by expanding my way of thinking.  I found the seminars particularly beneficial, as they provided a sophisticated forum for perspectives generated from people from diverse backgrounds and academic styles.

Useful resources are associated with the department, which include valuable access to career prospects.  Through the department I got into contact with Shine, producers of 'The Clothes Show' which I worked on until airing. Work involved conducting interviews, research and assisting filming for the TV programme. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity to transfer theories into practice and hone research skills and of course, included plenty of occasions to attend fashion shows and cat walks.

Tal Neer Kastel

Msc Media & Communications

I have been working in the publishing industry for two years. After that I have switched ot the online advertising industry. I have been working as an account manager in an affiliate network for the past three years.

Erica Nonni

Erica Nonni

MSc Media & Communications

Shortly after finishing my studies at LSE, I joined the FullSIX Group, a digital and interactive marketing agency.  I work in an account management role.  My experience at LSE in the Media department was a rigorous and rewarding academic pursuit, while I also found good career planning support through the LSE Careers Service.  I have LSE to thank for introducing me not just to the themes and concepts that I explored while a student there, but also to the great opportunities that London has to offer.

Tanya Escamilla

MSc Media & Communications 2006

Before finishing dissertation I was an intern for Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts at the London office. Oddly, and in a series of coincidences, that job lead me to my actual placement back home in Colombia. I am the Executive Director of the Fundacin Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (New Journalism Foundation), created and presided by writer and journalist Gabriel Garca Mrquez. FNPI (for its Spanish initials) is an international training centre for Latin-American journalists, based in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. We have an itinerant training program of workshops conducted by prestigious Spanish speaking journalists, which have place all over the region ( ). I started out as a project coordinator in 2007, then became program director, and was recently promoted to my current position. I was no longer in LSE when POLIS was created, but I am very glad that the department has strengthened its links with journalism. I consider my LSE experience the stepping stone for all my professional achievements since I left the school, and of course, have very fond memories in spite of all the hours spent in the library.

Michelle Watts

MSc Media & Communications

Is 'urban' the new black?

I travelled a bit (see my guide on how to take a sabbtical, worked for a year with DEFRA internal communications team before joining the Business Development and Marketing team at Ernst & Young. I am still with the firm, working for the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) business.

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