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If you are a media and communications alumnus, we're looking for your input in the form of a contribution of about 200 words, hopefully with a photo, telling the world what you're up to now and what you've been doing since you graduated (and do please tell us about any of your recent publications).

Oh and do please pass on this web address to your fellow graduates. 

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What do media and communications graduates do? 

Media and communications graduates find work in a wide range of creative and commercial sectors, including:

  • the media and publishing
  • advertising
  • local and national government
  • retail
  • banking
  • charities
  • education.

Students from the Department of Media and Communications at LSE progress into a wide range of roles, often reflecting their specialist programme of study. Many past graduates are now employed in marketing, branding, advertising, new media, local and central government, strategy consultancy and academia - to name just a few!

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If you are a graduate of the Department of Media & Communications and wuol dlike to request a reference from one of your teachers, please use the Reference Request Form.