The Department of Media and Communications is home to several active blogs:

Polis Logo

Polis – Polis, directed by Charlie Beckett (@CharlieBeckett) is LSE’s media think-tank focusing on journalism and society, aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world. The blog features entries from academics, journalists and other expert contributors.

Media Policy Project

Media Policy Project – The Media Policy Project, directed by Damian Tambini (@DamianTambini) promotes media policy communication between academics, civil society, media professionals and policy makers. The blog features entries from academics and policy-makers amongst other expert contributors. 


Parenting for a digital future – Parenting for a Digital Future, directed by Sonia Livingstone (@Livingstone_S) explores the task of parenting for a digital future, both in the UK and internationally.

LSE Euro Crisis Logo

Euro Crisis in the Press – Interdepartmental blog led by Max Hanska with Maria Kyriakidou in the Department



In addition individual members of the Department blog on political communication and policy issues at their personal blog sites.


Nick Anstead - on political communication

ALison Powel

Alison Powell - on policy issues and collective action