Alicia Blum-Ross

Dr Alicia Blum-Ross

Research Officer, Preparing for a Digital Future

  • Youth and community media
  • Ethnographic research including visual, virtual and creative methods
  • Citizenship and civic participation
  • Media and critical literacy
  • Participatory design and community innovation

Dr Paolo Dini

Associate Professorial Research Fellow, EINS |

  • The relation of social, economic and political theory to bottom-up socio-economic phenomena.
  • Epistemology and interdisciplinarity
  • The social construction of technology
Leslie Haddon

Dr Leslie Haddon

Senior Research Fellow, EU Kids Online

  • ICT consumption/domestication
  • children and the internet
  • mobile phones
  • social shaping of technology 
Sharif Labo

Sharif Labo

Research Officer, Digital Intermediaries

  • New media and technology
  • The impact of digital intermediaries and platforms on traditional public interest concerns such as media plurality. 
Sam Mejias

Dr Sam Mejias

Research Officer, CATCH-EyoU

  • Human rights education
  • Youth, media and development
  • International educational development
  • Micropolitics and organisational change
Julian Sefton Green

Dr Julian Sefton-Green

Principal Research Fellow

Working with Professor Sonia Livingstone on 'The Class'  research project

catherine speller

Catherine Speller (maternity cover for Emma Goodman)

Research Officer, Media Policy Project

Catherine Speller joined the Media Policy Project in October 2015. Before that she worked as a consultant, writing a report for UNESCO and the European Commission about self-regulatory media councils in South East Europe, and travelling to Rwanda to advise the country’s nascent media council. She previously spent seven years at the UK Press Complaints Commission, including as Head of External Affairs, where she specialised in communications and public affairs. She has also worked for Panos London and English PEN.


Dr Mariya Stoilova

Research Officer, Global Kids Online

  • Digital technologies, well-being, and family support
  • Social change and transformations of intimate life
  • Citizenship and social inequalities