Alicia Blum-Ross

Dr Alicia Blum-Ross

Research Officer, Preparing for a Digital Future

  • Youth and community media
  • Ethnographic research including visual, virtual and creative methods
  • Citizenship and civic participation
  • Media and critical literacy
  • Participatory design and community innovation
Jelena Dzakula

Dr Jelena Dzakula 

Researcher at the Media Policy Project 

  • Communications policy and regulation
  • Citizenship, participation, civil society, democratic governance
  • Data science
  • Technology and technological innovations 
Sharif Labo

Sharif Labo

Research Officer, Digital Intermediaries

  • New media and technology
  • The impact of digital intermediaries and platforms on traditional public interest concerns such as media plurality. 
Sam Mejias

Dr Sam Mejias

Research Officer, CATCH-EyoU

  • Human rights education
  • Youth, media and development
  • International educational development
  • Micropolitics and organisational change

Dr Selena Nemorin

Research Officer, Virt-EU

  • Critical theories of technology
  • Surveillance studies
  • Data/IoT ethics
  • Youth and learning with new media/technologies
Julian Sefton Green

Dr Julian Sefton-Green

Principal Research Fellow

Working with Professor Sonia Livingstone on 'The Class'  research project


Dr Mariya Stoilova

Research Officer, Global Kids Online

  • Digital technologies, well-being, and family support
  • Social change and transformations of intimate life
  • Citizenship and social inequalities

Dr Lukasz Szulc

Marie Curie Individual Fellow

  • Critical and cultural media studies
  • Digital media and identity
  • Queer theory and LGBT studies
  • Nationalisms and transnationalisms