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Professor Nick Couldry's Publications list

(1995- )



Couldry, N., Madianou, M. and Pinchevski, A. (eds.) (July 2013) Ethics of Media. Basingstoke: Palgrave/MacMillan.


(1) Couldry, N. (2012) Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. 311 + xii pp. Cambridge: Polity. ISBN 978-0-7456-3921-5 (pbk) and 978-0-7456-3920-8 (hbk) [translations currently being prepared in Chinese and Albanian]

(2) Couldry, N. (2010) Why Voice Matters: Culture and Politics After Neoliberalism. 176 + viii pp. London: Sage. ISBN 978-1-84860-662-3 (pbk) and 978-1-84860-661-6 (hbk). [translations currently being prepared in Italian, Portuguese and Korean]

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(4) Couldry, N., Livingstone, S. and Markham, T. (2007) Media Consumption and Public Engagement: Beyond the Presumption of Attention. 247 + xiv pp.  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 1-4039- 8534-0 [reprinted in revised paperback edition February 2010 ISBN 978-0-230-24738-3]

(5) Couldry, N. (2006) Listening Beyond the Echoes: Media, Ethics and Agency in an Uncertain World , 172 + xii pp. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Press. ISBN 978-1-59451-236-0 and 1-59451-236-1.

(6) Couldry, N. and McCarthy, A. (eds)(2004) MediaSpace: Place Scale and Culture in a Media Age. 303 + xiii pp. London: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-29175-5 (pbk), 0-415-29174-7 (hbk)   

(7) Couldry, N. and Curran, J. (eds) (2003) Contesting Media Power: Alternative Media in a Networked World. 319 + x pp. Boulder, CO: Rowman & Littlefield . ISBN 0-7425-2385-3 (pbk), 0-7425-2384-5 (hbk)

(8) Couldry, N.  (2003) Media Rituals: A Critical Approach, 166 + xii pp, London: Routledge, December 2002. ISBN 0-415-27015-4 (pbk) ISBN 0-415-27014-6 (hbk) [Korean translation published by Uluck Publishing, Seoul, 2007; Chinese translation being prepared] [part of chapter 3 republished in G. Lynch (ed) Routledge Reader on Religion, Media and Culture  2011]

(9) Couldry, N. (2000) Inside Culture: Reimagining the Method of Cultural Studies, 166 + x pp, London: Sage, May 2000. ISBN 0-7619-6386-3 (pbk), ISBN 0-7619-6385-5 (hbk).

(10) Couldry, N.  (2000) The Place of Media Power: Pilgrims and Witnesses of the Media Age, 238 + xiipp, London Routledge, January 2000 ISBN 0-415-21315-0 (pbk), 0-415-21314-2 (hbk). [Ch 4 republished in R. Allen and A. Hill (eds) The Television Studies Reader. Routledge, 2004; parts of chs 3 and 5 republished in S. Raymond and S. Holmes (eds) Stardom and Celebrity: A Reader  Sage 2007]


Refereed Journal articles

(1) Couldry, N. (2012) ‘Relegitimation Crisis: Beyond the Dull Xompulsion of Media-Saturated Life’, Divinatio 35: 81-92.

(2) Couldry, N. (2012) ‘Universities and the Necessary Xounter-culture Against Neoliberalism’, IC – Revista Cientifica de Información y Comunicación 9: 61-71.

(3) Couldry, N. (2011) 'More Sociology, More Culture, More Politics: Or, A Modest Proposal for Convergence Studies', Cultural Studies 25(4-5): 487-501.

(4) Hay, J. and Couldry, N. 'Rethinking Convergence/Culture: an Introduction', Cultural Studies, 25(4/5): 473-486.

(5) Couldry, N. and J. Littler (2011) ‘Work, Power and Performance: Analyzing the “Reality” Game of The Apprentice’, Cultural Sociology 5(2): 263-279. 

(6) Couldry, N. (2010) 'Jos "Medialla" on Tulevaisuus, Onko Yleisölläkin?' [If, the Media has a Future, does the Audience too?'] Media Viestintä 3: 5-16.

(7) Couldry, N. (2010) 'Television as a Ritual Space', Studies of Broadcasting Culture [Korea] 22(1): 8-29.

(8) Couldry, N. (2009) ‘Does “the Media” have a Future?’, European Journal of Communication, 24(4): 437-450. [republished in Portuguese as (2010) 'A Midia tem futuro?', MATRIZes 4(1): 51-64 [Brazilian journal]]

(9) Couldry, N. and Markham, T. (2008) ‘Troubled Closeness or Satisfied Distance? Researching Media Consumption and Public Connection’, Media Culture & Society 30(1): 5-22.

(10) Couldry, N. (2008) ‘Mediatization or Mediation? Alternative Understandings of the Emergent Space of Digital Storytelling’, New Media & Society 10(3): 373-392.

(11) Couldry, N. (2008) ‘Reality TV, or the Secret Theatre of Neoliberalism’, Review of Education Pedagogy and Cultural Studies 30(1): 3-13. [reprinted in S. Priya (ed) (2008) Reality Television: How Real Does it Get?  (Ifcai University Press, Hyderabad), 87-100 and (in Portuguese translation) published in E. Coutinho, J. Filho and R. Paiva (eds.) (2008) Midia e Poder: Ideologia, Discurso e Subjetividade, Rio de Janeiro: Mauad, 25-40.]

(12) Markham, T. and Couldry, N. (2007) ‘Tracking the Reflexivity of the (Dis)engaged Citizen: Some Methodological Reflections’. Qualitative Inquiry 13(5): 675-695.

(13) Couldry, N. (2007) ‘Pilgrimage in MediaSpace: Continuities and Transformations’, Ethnofoor   XX (1): 63-74.

(14) Couldry, N. (2007) ‘New Media for Global Citizens?’, Brown Journal of World Affairs , 14(1): 249-262 www.bjwa.org|

(15) Couldry, N. and Markham, T. (2007) ‘Celebrity Culture and Public Connection: Bridge or Chasm’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 10(4): 403-421. [reprinted in J. Gripsrud, G. Murdock, and A. Molander (eds.) The Public Sphere. Sage 2010.]

(16) Couldry, N. (2007) ‘Soziologie und das Versprechen der Cultural Studies’, Austrian Journal of Sociology, 4: 14-20.

(17) Couldry, N. and Dreher, T. (2007) ‘Globalization and the Public Sphere: Exploring the Space of Community Media in Sydney’, Global Media and Communications, 3(1): 79-100.

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(19) Couldry, N. (2006) ‘Media and the Ethics of “Reality” Construction’, Southern Review 39(1): 42-53.

(20) Couldry, N. (2006) ‘La Téléréalité ou le theatre du néoliberalisme’, Hermes  special edition on Economy and Communication, 44: 121-128. [for later English version, see (11) above]

(21) Couldry, N. (2006) ‘Culture and Citizenship: the Missing Link?’, European Journal of Cultural Studies, 9(3): 321-339.  

(22) Couldry, N. and Langer, A. (2005) ‘Media Consumption and Public Connection: Towards a Typology of the Dispersed Citizen’, The Communication Review , 8(2): 237-258.

(23) Couldry, N. (2005) ‘The Individual “Point of View”: Learning from Bourdieu’s The Weight of the World’, Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies, 5(3): 354-372.

(24) Couldry, N. (2004) ‘Liveness, “Reality”, and the Mediated Habitus: From Television to the Mobile Phone’, The Communication Review, 7(4): 353-362.

(25) Couldry, N. (2004) ‘Theorising Media as Practice’, Social Semiotics, 14(2): 115-132. [republished as lead chapter in J. Postill and B. Brauchler (eds) Media and Practice  Oxford: Berghahn books, 2010 and (in Polish) as 'Media w kontekscie praktyk: Proba teoretyczna' in Kultura Popularna 27(1): 96-113 (2010)].

(26) Couldry, N. (2004) ‘The Productive “Consumer” and the Dispersed “Citizen”’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 7(1): 21-32.

(27) Couldry, N. (2004) ‘In the Place of a Common Culture, What?’, Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 26: 1-19.

(28) Couldry, N. (2003) 'Media Meta-Capital: Extending the Range of Bourdieu's Field Theory', Theory and Society, 32(5/6): 653-677. [reprinted in D. Swartz and V. Zolberg (eds) (2004) After Bourdieu: Influence, Critique, Elaboration. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 165-189]

(29) Couldry, N. (2003) 'Digital Divide or Discursive Design? On the Emerging Ethics of Information Space', Ethics and Information Technology 5(2): 89-97

(30) Couldry, N. (2002) 'Mediation and Alternative Media: Or, Relocating the Centre of Media and Communications Studies', Media International Australia, 103: 24-31.

(31) Couldry, N. (2002) 'Playing for Celebrity: Big Brother as Ritual Event', Television and New Media, 3(3): 283-292.

(32) Couldry, N. (2001) 'The Hidden Injuries of Media Power', Journal of Consumer Culture, 1(2): 155-179.

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(35) Couldry, N. (1999) 'Disrupting the Media Frame at Greenham Common: A New Chapter in the History of Mediations?', Media Culture & Society 21(3): 337-358.

(36) Couldry, N. (1999) 'Remembering Diana: The Geography of Celebrity and the Politics of Lack', New Formations, 36: 77-91.

(37) Couldry, N. (1998) ‘The View from Inside the Simulacrum: Visitors’ Tales from the Set of Coronation Street’, Leisure Studies, 17(2): 94-107.

(38) Couldry, N.  (1996) 'Speaking about Others and Speaking Personally: Reflections after Elspeth Probyn's Sexing the Self', Cultural Studies 10(2): 315-333.

(39) Couldry, N. (1995) 'Speaking Up in a Public Space: The Strange Case of Rachel Whiteread's House', New Formations, 25: 96-113.




Book Chapters

In press

(1) Couldry, N. (forthcoming 2013) 'What and Where is the Transnationalized Public Sphere' in K. Nash (ed.) Transnationalizing the Public Sphere . Cambridge: Polity.

(2) Couldry, N. (forthcoming 2013) ‘Life without Media’ in K. Zilles et a. (eds.) Life Without Media. New York: Peter Lang.

(3) Couldry, N. (forthcoming 2013) ‘Why Media Ethics Still Matters’ in S. Ward (ed) Global Journalism Ethics: Problems and Perspectives . Malden: Wiley/Blackwell.

(4) Couldry, N. (forthcoming 2013) 'Living Well With and Through Media' in N. Couldry, M. Madianou and A. Pinchevski (eds.) (2013) Ethics of Media. Basingstoke: Palgrave/MacMillan.

(5) Couldry, N., Madianou, M. and Pinchevski, A. ‘Ethics of Media: an Introduction’ in N. Couldry, M. Madianou and A. Pinchevski (eds.) (2013) Ethics of Media. Basingstoke: Palgrave/MacMillan.



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Other journal and encyclopedia articles

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Public Commentary

Podcast with Jeff Pooley (2013) about Media Society World: http://newbooksincommunications.com/2013/02/04/nick-couldry-media-society-world-social-theory-and-digital-media-practice-polity-press-2012/|

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