Rafal Zaborowski

Supervisor: Sonia Livingstone

Research topic: Intimacy, ordinariness and Japanese music audiences

This project attempts to analyze the nature of engagements between everyday Japanese audiences and popular music media. In that, it specifically looks at three trends. The first asserts that in Japan, music is a largely conservative medium, which contributes to the creation of a "healing" or "motivating" space; a safe haven in the fast-changing world. The second shows that in Japan, where "the quotidian" is an art form in itself, notions of ordinariness and proximity challenge the boundaries between performers and audiences. That line is further dimmed by the rise of new, participatory media, and the phenomena of message boards (2channel) and interactive video channels (Nico Nico Douga). The third trend emphasizes notions of nostalgia and intimacy across generations, presenting popular music audience as a significant, yet under-researched category of media users.

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