Marina S. Gerner

Research topic: Cosmopolitanism and journalistic imagination among editors at global publications

Research interests: Cosmopolitanism in theory and research; journalism; agency and structure in the process of mediation; production studies; social psychology; social media

My research combines themes from media and communication studies, sociology, anthropology and social psychology. Integrating thus far normative and abstract cosmopolitan concepts with journalism research as well as journalistic practice, my thesis establishes the case for an empirical grounding of cosmopolitanism and an insightful approach to journalistic work.

To broaden the concepts of the journalistic field and professional imagination my thesis builds on the social imaginary and various conceptualizations and applications of imagination, ranging from Martha Nussbaum’s Poetic Justice to Ulf Hannerz’ study on Foreign News and Roger Silverstone’s Media and Morality. My fieldwork currently focuses on leading editors based at global publications in London.

Freelance writer/ journalist

Moonlighting as a culture journalist and feature writer, I have written for the Intelligent Life Magazine and Economist Group, The Guardian and Philosophy Now Magazine (in the UK) and the New York Observer and the Observer Media Group (in the U.S.), and die BILD, Frankfurter Rundschau, Unicum Magazine and (in Germany) and LSE’s Media Policy Project and POLIS think tank.

Academic Papers

“Journalistic imagination and cosmopolitanism among journalists in the UK” Journalism Research and Education Section, International Association of Media and Communication Research, Dublin 2013

“Creating an axis of imagination for the analysis of journalists in the UK”, Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Section, chaired by Professor Hillel Nossek. International Association of Media and Communication Research, Dublin 2013

“The mediation of a dissident artist as cosmopolitan icon” at Cosmopolitanism, New Media and Protest PhD Symposium, Media@LSE, June 2012

Academic Honours

ELES Prize by the German Ministry of Education

British Chamber of Commerce Award Winner

Major Positions

President of the LSE SU Jewish Society (2011-2012)

Organizer of the PhD Media@LSE Symposium (2012)

Current Affairs Committee of the Young Norwood charity (2012)

Assistant for the organisation of the LSE/USC Global Media 10th Anniversary Celebrations (2012)

Research assistant at interdisciplinary research project on Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Oxford (2011)

Supervisor: Professor Terhi Rantanen