Cornelia Reyes Acosta

Supervisors: Dr. Ellen Helsper and Dr. Bart Cammaerts


Research Topic: Unravelling the social networking mystery – on the significance of digitally mediated social ties in achieving recognition in the artistic sector.

Research Interests: New media, social capital research, social network analysis, visual research methods, qualitative social network analysis, creative industries.

In my doctoral research at the LSE I look at the relevance of resources based on digitally mediated social ties in the careers of creative professionals, specially photographers and fine artists. Using Bourdieu’s concept of social capital as a framework, I am investigating the perceived nature of social relationships maintained via online social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and associated resources. I am using a qualitative approach to social network analysis in order to facilitate a more holistic understanding of how digital social relatedness ties in with more traditional forms of social interaction. Using hand drawn network maps in my work together with artists, I am particularly interested in applying arts-based visual research methods to understand complex social processes.