Sarah Broughton Micova

Supervisor: Damian Tambini |

Research topic: Audiovisual media governance in small states of South East Europe

Having done an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the School of International Service of The American University in Washington, DC, I worked on conflict mitigation projects for Search for Common Ground in Macedonia. Many of our projects at the time used media as tool, including things like joint production and exchange among stations of different ethno-linguistic backgrounds, curriculum based-television drama, and multi-lingual publications. Following the short outbreak of violence in the country in 2001, I used similar media tools as well as social (public service) marketing and direct support to media as Head of the Media Unit for the Macedonia Confidence Building Initiative, which is when I also began looking at long term media development issues. Five years as Head of the Media Development Department (including almost four also as Mission Spokesperson) in the OSCE Mission to Skopje brought me through media development to national media policy. I believe that effective media policy, particularly regulatory policy, is key to media development. I also find that media policy can be a sticking point in the process of Europeanization in South East Europe. I am now doing research on audiovisual media governance, looking at policy and its implementation in Slovenia and Macedonia. I am particularly interested in the interplay between European policy and national level policy and implementation processes.

Interests: Media policy, broadcast regulation, public service broadcasting and the public service remit, digitalisation, minority media, strategic communications and social or public interest marketing


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