Rahoul Masrani

Supervisor: Dr Shakuntala Banaji and Dr Myria Georgiou

Research topic: The Reel City: London as a global cinematic product

My research: In my thesis, I explore the relationship between cinema and the symbolic power of the global city, using London as a case study. I combine a semiotic analysis with a critical political economy approach, in an attempt to understand the ways in which the city's symbolic power is mediated through the wide variety of media outlets which the umbrella term 'cinema' now encompasses. In addition, I explore the city's cinematic identity as it expands into the realm of consumer culture more generally.

Brief biography: I graduated from New York University (New York and Florence, Italy) in 2004 with a BA (hons) in European Studies and Italian. After spending nearly three years in wealth management at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London, I completed my MSc in Media and Communications at the LSE in 2007-08. I re-joined the Department as a PhD student in 2009.

Teaching: I currently contribute to the MCLabs course, as a seminar leader.