Nina Bigalke

Supervisors: Lilie Chouliaraki, Charlie Beckett

Research topic: 'Reporting back' – the culture of Al Jazeera English

In her research on Al Jazeera English (AJE) Nina focuses on the interplay between the organisational characteristics of the news channel, international journalistic practices and editorial decision-making to understand the processes underlying editorial difference and change. Having launched only in November 2006, AJE provides the opportunity to analyse the emergent organisational and editorial identity of a news channel in relation to other Arabic- and English-language networks, which serve as measuring standards and means of differentiation within the highly interconnected environment of international television news. Questions that this research addresses include: What role does staff circulation between channels play in relation to the organisational identity of the channel? How does international journalistic practice impact on agendas specific to individual organisations? And what are the mechanisms that potentially lead to sustainable editorial difference?

Nina graduated from the MA Anthropology of Media programme at the School of Oriental and African Studies in 2005 after studying Thai Studies, Media and Communications and Social Anthropology at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Journalistic experience includes working for the German television documentary programme SZ-TV (2006) and the Asia Pacific Studio of the German public broadcasting service ARD in Singapore (2004). She is a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths College where she co-teaches a course on Media Institutions and Technologies and has recently been awarded the Silverstone Fellowship for Global Journalism by the LSE Media Department and POLIS.