Niall Brennan

Supervisor: Sonia Livingstone

Research topic: Representing Brazil: continuities and changes in the cultures, values and identities of the Brazilian television mini-series

I am researching the Brazilian television mini-series' representation of Brazilian cultures, values and identities over 25 years. This is from sociocultural and textual perspectives: how Brazil depicts itself and how other texts are drawn on and transformed. My theoretical framework considers sociocultural hybridity in postcolonial, Latin American and Brazilian scholarship and textual hybridity in literary criticism, linguistics and genre studies. Methodology involves discourse analysis of mini-series texts, Brazilian press material and interviews with creators. I have made significant findings on class stratification in Brazilian television broadcasting, depictions of peripheral Brazil, pedagogical dimensions of mini-series and hybridized mass culture and cultural production. I plan to continue examining how Brazil's cultural traditions influence current television, how Brazil's upswing is changing its mass cultures and how this is felt in Europe, North and South America.

Education: The New School, New York City, USA: MA, Media Studies University of California, Santa Cruz, USA: BA, Art History Teaching Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Media and Communication, LSE Teaching Excellence Award, LSE

Conferences: ECREA Barcelona 2008, Barcelona, Spain: Defining Brazilian National Culture, Values and Identity by Europe: How Brazil Both Invokes and Disputes Its European Legacies in the Television Mini-series Fifth MeCCSA PGN Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK: Representing National Culture, Values and Identity in the Brazilian Television Mini-series Multidisciplinarity, Mediation and Media and Communications, LSE, London, UK: National Culture, Values and Identity: Representing Brazilin the Television Mini-series (conference co-organizer, panel chair) Joint Symposium, University of Westminster, London, UK: Representing and the Representation of National Culture, Values and Identity: The Brazilian Television Mini-series Joint Symposium, University of Westminster, London, UK: Brazilian Mini-series Production: Hybridization of Storytelling, Form and Genre and Rendering of History, Memory and Nationhood

Publications forthcoming: Innovation in Television Texts, Genres and the Medium, or, How the Television Micro-series Is Changing Representations of Brazil, EDS Innovation Research Programme Forthcoming: Representing National Culture, Values and Identity in the Brazilian Television Mini-series, Journal of the MeCCSA PGN.