Maria Kyriakidou

Supervisor: Terhi Rantanen| and Lilie Chouliaraki|

Research topic: Media coverage of distant suffering and the mediation of cosmopolitanism: audience discourses of distant disasters in Greece

My research studies cosmopolitanism as a mediated discourse of global connectivity and responsibility towards distant others. It focuses on audience discourses on distant disasters and their media coverage and explores the ways the former adopt (or not) cosmopolitanism as a discursive framework. Theoretically my study brings together sociological conceptualisations of "actually existing" cosmopolitanism and the literature on distant suffering. Empirically, it has employed focus group discussions with members of Greek audiences. My broader interests include media and globalisation, cosmopolitanism, representations of suffering and discourse theory.


  • Kyriakidou, M. (2008) "Feeling the Pain of Others: Exploring Cosmopolitan Empathy in Relation to Distant Suffering". In Carpentier, N., Pruulman-Vengerfeldt, P., Nordenstreng, K., Harman, M., Vihalemm, P., Cammaerts, B., Nieminen, H., Olsson, T. (Eds.), Democracy, Journalism and Technology: New Developments in an Enlarged Europe. The Intellectual Work of ECREA's 2008 European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School. Tartu: Tartu University Press.
  • Kyriakidou, M. (2008) "Mediated cosmopolitanism: Global disasters and the emergence of cosmopolitan solidarity". In Global Studies Journal, 1(3): 123-130.
  • Kyriakidou, M. (2008) "Rethinking media events in the context of a global public sphere: Exploring the audience of global disasters". In The European Journal of Communication Research, 3(33): 273-291.

Conference presentations and courses attended:

  • ECREA 2nd European Communication Conference "Communication Policies and Culture in Europe", 25th-28th November 2008, Barcelona.
  • "Media, Communication and Humanity Conference", 21st-23rd September 2008, London School of Economics, London.
  • "European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School", 27th July-9th August 2008, Tartu, Estonia.
  • "Global Studies Conference", 16th-18th May 2008, University of Illinois, Chicago.
  • "Media Events, Globalisation and Cultural Change", 6th-7th July 2007, University of Bremen, Bremen.