Maria Isabel Pavez-Andonaegui

Supervisors: Sonia Livingstone and Ellen Helsper|

Research topic: The other side of the screen: Women from Latin America in London and their engagement with the internet

This research is based on Media and Cultural Studies and Social Studies of Science and Technology. Through a qualitative approach it aims to contribute to the field of digital inclusion, specifically among women from Latin America in socioeconomic disadvantaged conditions in London and their engagement with the Internet into their everyday lives. According to the literature, due to their context and characteristics, they are more likely to present barriers to engage with ICTs. Nonetheless I propose to challenge these assumptions and to explore how these elements can be limits or resources in their engagement process. This approach shifts the focus from problems around technological resources and abilities, to questions about the nature and purpose of use. The questions that drive this thesis are related to the context of their resources and usage experiences; and to the motivations and purposes that enhance them. Thus, which elements in their everyday lives are resources and which are limitations in their interaction with new media? Which characteristics sustain their engagement and how? Do they experience differences in their lives due to their involvement with the Internet? Maria Isabel is journalist from Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile, MSc in Anthropology and Development from Universidad de Chile, and MSc in Communication,Information and Society (research track) from the Department of Media and Communications at LSE.