George Maier

PhD Research topic

Problematising the role of neoliberalism in the context of digital inequality within the United Kingdom

I have a general cross-disciplinary research interest surrounding inequality. In the context of my PhD, my focus is in two areas which are inherently difficult to disaggregate. Firstly, I am interested in the complex manifestations of digital inequality across social, economic, cultural and political arenas. Considering the multifaceted impact of digital disparity presents a number of questions, particularly how digital exclusion (or indeed, inclusion) is measured and seen. Secondly, my research interrogates the causality of digital inequalities in the contexts of wider systemic inequalities, but also with a focus on government policymaking and problematising the contemporary focus on neoliberal approaches to addressing inequality.

SupervisorDr Ellen Helsper and Dr Bart Cammaerts

Biographical details

I completed an MA in Critical Theory and Political Science at the University of Nottingham in 2016. I have previously worked as the Director of Media and Communications for The Renewal Trust, a nationally recognised community regeneration trust working with local communities in Nottingham. I am currently a Leverhulme Trust Scholar, associated with the International Inequalities Institute at the LSE.