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Anderle, Marco - Local e-participation and its relations to the local political arena

Personal profile|

Asmolov, Gregory - Crowdsourcing and emergence of spontaneous order in situations of limited statehood

Personal profile|


Baines, Jess - Radical and community printshops in the UK: 1970s - 1990s

Personal profile|

Belakova, Nikola - Civil Defamation and the Media in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 

Personal profile|

Benequista, NicholasA poverty of imagination: development journalism and donor accountability

Personal profile|


Cante, Fabien - Radio proximities: urban place as resource and project in local radio 

Personal profile|


Darmon, Keren - Framing protests in the New Media Ecology

Personal profile|

DeCillia, BrooksWhat role did the news media play in the contested dynamic of framing Canada's military in Afghanistan?

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Free, AlexIdentities, transnationalised service work and outsourcing: labour in Kenya's call centres 

Personal profile|


Garland, Ruth -  Examining “politicization” in modern UK government communications

Personal profile|

Gerner, Marina The possibility of cosmopolitanism among leading media professionals 

 Personal profile|


Hadzipani, Naya - Between estrangement and attachment: International journalism in times of national crisis.

Personal profile|

Horvat, Gyorgyi -  Gender-based violence in Hungarian media. A critical analysis

Personal profile| 

Huang, Yanning - Subaltern China and Online Rhetoric



Jimenez, Cesar Antonio - The nations' struggle for and over visibility in the media space

Personal profile|

Kroeger, NoraCivil society stakeholders in media governance: An exploratory study on the impact of civic participation on media policy-making in the Taiwanese Anti-Media Monopoly case Pe rsonal profile

Masrani, Rahoul   - Cinema and the city: How filmic representations have helped create global 'city brands' 

Personal profile|

Morse, Tal -  Post mortem: representation of death in news reports

Personal profile|


Ottovordemgentschenfelde, Svenja - The Role and Impact of Social Networking Platforms on Journalistic Practices, Notions of Professionalism and Identities in an Age of Post-Industrial Journalism

Personal profile|



Papanagnou, Vaios - A comparative examination of the role of social media in the mutation of journalistic identity

Personal profile|


Reyes Acosta, Cornelia - The implications of using social network sites (SNS) on the social capital of European youth.

Personal profile|


Zaborowski, Rafal - Intimacy, ordinariness and Japanese music audiences

Personal profile|

Zhu, Xiaoxi - Globalization of Chinese film industry: representation, nationalism, power struggle

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