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Children and Online Opportunities, Risk and Safety

EU Kids Online is a thematic network directed by Sonia Livingstone and funded by the EC Safer Internet plus Programme. See www.eukidsonline.net|| for information on both projects and for downloadable copies of all reports. For further updates, please sign up on the website.

  • The first project, EU Kids Online I (2006-9), examined European research on cultural, contextual and risk issues in children's safe use of the internet and new media in 21 member states.
  • The second project, EU Kids Online II (2009-11) is conducting a multinational comparative survey of children's online uses, risks, safety and parental mediation across Europe.
  • The third Project, EU Kids Online III (2011-2014) will begin in Autumn 2011.
  • See Livingstone, S., and Haddon, L. (Eds.) (2009) Kids Online: Opportunities and Risks for Children. Bristol: The Policy Press.
  • Livingstone, S., Haddon, L., and Gorzig, A. (Eds.) (due 2012) Children, Risk and Safety on the Internet: Kids online in comparative perspective. Bristol: The Policy Press.

UK Children Go Online was an ESRC funded project which combined a national survey of 9-19 year olds and their parents with a range of qualitative methods to ask how the internet may be transforming - or may itself be shaped by - family life, peer networks, risks to inclusion and safety, and informal learning processes.

  • See Livingstone, S. (2009) Children and the Internet: Great Expectations, Challenging Realities. Cambridge: Polity.

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