Links to other related sites

The following links are chosen according to a number of criteria.  In some cases they reflect institutions, projects or networks with which I am or have been associated, and which therefore somehow deal with the field of ICTs and everyday life (e.g. Media@LSE, EMTEL, HOIT, COST269, Integer).  In some cases, institutions are cited because their staff work in related areas, and some of these websites have publication lists or downloadable papers.

UK institutions

Digital World, University of Surrey -

The Surrey Digital World Research Centre has conducted research on mobile telephony amongst other things. It has a number of downloadable papers and organises a wireless world conference each year.

Chimera, University of Essex -

Chimera consists of social scientists formally working as BTExact. They have a publications list, some items of which are downloadable

Mobilities Group, University of Lancaster - http://comp/

The group has links to online papers on mobile phones

Research Network for Mobile Interaction and Pervasive Social Devices

This has a list of downloadable papers at

CRIC, University of Manchester -

This is an ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition.  Although many of the publications focus on firms, some focus on consumption, the home and topics such as e-Commerce.

Research Centre for Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh -

This centre is known for its work on the social shaping of technology.  There is a publication list for this field at

European programmes and networks

COST298 -

I participated in this 5-year funded COST action that started in 2006 and finished in 2010 - the third in a series of actions.  It allowed a network of academics and those working in telecommunication companies to meet in order to explore questions about the use of ICTs.  A number of reports and papers are available on this site. The network also organised a series of conferences.   .


The 'European Media Technology and Everyday Life' network is an EC funded network.  It first existed from 1996-1999, when 6 biannual meetings on different themes each led to EMTEL working papers.  In its new form (funded 2001-4), the 6 partners are each conducting research on different themes. The reports from these studies are downloadable. The network organised a conference at the LSE in 2003.


The Home Orientated informatics and Telematics network has so far organised 4 conferences in 1998 (Amsterdam) 1994 (Copenhagen) 2000 (Wolverhampton) and 2003 (Irvine). Another conference is planned for York in 2005. For abstracts from the last conference, see

e-Living -

e-Living was an EC project from 2002-2004 involving a longitudinal survey of ICTs in Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway and the UK. Reports from this work are downloadable.


This was an EC funded programme, finished in 2002 looking at issues of gender and social inclusion. The reports from various projects are downloadable.

Sociological Institute, University of Zurich -

This site has links to publications on the mobile phone and mobile computing and hosts some discussion groups in this field


Designing the User -

This was the web-site of two German historians of technology which has the details of a network of people interested in the consumption of 20th Century technology as well a report on a workshop organised in December 2001.

Richard Ling Home Page -

Richard is probably the most prolific writer on the topic of mobile phones, amongst other things

Sociology of the Mobile Phone - http//

This is a Swiss Site with links to various online texts worldwide, many of which concern the mobile in everyday life

North American institutions and programmes

Pew Internet and American Life Project -

This site has downloadable reports that have analysed a US database on Internet use.

Barry Wellam Homepage -

This site provides many downloadable papers from the work of Barry Wellman and colleagues on social networks and computer networks/the Internet as well as on other topics such as the Digital Divide.

NOAH project  - 

The 'National Outlook for Automation in the Home' project is organised by Alladi Venkatesh and this site lists the publications that can be downloaded.

Resource Centre for Cybercultural Studies - http//

Since 1997 the RCCS has been publishing detailed book reviews in this field - now averaging several per month.

Digital Youth Research - http://digital

Silicon Valley Culture Project -

This site relates to 15 years of ethnographic studies in the cultures living and working in the hi-tech communities of Silicon Valley.