Polis News & Events 2011


Thinking Ahead: Polis Summer School 2012|

The Polis Summer School will be running again next July. This will be the 6th year for the three-week course on international jounalism. If you would like further details on the program please email us at polis@lse.ac.uk|. Details can also be found here.


Wikileaks: News in the Networked Era|

On Wednesday November 30th at 6:30pm, director of POLIS Charlie Beckett will give a lecture on his new book Wikileaks: News in the Networked Era. The lecture will focus on Wikileaks, the most contraversial journalistic organisation of the digital age. He will discuss Julian Assange's role in the biggest leak of secret information in modern times.

This event is open to all and entry is granted on a first come, first serve basis. For any queries, please contact events@lse.ac.uk|


Four Steps to Success in a Humanitarian Appeal|

Be sure to read Polis Intern Claire Manibog's critical report on the recent Humanitarian Communication panel discussion held at LSE. After a compelling debate feauturing several NGO and Communication practictioners, Clare discusses the question of what humanitarian NGOs can do to better open the public's hearts, minds and pockets.

To see the full blog entry, click here|.

Sanna Trygg

The Moderation of Online News Comments|

Journalist and Polis Newsroom fellow Sanna Trygg will be presenting her research comparing news forum moderation in Sweden and the UK. She will analyse methods adopted by the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper and The Guardian.

A roundtable discussion will follow, looking at the wider context of moderation and what it signifies about the relationship of media and its consumers. The aim of this discussion is to inform a research report for Polis to be written by Sanna Trygg.

For more information on the event, click here|.

George Entwistle

POLIS Media Agenda Talk: George Entwistle |

George Entwistle, Director of BBC Vision, will be giving a public lecture this Tuesday, November 15th at 5:00pm as part of Polis' Media Agenda Talk series. As director of BBC Vision, George is in charge of one of the world's leading multimedia content groups, commissioning, producing and broadcasting across BBC television and the web. For more information on the event, click here.|

To RSVP for this and other POLIS events, email polis@lse.ac.u|


Digitizing the Revolution|

Heather Brooke, the award winning writer, journalist and activitsit, will be at the helm of the next POLIS Media Agenda Talk on the 8th November at 6:30pm. For more information on her new book "The Revolution Will be Digitized," click here|. Heather Brooke, the award winning writer, journalist and activitsit, will be at the helm of the next POLIS Media Agenda Talk on the 8th November at 6:30pm. For more information on her new book "The Revolution Will be Digitized," click here|.

To RSVP please email polis@lse.ac.uk|. All remaining seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Plan UK Logo

Who Cares? Plan UK Panel Debate|

On November 9th at 6:30pm, the LSE and Plan UK will be holding a panel debate on public perceptions of humanitarian aid. The panel consists of people currently working in the humanitarian marketing field, such as Brendan Gormley (Disasters Emergency Comittee), Lynda Thomas (MacMillan Cancer Support), Rachel Bell (Shine Communications) and Leigh Daynes (Plan UK).

News of the World

Phone-hacking: What's next?|

As the furore around the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World continues to raise wider questions about journalism standards and regulations, follow Polis Director Charlie Beckett's blog|, where he and guest bloggers will discuss the fallout in the months ahead


POLIS-Human Digital Annual Social Media Research Award Recipients|

Polis is pleased to announce the winners of its annual social media research prize sponsored by Human Digital. LSE media graduate students Ana Olivares Nadal and Liam O'Neil were selected to carry out applied research projects with Human Digital on aspects of online marketing. Find other latest news, including information about the recently awarded POLIS/Jornalistfonden Fellowship here|.

News of the World

Phone-hacking: Is it time to get tough on the press?|

POLIS hosted a lively debate on the phone hacking scandal in London in July 2011. Find audio and video of the debate here|.

Helen Boaden

Media and Power -- POLIS's 2011 Journalism Conference|

POLIS hosted its second all-day Value of Journalism conference at the LSE this spring, featuring top journalists from around the world, including keynote speaker Helen Boaden, discussing Middle East revolutions, WikiLeaks, and whether political journalism is working. For links to blog posts and video from the event, visit Director Charlie Beckett's blog here.|


Africa Talks|

In March 2011, Adebayo Adedeji discussed his achievements as Secretary General of the Economic Commission for Africa, and the state of African independence 50 years on. Read his speech here|.

polis literary

LSE Literary Festival 2011|

From 16 February to 19 February LSE hosted the 2011 'Space for Thought' Literary Festival.  POLIS hosted a panel discussion titled 'New Ways to Witness Wars' which featured three of Britain's best conflict reporters.  Click here  |for more information and here| for a video recapping the event.

social media

Social Media Reality Check 2011|

POLIS hosted an expert seminar on 2 February on the latest thinking in social media marketing and celebrated the winner of the first POLIS/Interaction London Social Media Prize. Find more information here |.

 Jeremy Hunt

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt Hosted by POLIS|

Ahead of his decision on the Newscorp-BSkyB take-over, UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was hosted by POLIS at LSE in January. Read the news here.|