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The Value of Networked Journalism

networked_journalismDate: Friday 11th June 2010
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: London School of Economics

Come spend a day at the LSE celebrating the opportunities and challenges of networked journalism. Polis has teamed up with the BBC College of Journalism and others to bring speakers like Jon Snow (Channel 4) and Peter Horrocks (BBC), together with hundreds of media practitioners, analysts and educators. And it's free and live on June 11th. Other speakers include Daniel Finkelstein (Times Newspapers), Janine Gibson (Guardian), Geordie Grieg (Evening Standard), Laura Kuennsberg (BBC), Douglas Alexander MP, Mark Pack (Lib Dems), Risi Saha (Conservatives) and many more. It will also be live-streamed and recorded.

You are probably a little tired of conferences about the crisis or future of journalism. This gathering is an attempt to move beyond the anxious navel-gazing and ask, "What can the new forms of journalism offer the digital society?" We think that there is lots that networked journalism can do for the citizen as well as for the news media itself.

Of course, there are threats to journalism and many who doubt the usefulness or sustainability of the new media production processes. This conference will put the ideas to the test.

Is blogging, social media, mobile, and the rest able to deliver quality, accuracy, and universal access? How will it report politics? Coming just after the UK election, this conference will provide a perfect opportunity to put the role of networked journalism in democracy under review.

There will be a series of big debates with big names in the main hall. At the same time there will be parallel panel sessions with media practitioners and experts in an adjacent venue.

To preview 'The Value of Networked Journalism' paper, that will be released at the conference, click here.

Check the full schedule here |and apply for a ticket here|.

The hashtag for the conference is #VOJ10

Meanwhile, if you want to become a sponsor or partner then email us at polis@lse.ac.uk|

Sponsor of the Value of Journalism Conference : Channel 4

Other supporters include The World Economic Forum; The European Journalism Centre; The Media Society; Frontline Club; Journalism.co.uk