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The Guardian and Katine: Can the Media do Development?

13th January 2009

On Tuesday 13th January POLIS will hold a small seminar to discuss a pertinent question in light of The Guardian's three year experimental development project aimed at improving the lives of the 25,000 inhabitants of Katine, Uganda: Can the media do development?

This event will bring together key partners involved in the Katine Project, The Guardian and AMREF, to discuss the three year experimental development project using the Katine project as a case study. The purpose of this intensive seminar will be to discuss the reporting of development with the broader aim of understanding whether the media can play a constructive role or if the spotlight hampers prospects for progress.

Speakers  include the Guardian's Madeleine Bunting, Ugandan journalist Richard Kavuma, and the head of programmes for AMREF, Grace Mukasa.

This is the latest event in POLIS' programme of seminars and research into humanitarian and development communication. For more information on this research programm please click here.

Space is extremely limited. For more details, please contact Allison Brownlee at a.brownlee@lse.ac.uk|