Reporting the US Elections

24h November 2008

Three international journalists discuss media coverage of US08 in a seminar on Obama's recent political campaign, with speakers Claire Bolderson, Marco Colombo and Ivan Scalfarotto. Claire Bolderson came to the job of presenting via foreign reporting, first as a correspondent for the BBC and Financial Times in the early 1990s in Indonesia. This was followed by a three and a half year stint in the Washington Bureau as North America Correspondent for BBC World Service Radio and Television. When she returned to Britain in 1997 Claire, who was born in London and educated at Oxford University, began presenting news programmes for World Service working on Newshour and as one of the launch presenters for the morning programme, The World Today. She continues to travel regularly to report for and present programmes from abroad, particularly from the United States. She's also kept up an interest in Indonesia, presenting live coverage of the country's first democratic elections in 1999 and returning two years later to report on the progress of the new democracy. Claire started presenting regularly for the World Tonight in 1999 and now splits her time between Radio 4 and World Service, presenting The World Tonight and Newshour each twice a week. Ivan Scalfarotto has worked abroad since 2002, first in London, then Moscow, then London again as HR Director for a world's leading investment bank He ran for the Italian Parliament in the last April 2008 Election. He campaigned on a progressive programme of civil rights and change for the new generation. A founding member of Italy's Democratic Party he followed the US Presidential Election from Chicago and reported for Italian newspapers. Marco Colombo is an Italian-born British-based journalist, Radio and TV producer and Researcher on Political Communication. During his early career he worked for BBC World Affairs and contributed to programmes such Radio 5 Euronews, Global, Up All Night, Drive and Radio 4 Crossing Continents. In 2003 he joined Alliance Atlantis as a TV researcher on a documentary series and has since researched and co-produced a variety of news and current affairs programmes ranging from environmental mafia to consumer affairs, from illegal hunting to Italy's political legacy. His latest tv production was a BBC1 series with Angela Rippon. He has consulted on Communication and Strategy for British Companies. Marco covered US Presidential for UK and European media as a journalist and political communication researcher from New York City and Washington DC.