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Humanitarian Communications in a Global Media Age

21st November 2008

'Humanitarian Communications in a Global Medi Age'  is a culmination of a series of three high-level academic seminars. Bringing together outstanding international thinkers in this field, this one day symposium will exammine the state of communications around humanitarian relief and international development in a globalised digital communications age.

It will address the big questions: in an age of bloggers, celebrity campaigners and corporate public relations what are the ethics, politics and practicalities of humanitarian and development communications? How can communications attract the attention of the public and how can it convert that interest in to action?

The aim of the symposium is to broadly address the following key three themes:

Humanitarianism, Media and the Cosmopolitan Public

Global Stakeholders in Humanitarian Communication

The Mediated Visibility of Humanity

To find out more about the symposium, including speakers and abstracts, please click here.