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Past Scholarship and Prize Winners

Polis Silverstone Scholarship


2015 winner:  Milan Dimic


Milan Dimic is an LSE MSc student from Serbia. More info.


2014 winner: Elena Serdyuk


Elena Serdyuk was an LSE MSc student from Ukraine. Her first blog post for Polis can be accessed here.




2013 winner: Emal Etigani


Emal Etigani is a journalist and was an LSE MSc student and journalist from Sudan. Her first blog post for Polis can be accessed here.


2012 winner:  Gregory Asmolov 

Gregory Asmolov is a PhD scholar at LSE. He reported from Moscow on the anti-Putin protests and discovers how Russians are re-inventing democratic activism. 
Click here to read his blog.


2011 winner:  Nina Bigalke

Nina Bigalke wrote on the coverage of the Gaza crisis. Here is her report.


2010 winner:  Marco Scalvini

Marco was a PhD scholar and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the LSE Department of Media and Communication. 

His research work is aimed at revealing how dominant norms, institutions, and political practices are established through the media and discourse production. 


2009 winner: Ranjana Das

Ranjana was a phD scholar at LSE. Her thesis explored how concepts from German reception aesthetics which informed mass media audience studies can be of use when researching new media use

View her polis report here: The Silverstone Panel on Digital Natives: A Lost Tribe?

A podcast of the  panel  can be found here.



Polis Social Media Prize (formerly known as Human Digital Polis Social Media Research Award)


2014 winner: Alexander Hebels, Exploring the relationship among the presentation of self, trust, and images via the Snapchat picture messaging application.

Alexander Hebels completed a MSc in Media and Communications at the LSE in 2014. Click here to read Alexander's proposal.


2013 winner:  Cristina Malaspina, The Spiral of Silence and Social Media: analysing Noelle-Neumann’s phenomenon application on the Web during the Italian Political Elections of 2013

Cristina Malaspina completed a MSc in Media and Communications at the LSE in 2013. She has achieved a Distinction in all modules of her Masters, including her dissertation, and has graduated with a Distinction grade overall. In her Dissertation, Cristina has chosen to investigate Noelle-Neumann’s phenomenon of the Spiral of Silence on social media and has analyzed the sharing patterns of social media users on political topics adopting human-generated content analysis and interviews. The findings of her research show that specific elements of the theory, such as social pressures and perception of the surrounding climate of opinion, also influence the communicative behaviour of Web 2.0 users. In the specific Italian political context, features such as channel nature and as user anonymity may affect the degree of sharing of political ideas in the online world.


2012 winner:  Katherine Relle, A Prescription for Pharma: Social Media Reality Check

Katherine Relle completed a MSc in Media & Communication Governance at the LSE in 2012. In her report she discusses the utility of social media analysis for the heavily-regulated global pharmaceutical industry. She currently lives in New York City and works as an Associate at JPMorgan Chase.



Polis Photography Competition


All submissions, including the winning images, can be viewed  on the Polis blog and on our Polis Tumblr, at http://lsepolis.tumblr.com/.



First Place:Maria Paola Pofi
Runners up:Tooba Mushtaq
Yanning Huang
(see photos)



First Place: Alexander Hebels

Second Place: Veronica Leon-Burch

Third Place: Nur Kamaruzaman

StockWell Communications/Polis Research Prize



2014 winner: Nina M. Chung, Corporate Reputation, Media and Society


Nina Chung is a LSE MSc student in Global Media and Communications. Her winning proposal can be accessed here.

Prizes and Scholarships