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Papers and publications


The Death of Source Protection?: Protecting journalists’ sources in a post-Snowden age|

This report by Carl Fridh Kleberg was a result of the Polis/ Journalistfonden Fellowship at LSE. It lays out some of the threats to journalists’ data and sources and presents a range of practical tools to overcome them.


As it Happens: How live news blogs work and their future| 

Journalistfonden Fellow Karin O’Mahony looks at the topic of live blogging and the impact of this new format of news.

Egyptian Media Under Transition: In the name of the regime… In the name of the people?|

Polis fellow Fatima El-Issawi looks at post-uprising Egyptian Media in a new report following her previous research on media in Libya and Tunisia.


Transitional Libyan Media: Free at Last?|

Further to her research in Tunisia, Polis fellow Fatima El-Issawi looks at the 'free' media state in Libya post-Gaddafi.

  • Source:  The Carnegie Papers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Fatima El-Issawi, May 2013. 

What good is Twitter? The value of social media to public service journalism|

A paper by EBU Fellow Nadja Hahn on the value of social media for public service journalism. Hahn is an experienced business journalist with Austria’s public service broadcaster ORF.

  • Source: A Polis and Eurovision Media Strategy Publication; Nadja Hahn, February 2013. 


Tunisian Media in Transition|

Polis research fellow Fatima El-Issawi report for the Carnegie Endowment on Tunisian Media and its changes since the Arab spring uprisings.

  • Source: The Carnegie Papers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Fatima El-Issawi, July 2012.

Is Comment Free? Ethical, editorial and political problems of moderating online news|

Polis visiting research fellow Sanna Trygg explores why we moderate public comment and the effects of different moderation policies.

  • Source: Polis/Jornalistfonden fellow Sanna Trygg; 2012.

Connecting to the World, Communicating Change|

A new report by Charlie Beckett for the International Broadcasting Trust on how the new media environment is impacting the way we communicate for change.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett; 7 November, 2012

Who Cares? Challenges and Opportunities in Communicating Distant Suffering|

A report aimed at NGOs and journalists working within the marketing and media coverage of disasters, human rights and development.

  • Source: Shani Orgad and Corinne Vella; June 2012. 


The Value of Networked Journalism|

A report by Charlie Beckett published at the Polis/BBC College of Journalism conference on June 11th.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett; 11 June 2010. 

'Digital Natives': A Myth? |

A report of the panel held at the London School of Economics and Political Science, on 24th November 2009.

  • Source: Polis Silverstone Scholar Ranjana Das and Polis Director Charlie Beckett; 10 February 2010. 

Post-Humanitarianism: Humanitarian Communication beyond a Politics of Pity |

Report by Professor Lilie Chouliaraki's to appear in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2010.

  • Source: Lilie Chouliaraki; 2010.


Journalism and the Visual Politics of War and Conflict |

Report by Professor Lilie Chouliaraki's , to appear in Alan S. (2009) "Routledge Companion on News and Journalism", Routledge, London.

  • Source: Lilie Chouliaraki; 2009.

The Great Global Switch Off: International Coverage in UK Public Service Broadcasting| 

A new report by Polis, Oxfam and the International Broadcasting Trust (IBT).

  • Source: Phil Harding; January 2009.


International Reporting of Suicide| 

Anna Siegel's report about the the POLIS and PCC event, 'Reporting Sucide in the Media'.

  • Source: Anna Siegel; 1 December 2008.

What is Financial Journalism for?|

Ethics and Responsibility in a time of Crisis and Change, by Dr. Damian Tambini from the LSE Media and Communications Department.

  • Source: Dr. Damian Tambini; November 2008. 

Contempt of Court and Media Publicity|

Polis report of the Forum on Comtempt of Court and Media Publicity. 

  • Source: Christopher Greenaway; 06 November 2008

BBC Brand Scandal: the full story|  

The BBC's second most senior manager, Caroline Thompson gave the full story of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross scandal at Polis.

  • Source: Caroline Thompson; 06 November 2008 

PSBs must be bolder in their vision for our society|

Jeremy Hunt MP's PSB broadcasting speech.

  • Source: Jeremy Hunt MP; 29 October 2008.   


Development, Governance and the Media: The Role of the Media in Building African Society|

A report from a conference in March 2007 of the same name, where POLIS brought together media practitioners, policy-makers, donors, NGOs and academics to discuss the current trends and future direction of media and development.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett and Laura Kryke-Smith; March 2007.