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Research Fellowships

 Polis Newsroom Fellowships

Polis invites applications from practising journalists and media professionals for two annual Polis Research Fellowships: the EBU Journalism Fellowship, and the Jornalistfonden Fellowship. We provide research support, facilities and editorial guidance for journalists to produce short research papers on an aspect of their work. These will be published and taken into other Polis public events and academic activities. Candidates for these fellowships need to have their own sources of funding for their expenses and for an administration fee for Polis. Contact us for details of the financial arrangements at polis@lse.ac.uk

European Broadcasting Union Journalism Fellowship

The EBU Journalism Fellowship is awarded to a journalist who wishes to carry out a short piece of original research into an aspect of contemporary news media practice over a period of a month. The subject should be related to contemporary broadcast and/or online news with a particular interest in how media change is impacting on editorial, ethical and political and aspects of journalism. 


The European Broadcasting Union is a an association of national public broadcasters that advocates for the interests of its members and promotes public service media across Europe and the world.

Journalistfonden Fellowship

The Journalistfonden Fellowship is in partnership with Sweden's media foundation, Journalistfonden (The Journalist Fund), whose purpose is to help professional journalists in Sweden get further training in subject fields of importance to their work.


Profiles of Past Research Fellows