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Polis Profile

One of the aims of Polis is to engage in interdisciplinary and relevant research on issues surrounding the relationship between journalism, media, society, government and democracy. Polis is concerned with understanding and analysing the impact that these actors and environments have on each other.

Within this broad goal, Polis has specific core interests.

-The impact of technology and other societal trends: the future of news, social media, networked journalism, e-democracy, online business models, the internet and political reporting.

-International Journalism - media and development, Africa, Middle East Media, freedom of expression, international journalism and politics.

-Media and politics, democracy, civil society in the UK and internationally. Media and political campaigning and communication.

-Financial journalism, reporting markets and economic issues.

Polis is interested in examining issues through a variety of methods including research papers, panel discussions, and conference topics and through engaging with others via methods such as Twitter|, Facebook| and the Polis blog|.

If you would be interested in partnering with Polis or sponsoring research fellows as part of the Polis Newsroom Fellowships programme please email polis@lse.ac.uk|.

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