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Papers and publications

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Upcoming Research: The Euro Crisis in the Press|

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from the LSE, led by Max Hänska of the Media and Communications Department, has launched a comparative research project to study how the French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish press reported the crisis since 2008. The project aims to examine the influence that national reporting has on European monetary policy, the project of European integration, and the balance between national and European identities.

For more details about the study and some preliminary findings, click here|. Email m.t.hanska-ahy@lse.ac.uk| for further information about the project.

Transitional Libyan Media: Free at Last?|

Further to her research in Tunisia, Polis fellow Fatima El-Issawi looks at the 'free' media state in Libya post-Gaddafi.

  • Source:  The Carnegie Papers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Fatima El-Issawi, May 2013. 

What good is Twitter? The value of social media to public service journalism|

A paper by EBU Fellow Nadja Hahn on the value of social media for public service journalism. Hahn is an experienced business journalist with Austria’s public service broadcaster ORF.

  • Source: A Polis and Eurovision Media Strategy Publication; Nadja Hahn, February 2013. 


Tunisian Media in Transition|

Polis research fellow Fatima El-Issawi report for the Carnegie Endowment on Tunisian Media and its changes since the Arab spring uprisings.

  • Source: The Carnegie Papers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Fatima El-Issawi, July 2012.

Is Comment Free? Ethical, editorial and political problems of moderating online news|

Polis visiting research fellow Sanna Trygg explores why we moderate public comment and the effects of different moderation policies.

  • Source: Polis/Jornalistfonden fellow Sanna Trygg; 2012.

Connecting to the World, Communicating Change|

A new report by Charlie Beckett for the International Broadcasting Trust on how the new media environment is impacting the way we communicate for change.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett; 7 November, 2012

Who Cares? Challenges and Opportunities in Communicating Distant Suffering|

A report aimed at NGOs and journalists working within the marketing and media coverage of disasters, human rights and development.

  • Source: Shani Orgad and Corinne Vella; June 2012. 


The Value of Networked Journalism|

A report by Charlie Beckett published at the Polis/BBC College of Journalism conference on June 11th.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett; 11 June 2010. 

'Digital Natives': A Myth? |

A report of the panel held at the London School of Economics and Political Science, on 24th November 2009.

  • Source: Polis Silverstone Scholar Ranjana Das and Polis Director Charlie Beckett; 10 February 2010. 

Post-Humanitarianism: Humanitarian Communication beyond a Politics of Pity |

Report by Professor Lilie Chouliaraki's to appear in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2010.

  • Source: Lilie Chouliaraki; 2010.


Journalism and the Visual Politics of War and Conflict |

Report by Professor Lilie Chouliaraki's , to appear in Alan S. (2009) "Routledge Companion on News and Journalism", Routledge, London.

  • Source: Lilie Chouliaraki; 2009.

The Great Global Switch Off: International Coverage in UK Public Service Broadcasting| 

A new report by Polis, Oxfam and the International Broadcasting Trust (IBT).

  • Source: Phil Harding; January 2009.


International Reporting of Suicide| 

Anna Siegel's report about the the POLIS and PCC event, 'Reporting Sucide in the Media'.

  • Source: Anna Siegel; 1 December 2008.

What is Financial Journalism for?|

Ethics and Responsibility in a time of Crisis and Change, by Dr. Damian Tambini from the LSE Media and Communications Department.

  • Source: Dr. Damian Tambini; November 2008. 

Contempt of Court and Media Publicity|

Polis report of the Forum on Comtempt of Court and Media Publicity. 

  • Source: Christopher Greenaway; 06 November 2008

BBC Brand Scandal: the full story|  

The BBC's second most senior manager, Caroline Thompson gave the full story of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross scandal at Polis.

  • Source: Caroline Thompson; 06 November 2008 

PSBs must be bolder in their vision for our society|

Jeremy Hunt MP's PSB broadcasting speech.

  • Source: Jeremy Hunt MP; 29 October 2008.   


Development, Governance and the Media: The Role of the Media in Building African Society|

A report from a conference in March 2007 of the same name, where POLIS brought together media practitioners, policy-makers, donors, NGOs and academics to discuss the current trends and future direction of media and development.

  • Source: Charlie Beckett and Laura Kryke-Smith; March 2007.