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Vacancy: Assistant Professor in Media & Communications (Data & Society)|

Closing Date: 16th March 2015

Salary: from £50,891

We seek someone who works on communications issues at the intersection of data and society, with a specific interest in the social, political and political economy contexts of data production and analytics and/or the cultural aspects of data’s role within everyday life.

MSc programmes

New: Our MSc Media & Communications (Data & Society)|  is taking applications. It offers an intensive, year-long exploration of the significance of data and information within contemporary societies and communications.

A Way With Words

In 2014, Polis and StockWell Communcations| launched a research prize open to LSE post-graduate students. Applicants were asked to submit original research proposals on the topic of ‘Corporate Reputation, Media and Society’.

The winner was Nina Chung| who worked with StockWell and interviewed a broad range of people on the topic of corporate apologies to produce the research paper 'A Way With Words: Chasing a Definition for Corporate Public Apologies'.|

LSE Events

Forthcoming event: Code and Law between Truth and Power|

Wednesday 11 March | 6.30-8pm | Old Theatre

Professor Julie Cohen will frame contemporary struggles over control of information and information networks as contests to define new governance institutions for the information age. Twitter Hashtag: #LSECohen

Media Policy Project

IPSO and the Future of UK Press Regulation|

Thursday 12 March | 6.30-8pm | Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Sir Alan Moses will reflect on the first months of the Independent Press Standard Organisation (IPSO) and share his vision for the future of press self-regulation in the UK. Twitter Hashtag: #LSEMoses.


Polis Lunchtime Talks 2015|

During Spring Term, Polis hosts a range of media practitioners on Wednesday lunchtimes to discuss their roles and experiences of the sector.

Open to staff, students and the public.

Julie Cohen 

 Code and Law between Truth and Power|

Wednesday 11 March | 6.30-8pm | Old Theatre

Professor Cohen will frame contemporary struggles over control of information and information networks as contests to define new governance institutions for the information age. Twitter Hashtag: #LSECohen

Sean Jacobs

Shifting African Digital Landscapes|

Tuesday 17 March |  6.30-8pm | New Theatre

Developments and changes to the online media sphere point to interesting possibilities for how Africans are engaging in the global public sphere. Whether via irreverent Youtube prank videos, blogs, Instagram, song remixes, or producing independent online media (such as the Nigerian-focused Sahara Reporters), among others, and addressing topics such as homosexuality, gender relations, economic relations, African subjects are taking their place more and more as audiences and agents, rather than as receivers of aid and information. Twitter hashtag: #LSEAfrica


Mobile Opportunities: Exploring positive mobile media opportunities for European children|

This report by Jane Vincent looks at the transformation in the digital lives of children and the potentially positive online experiences that mobile devices present them. What can the mobile internet offer children and young people?

The report draws on research projects EU Kids Online| led by LSE Professor Sonia Livingstone and Net Children Go Mobile|


Shani Orgad| recently published Intimacy at a distance’ in humanitarian communication| in Media, Culture & Society.

Photo: Hugo Infante - Gobierno de Chile

PhD Student Cesar Jimenez-Martinez| recently published Disasters as media events: the rescue of the Chilean miners on national and global television|, an analysis of the narratives constructed during the live coverage of the rescue of the Chilean miners in 2010.

Bart Cammaerts| and PhD student Cesar Jimenez-Martinez| recently published The Mediation of the Brazilian V-for-Vinegar protests: from vilification to legitimization and back?,| an analysis of the role of the media during the recent demonstrations in Brazil.
MSc programmes

MSc Programmes|

We offer several MSc degrees: MSc Media & Communications; MSc Media & Communications; MSc Media, Communication & Development; MSc Global Media & Communications (with second year in either University of Southern California or Fudan University); MSc Politics & Communication. The Department offers two MPhil/PhD programmes in Media & Communications and in New Media, Innovation & Literacy.

Study at LSE  

MPhil/PhD Programmes|

Interested in our doctoral programmes in Media and Communications or New Media, Innovation and Literacy? Submit your details here|, including any prospective research proposals that you wish to gain feedback on from academic staff|.


LSE 120th Anniversary Scholarships|

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the School, LSE will be offering 120 Anniversary Scholarships for taught Master's students from the UK starting at LSE in 2015.The awards will vary in value, based on financial need, and are designed to help with fees and living costs. The minimum award will be £3,000 and the maximum award will be worth £25,000.