Gal Ravia

Gal Ravia

PhD Researcher

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Research topic

Individuals' use of digital media in the formation of collective memory.

The media play a significant role in the shaping and assimilation of collective memories. As the landscape of media evolves, digital technologies may provide individuals with new opportunities for memory work unmediated by institutional actors. In my PhD research I intend to further the study of the role digital media play in the formation of collective memory, examining users’ practices and asking how individuals - being the ultimate carriers of memory - use everyday online environments to engage with past events.

Supervisor: Professor Lilie Chouliaraki


I completed my MA in Communication at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, in 2018. My Masters' thesis examined Israeli youth's photos from Journeys to Poland on social network sites, touching upon questions of national identity and photographic authenticity. First joining the university as an undergraduate, I was part of the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Programme for Outstanding Students, which allows students to acquire knowledge in a variety of fields and leads directly to a master's degree.

Expertise Details

Memory; digital media; user-generated content