International Linked Projects


Diary, focus group and interview project ‘Towards Engaging Journalism’ (2009-2012) led by Dr Heikki Heikkila at University of Tampere. For more details and list of publications, see|.


Diary- and survey-based project on ‘Cross-Media Consumption of News’ (2008-2009) led by Prof Kim Schrøder and Dr Christian Kobbernagel at University of Roskilde. For brief details, see|.


Online diary report and survey project (2012) led at Prof Manuel Guerrero at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City: more details here. Further funding to be applied for in 2014. For more details, see|.


Survey project (using the UK Public Connection survey design) led at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago by Arturo Arragiada (2011-2013): more details here.  Funding for further qualitative diary-based research to be applied for in 2014.


During the UK Public Connection project, fieldwork design was shared with Professors Andrea Press and Bruce Williams (then at University of Illinois) and they conducted qualitative research in Illinois in 2004 that mirrored our qualitative methodology (especially diaries). For brief discussion, see A. Press and B. Williams (2010) The New Media Environment  (Blackwell).