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  • How Brexit might affect EU audio-visual media services policy-making
    In this post, Alison Harcourt, Professor at the University of Exeter and Senior Fellow on the ESRC programme UK in a Changing Europe, reviews the current context and future of audio-visual media services legislation in the EU, and examines the impact that Brexit might have on UK stakeholders in this sector. In light of the replies to the public consultation on […]
  • A recipe for a right-wing assault on public service media?
    Bart Cammaerts of LSE’s Department of Media and Communications reflects on the recent announcement by the BBC that its recipe website would be closed. While the announcement of the BBC to mothball the BBC Food site seems at first to be a somewhat trivial decision, it proved to be highly controversial and in the mean time the BBC backtracked in […]
  • What is the vision behind the BBC White Paper?
    Listen to a discussion organised by the Media Society about the long-term implications of last week’s government White Paper on the future of the BBC. After weeks of rumour and speculation about an imminent assault on the BBC, the publication of the White Paper on the corporation’s future has been seen by some as anti-climactic. But while the headlines have […]
  • Is it possible to regulate broadcasting for ‘Distinctiveness’?
    Founding Director of the Media Policy Project Damian Tambini offers a view on the recently-published white paper about the future of the BBC.  In the short term the proposed system of government appointment of editorial directors is clearly a direct challenge to BBC independence, but is ‘distinctiveness’ a greater long term threat? John Whittingdale’s White Paper on the BBC has […]
  • TTIP leaks: telecoms proposals threaten net neutrality & citizens’ rights
    Policy analyst and LSE visiting fellow Monica Horten of Iptegrity.com reflects on the proposed joint EU-US rules for the telecommunications industry, according to a leak earlier this week by Greenpeace of documents related to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Proposed joint EU-US rules for the telecommunications industry pose a threat to net neutrality and to citizens’ rights in general. Drafts leaked earlier this […]