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Dr Leslie Haddon
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Sonia Livingstone

UKSonia Livingstone_100x150Sonia Livingstone, Professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, is author/editor of fourteen books and many academic articles on media audiences, children and the internet, media regulation, domestic contexts of media use and media literacy. She serves on the Executive Board of the UK Council of Child Internet Safety. For more details see


Leslie Haddon

UKLeslie Haddon_100x112Dr Leslie Haddon is a researcher in Media and Communications at the LSE. Over the last 20 years he has worked chiefly on the social shaping and consumption of information and communication technologies. For more details see
|Up to five areas of expertise: digital divides, mobile phones, internet use, cross-national research, teenagers   

Cornelia Reyes Acosta

Cornelia Reyes Acosta is a PhD student at the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE, working as Project Research Assistant on EU Kids Online III. Her PhD research project looks at the creative industries and the importance of social networks and social capital in creating 'success' for artists in an online environment.

Ellen Helsper

EllenHelsper_100x108Dr Ellen Helsper, lecturer in the Media and Communications department at the LSE, used to  lead on the design, analysis and coordination of the Oxford Internet Surveys and the World Internet Project.



John Carr

JohnCarrJohn Carr is one of the world’s leading authorities on young people’s use of digital technologies. He has advised the UN (ITU) and the European Union. In the UK John is a member of the Executive Board of UKCCIS. John blogs for the Huffington Post and at his own site.



National reports

Here we provide links to a summary of the EU Kids Online 2010 survey findings (European and national) in the national language, an internet safety guide for children in parents in the national language, national recommendations from the EU Kids Online findings for policy makers and stakeholders, and other national materials if available.

UK report| 

UK report summary| 

National recommendations| 

Internet safety guide| 

Country Factsheet UK|


Livingstone, S., Haddon, L., Görzig, A., and Ólafsson, K. (2010) Risks and safety for children on the internet: The UK report|. LSE, London: EU Kids Online. Report, Presentation

Livingstone, S. (2011). Positioning children's interests within debates over internet governance|. In von Feilitzen, C., Carlsson, U., and Bucht, C. (eds.) New questions, new insights, new approaches: contributions to the research forum at the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010 (161-173). Goteborg: Nordicom.

Livingstone, S., and Hasebrink. U. (2010) Designing a European project on child internet safety: reflections on comparative research in practice|. In Weibull, L. et al (Eds.), Feschrift for Ulla Carlsson (135-148). Gothenburg: Nordicom.











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