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EU Kids Online

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In brief

EU Kids Online research in Slovakia shows that 63% of Slovakian children's go online every day and virtually all use the internet. Slovakian children range of activities online is slightly wider than the European average. At the same time, Slovakian children encounter sexual risks more often than the European average but they are resilient and have the skills to deal with them. However, parental support and guidance is either restricted or very limited.


  • Since November 2012 a new network cooperation has been set up by Slovak Google. The child safety working group includes stakeholders from governmental and public sector research, and both the non-profit and profit sector (more below).

Slovak team 

Jarmila Tomkova SK

Jarmila Tomková, PhD, is a psychologist who has been working in the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VÚDPaP) in Bratislava since 2008. She specialises mainly on the internet and children's development. Currently she is team leader for a research project focused on social network site usage by children and types of parental mediation.

MagdalenaPetrjanosova SK

Mgr. Magda Petrjánošová, PhD, has been working on the subject of online behaviour since her Master´s thesis in 2001, in which she analysed qualitative interviews on identity work in the virtual environments of chatrooms and MUDs. Recently she researched identity construction on social networking sites and at the moment is working on a civic participation online project.


Mgr. Ľudmila Václavová is a project manager for a children's helpline since 2006. She manages the free helpline for the general public| that has provided consultation about responsible use of the internet and new technologies since its formation in 2007.

Norbert Vrabec SK

Mgr. Norbert Vrabec, PhD, is managing director of the Media Education Centre at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of St .Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia. His research interests include youngsters and the media, the social impacts of digital technology and the methodology of media research. He coordinates several development projects in the field of media education.

Dana Petronova SK

Dana Petranová, PhD, is Dean of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of St .Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia. She is active in research activities, mainly in the sphere of media education; she participates in several projects in the field of media education. Her main research interests are media literacy, media effects and audience analyis.


National Reports

The adolescent in virtual space| (EN)    Dospievajúci vo Virtualnom priestore| (SK)


In this network cooperation, stakeholders from the Association of Pedagogical-Psychological Centres for Counselling and Prevention are included too, as well as some publishers and media. The working group plans to gather together on a regular basis to discuss problematic issues, best practices and conferences. The research side is represented by the VUDPaP research team, bringing the EU Kids Online approaches into the discussion.

At a workshop (30.11.2012) there were requests to train teachers about media education as well as conduct an intense awareness-raising campaign for parents and grandparents. For this reason, the stakeholders plan to:
• focus parental attention on media education
• reinforce education and guidance in media education for parents and grandparents through discussions on public TV, the internet, and in educational and cultural institutions
• promote the activity of Slovak Awareness Centre which initiates various activities and social events for children, as well as produces plenty of promotional materials which serve as a source of knowledge and guidance for the wider public in the field of safer use of new online technologies
• create a website with media classification for age appropriateness
• monitor the media literacy of parents and children


Jarmila Tomková, PhD
Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology VÚDPaP, 
Cyprichova 42,  
831 05 Bratislava, 
www:  |


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