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Prof. Dr. Georges Steffgen
Université du Luxembourg
Campus Walferdange
Route de Diekirch
L-7201 Walferdange
Tel: +352 466644 6644
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Georges Steffgen LUGeorges Steffgen

Dr. Georges Steffgen is professor of Social and Work Psychology. He is currently directing research on aggression, and on approaches to anger management and health promotion. He is a member of the council of the 'International Society of research on Aggression' and currently Vice-Chair of the 'COST action IS0801 on Cyberbullying' 

Andre MeltzeAndré Melzer

Dr. André Melzer is a senior lecturer and teaches in the area of Media Psychology and Social Psychology. His main research interest focuses on media use and its effects with a special emphasis on violent media: why do people prefer certain types of media? How do media affect human cognition, emotion, and behavior? 

Andreia costaAndreia Costa

Andreia Costa is a doctoral student at the University of Luxembourg studying emotion regulation in autistic children. Her main research interests are behaviour, children and social practices in virtual environments.



Steffgen, G., Pfetsch, J., König, A. & Melzer, A. (2011). Are cyber bullies less empathic? Adolescents' cyber bullying behavior and empathic responsiveness. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 14 (11), 643-648.

Steffgen, G., König, A., Pfetsch, J. & Ewen, N. (2010). Interdire pour prévenir? Les effets de l'interdiction d'utiliser le téléphone mobile à l'école pour lutter contre le cyber-bullying. Une expérience au Luxembourg. La Revue française d'éducation comparé, 6, 185-206.

König, A., Gollwitzer, M., & Steffgen, G. (2010). Cyberbullying as an act of revenge? Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 20, 210-224.

Steffgen, G., Vandebosch, H., Völlink, T., Deboutte, G., & Dehue, F. (2010). Cyberbullying in the Benelux-Countries: First findings and ways to address the problem. In  J. Mora-Merchan & T. Jäger (Eds.), Cyberbullying: a cross-national comparison (pp. 35-54). Landau: Verlag Empirische Pädagogik.












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