EU Kids Conference June 2009

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Link Time Sesssion/s Speakers
download| 9am - 10:30am Welcome / Presentation of EU Kids Online Findings Sonia Livingstone; Richard Swetenham; Leslie Haddon; Uwe Hasebrink; Katia Segers; Bojana Lobe
download| 11am - 1pm Conclusions and Policy Recommendations / Keynote Speakers: The View From Outside Europe Sonia Livingstone; Tanya Byron; Cristina Ponte; Janis Wolak; Charo Sadaba; Lelia Green
download| 5pm - 6pm Plenary Panel: Implications for Policy  Annie Mullins; Dieter Carstensen; Janice Richardson; Maria José Cantarino; Agnieszka Wrzesień
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The Conference presentations

Research Session I: Parallel Sessions from 2:00 to 3:15

Click on titles to get abstracts or papers (if available)

Victims and Perpetrators
Chair: Kjartan Ólafsson
Informal Processes of Risk Management
Chair: Liza Tsaliki
Children's Perceptions of Risk Taking
Chair: Veronika Kalmus
Online Opportunities and New Literacies
Chair: Giovanna Mascheroni
David Smahel, L Blinka and A Sevcikova
Cyberbullying amongst Czech Internet Users|
Shirley Atkinson
Peer Education for Encouraging Safe Online Behaviour|
Niels Brueggen and Ulrike Wagner
Potentials and Risks: Web 2.0|
Marion Duimel and Jos de Haan
Instrumental ICT Skills and Structural ICT Skills|
Łukasz Wojtasik
Cyberbullying: Assessment of the Problem in Poland|
Robert Hart
Learning the Family|
Caroline Logue and Matthew Rowe
Use, Perceived Threat and Actual Threat|
Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink, Claudia Lampert, Uwe Hasebrink
SNS - challenges for media literacy|
Georgi Apostolov
Kids and Violence on the Internet|
Lizzie Jackson
The Value of Risk|
Monica Barbovski and Eva Laszlo
Risk and Use in Romania|
Verborg Tingstad and Rebekah Willet
Teens in Control|
Cristina Ponte and José Alberto Simões
Asking parents about children's internet use|
Julia Davidson
Internet Child Abuse: Understanding Offender Online Grooming Behaviour|
Jochen Peter and Patti Valkenburg
Adolescent Exposure to Sexually Explicit Internet Material|
Máire Messenger Davies, Cynthia Carter, Kaity Mendes, Stuart Allan
British Children Online: Children, Citizenship and News in the UK's 4 nation/ regions|
Research Session I: Parallel Sessions from 3:45 to 5:00

Click on titles to get abstracts or papers (if available)

Evaluating the Policy Tools
Chair: Jos de Haan
Balancing Risks and Opportunities
Chair: Václav Štětka
Privacy, Identity and Social Networking
Chair: Maialen Garmendia
Emerging Issues
Chair: Verónica Donoso
Michael Whelan, Conor Scally, Tristan O'Reilly, Kase Bukhatwa and Greg Clarke
YouTube Usage and Abusage|
Dafna Lemish, Rivka Ribak and Rotem Alony
Israeli Children Online|
Simon Grehan
SNS and Privacy Risks|
Gitte Stald
Online Opportunities and Risks on the Mobile|
Divina Frau-Meigs
Parental Control and Protection of Minors|
Sue Cranmer, Jenny Good and Chris Davies
The Role of Family and Peers in Supporting the Development of Skills and Abilities to Use Digital Technologies|
Michael Walrave
Disclosing or Protecting|
Haavard Skaar
Media and marketing: the educational practice in Norwegian primary schools|
Peter Nikken and Jeroen Jansz
Playing Restricted Videogames|
Christine Ogan, Turkan Karakus, Yavuz Inal and Kursat Cagiltay
Gender and Teenage Computer Use and Gaming Activity in Turkey and the United States|
Marie Griffiths and Rachel McLean
Live on Air|
Cátia Candeias
Mobile Phones: A bridge for digital inclusion and being online|
Jutta Croll
Youth protection online: Joint efforts are needed|
Soha el-Batrawy
Children and the Internet between Freedom of Usage and Responsibility of Protection|
Public Awareness concerning Online Privacy Rights|
Olle Findahl
A study of the internet in the lives of pre-schoolers|