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New Trajectories in Media and Communications Research #lsemc10|

In 2013, LSE's Department of Media and Communications celebrated its tenth anniversary with an international one-day conference bringing together some of the world's leading media theorists.

Ofra Koffman

 'The Girl Effect': Stereotyping the Developing World
It is close to 10 years since corporate giant Nike coined the slogan ‘The Girl Effect,’ claiming that girl power held the key to ending world poverty and launching a campaign to support that vision. In a new book| chapter published this month, LSE Fellow Dr Ofra Koffman| critically considers this policy.




Two new reports on children’s safety online

The EU Kids Online project’s short report ‘Preventive measures - How young children avoid online risks|’ examines children’s accounts of the various ways in which they manage different types of problematic situations that they encounter on the internet. 

The Net Children Go Mobile project|, report finds that while smartphone and tablet users benefit from more online opportunities and along with this encounter more risks, they do not report more harmful experiences.

Sonia Livingstone|, Department of Media and Communications, LSE:
“Safer Internet Day sees the combined efforts of educators, industry and child welfare experts combine to call for a better internet for kids worldwide.




We are pleased to announce that Damian Tambini| and Nick Couldry| have been awarded LSE Research Committee Seed Funding to develop their research project on the 'Mediatization' of Government.  This will include a seminar series and conference in Spring 2014. More details to follow.