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Sadaf Khan

MSc Media, Communication & Development

Droning On.. A critical analysis of American policy and news discourse on drone strikes 

I've been working as Manager Program, Digital Rights and Freedom of Expression with a Pakistan based digital rights NGO Bytes for All. My work includes researches, incorporating policy and legislative reviews, case studies and creation of basic frameworks for digital rights. I'm also involved in digital rights advocacy at the UN and within the region. 

I'm working on research projects related to media regulation and policy in Pakistan. I'm also looking to expand the research focus to larger Asia eventually. I would love to collaborate on any relevant researches that LSE Media Department, whether through POLIS or through Media Policy Project undertakes.





Esra Dogramaci 

MSc Politics & Communication

A Revisionist Turkish Identity: Power, Religion and Ethnicity as Ottoman Identity in the Turkish series Muhtesem Yüzyil

I started the program in 2010 but took a leave of absence halfway through to join Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar, but 4 days after I arrived, the protests began in Egypt. 4 months later I arrived in Istanbul for my original assignment, which was to set up social media for Al Jazeera Turk. Extending my leave for another year, I returned to Qatar, and then back to the LSE to finish the program. While writing my dissertation I joined the BBC as a Digital Consultant to shift BBC Turkish's operations after loss of their TV broadcast partner during the Gezi protests meant they had a completely online and social presence. Now I look after the strategy for the World Service's YouTube channels, BBC Trending and make the occasional tv and radio appearance.

Personal website:



Jiayi (Joyce) Fan

MSc Media & Communications

Chinese Weibo and Public Participation 

After working with Aegis Media for half a year, I changed my working field from ads to media. Now I'm an editor-in-chief with an educational media in China. I think this is a broader area which I can have more insights here. Still, I keep writing and publishing on newspaper and websites. My job and hobby can benefit from each other. Also, I always gain strength and inspiration from travelling around the globe. Working, reading, writing, and travelling pave the way for a full and interesting life!

Online Column:





Kanika Jha

MSc Media, Communication & Development

When James Cameron’s Na’avi replaced the Dongria Kondh: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the British Press and the representation of the protest against Vedanta Resources by the Dongria Kondh tribe

After completing my postgraduate degree at LSE, I was fortunate enough to start working with an International Development organisation based in New Delhi, India. I work with the Policy, Advocacy and Communications team at the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). It is incredible how classroom learning and theoretical concepts learnt at LSE get replicated everyday at my workplace. Evaluating development interventions and framing an effective communications and policy strategy for impact evaluation studies, has made me value the modules I chose during my year at LSE. While at LSE, I also decided to complement my academic life with an internship at ARTICLE 19, a human rights NGO based in London. Who knew I would get the opportunity to act as an interim Press Officer after two months into the internship! These accomplishments have made me value my academic life at LSE. The vast number of courses and modules are enough to whet your hunger for knowledge. I would encourage prospective students to value all that the institution has to offer to you, and to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to education.

Ning Kang WANG

Ning Kang Wang

MSc Politics & Communication

Behind the Laughter: Mediating Hegemony through Humour

I am currently a PhD student in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.




Nan Meng

MSc Media & Communications

A study on Young Chinese Weibo Users' Participation in Politics

My blog:

After completing the study at LSE, I came back to China and work for Louis Vuitton as Internal Communication Manager. Working at the world famous luxury brand, I feel that my knowledge and skills gained from LSE have been exercised to the largest extent. Internal communication is quite essential for the company to glue different departments and stores together which are otherwise scattered in 32 cities with diversified cultures and dialects. I am in charge of the intranet and an internal circulated magazine, as well as the events and seminar for LV staff. Therefore, I am able to practise 'communication' in a full dimension. Like LSE, LV has a good international atmosphere. My colleagues are from all around the world. We also work very closely with people from other zones such as Paris, New York, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, etc. My experience at LSE has prepared me to fit in and better contribute in the current working environment. I am also very glad to find our LSE alumni working at the same company. We always share the unforgettable experience at LSE together.



Katherine Relle

Media & Communication Governance

The Pill in Bits and Bytes: A Case Study of Oral Contraceptive Drug Discussion in Online Forums

After completing my M.Sc. in Media & Communication Governance, I moved back to the U.S. I continued to work remotely with the London-based social media intelligence company, Human Digital, to publish a white paper discussing the utility of social media analysis for the heavily-regulated global pharmaceutical industry. The publication expands upon the research findings I collected for my own M.Sc. dissertation project. The publication will be presented in London at a panel discussion hosted by Human Digital, Polis, and Demos in January 2013. While conducting my research, I simultaneously interned at CNN International located at the CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. I interned as a Desk Editor on the International News Desk. Superstorm Sandy, the 2012 U.S. Elections, continuing violence in Syria, and the resignation of General Petraeus all brought breaking news to the Desk under conditions regulated by CNN Standards & Practices. I completed the internship in November 2012. I am currently in the process of moving to New York City to begin a career with J.P. Morgan Chase as a Regulatory Product Management Associate in the Asset Management function of the J.P. Morgan Private Bank. My M.Sc. in Media & Communication Governance allows me to contribute a unique skill set to my new role, which combines my knowledge of social science research methods, my understanding of global information flows, and my expertise in systems of governance in order to analyze and manage growing financial industry regulations.


Qianxun Yang

MSc Media & Communications



Jinghan Zhang

MSc Media, Communication & Development

How do Chinese NGOs represent the suffering

My Facebook: Jinghan Zhang
QQ: 166213227


Rebecca Chui

MSc Media & Communication Governance

Networks, Rogues and Thievery: The Discourse of Immateriality and Materiality in the Stop Online Piracy Act Legislative Hearing

Working as a Consultant at Microsoft Ltd.




Ria Sen

LSE: MSc. Media, Communication and Development

Discerning the Dominant Discourse in the World Summit on the Information Society

Present occupation: Consultant, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

Country of origin: New Delhi, India

I am presently working with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), based at their regional headquarters, in the capacity of a consultant. Assigned to the Information and Communications Technology and Disaster Risk Reduction Division at UNESCAP, I am contributing to communications as well as other tasks. This opportunity enables me to combine two key passions – sustainable development and ICT – in innovative ways.

Prior to the assignment with UNESCAP, I worked with an international environmental organization IUCN for European Union development project implementation in Southeast Asia. I have also acquired past experience with the European Commission, the executive body of the EU, in the field of research and innovation.

LSE’s Department of Media and Communications enabled me to develop my interests and pursue my passion. The administrative, careers and recruitment sections at LSE provided vital guidance and encouragement along the way. I truly believe LSE was the experience of a lifetime.

I welcome any questions and will seek to assist to my very best.



Yuan Pu

Media & Communication Regulation & Policy

Currently looking for a job in China.


Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz

MSc Media & Communications

Creating Scandal to Avoid Panic: How the UK Press framed the News of the World


Kenneth Gamage

MSc Media & Communications

Like it? Ritual Symbolic Exchange Using Facebook's 'Like' Tool


Cynthia Tam

MSc Media & Communications

The extent to which media exposures of politicians' private lives affect the general public's judgements towards politicians.

I got married 2 weeks after I submitted my dissertation and after the wonderful wedding, I am now preparing to find a job in London and settle here.


Nathalie Elvasvili

MSc Media & Communications

How Turkish Financiers Navigate Work/Leisure Boundaries Blurred by Mobile Technologies



Worapoj Wongkitrungruang

MSc Media & Communications 


Chen Xu

Media & Communications

Microblogging and Public Sphere: Microblogging use for Chinese university studentsÕ political engagement


Payal Kamat

MSc Politics & Communication

Different Strokes For Different Folks: A Study Of Political Camapign Development in India

Currently working at Perfect Relations, an image management consultancy in India, as an Image Manager, providing public affairs and government relations services to clients. I am also involved in parliamentary relationship building, and providing policy research assistance to the top management within the organization.


Thomas Cantor

MSc Global Media & Communications (Fudan) 2010

Viewpoint Diversity in Financial News Media: A Content Analysis of the Coverage of the Dollar Yuan Exchange Rate Dispute in Mainstream and New Media

Since completing my two masters degrees at the LSE and Fudan University, I joined a telecommunications and IT services company in Japan called KVH Co. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boston based Fidelity Investments. I work in business development and corporate strategy, helping to expand the business beyond Japan into the wider Asia Pacific region. I have also continued my Chinese language studies, which I started at the Confucius Institute for Business London in 2009, and am aiming to pass the new HSK level 6 proficiency exam by the end of 2013.

Search for me on Facebook.


Kulsoom Bhat

MSc Media, Communication & Development

Functioning of Media in Kashmir in Context of Conflict

Currently working as Public Relations Officer at State's premier medical institute.. Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Govt of Jammu & Kashmir


Meghna Mehrotra

MSc Media & Communications

Help is just a hashtag away! Understanding how physical proximity influences altruistic user engagement on Twitter during a crisis situation. A case study of the Mumbai Terrorist attacks.

Since my graduation from the LSE I have been working at L'Oreal in India. I am currently based in Mumbai where I am part of the marketing team for one of L'Oreal's professional luxury skin care brands - Keraskin Esthetics.