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London School of Economics and Political Science

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Shenja van der Graaf

Research Officer, OpenLaws project  

The OpenLaws project works towards opening up access to existing legal information systems across Europe and proactively involving and integrating communities of individuals and businesses, legal professionals and public bodies. It is designed to add a ‘social layer’ to the existing ‘institutional layer’ of legal information systems. My specific interest relates to the analysis of legal ICT networks, thereby highlighting the development of the socio-economic and governance framework including business model generation. This process is guided by political economy, institutional economics and economic anthropology, and will also be informed by empirical research.


In addition to my work here at the LSE, I head the 'Code, Commodification & the City' cluster at iMinds-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)|.  I’m also a honorary fellow at MIT Media Lab ID³ Hub| (USA), and a Futures of Entertainment fellow| (USA).

My current work is concerned with social, economic, and policy issues arising from innovations associated with the ICTs. Specific lines of inquiry include management/governance of technological innovation in firms, cities and communities; (new) media users and ‘cultures of expertise’; information security; (personal, open, linked) data, trust, privacy; software/code markets, commons, and commodification.

I’m a graduate of Utrecht University (MA, 1999) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (PhD, 2009). I was a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard) and the Research Center for Information Law (University of St. Gallen), a consulting researcher at Convergence Culture Consortium (MIT), an alumna of the Oxford Internet Institute, and worked as consultant for Hakuhodo Inc. in Tokyo.

Selected publications

Articles (peer-reviewed)

van der Graaf, S. (forthcoming 2014). Imaginaries of Ownership; the logic of participation in the moral economy of 3D software design. Telematics and Informatics, special issue Ethics in the information Society.

van der Graaf, S. & Veeckman, C. (forthcoming 2014). Designing for Participatory Governance: Assessing Capabilities and Toolkits in Public Service Delivery. The Journal of Policy, Regulation and Strategy for Telecommunications, Information and Media.

Passani, A., Monacciani, F., van der Graaf, S., Spagnoli, F., Bellini, F., & Dini, P. (2014). SEQUOIA: A methodology for the socio-economic impact assessment of Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Services research projects. Research Evaluation. Oxford University Press.

van der Graaf, S., and Vanobberghen, W. (2013). At Home in Brussels: Professional mobility as a service. First Monday. vol. 18, number 11-4 November.

van der Graaf, S. (2012). Get Organized At Work! A look inside the game design process of Valve and Linden Lab. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, London: Sage. vol. 32, number 6. 477-485.

van der Graaf, S. (2012). Modonomics: Participation and Competition in Contention. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. Bristol: Intellect Ltd. vol. 4, number 2. 119-135.

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Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)

van der Graaf, S. (forthcoming 2015). Participatory Culture? Tales of Transparency in Corporate Surveillance. Handbook of Digital Transformations. Edgar Elgar.

van der Graaf, S. (forthcoming 2015). ‘Making and Hacking’: The Politics of Distributed Ethics. Media Ethics.

van der Graaf, S. (forthcoming 2014). Social Media. In: Mansell, R., & Ang, P. H. (Eds.) (in press 2014). The International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society, Wiley Blackwell-ICA Encyclopedias of Communication. Malden and Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

van der Graaf, S. (forthcoming 2014). Much Ado About Keanu Reeves: The Drama of Ageing in Online Fandom. Ashgate Research Companion to Fan Cultures.

Vanobberghen, W., and van der Graaf, S. (2014). Smart City Service Creation and the Living Lab Approach: a Testimony from the EPIC project. In: Smarter Cities: for a bright sustainable future - a global perspective. Alan Shark, Sylviane Toporkoff & Sebastien Levy(eds.). Public Technology Institute and ITEMS International: Washington DC. Chapter 26.

Livingstone, S., and van der Graaf, S. (2008/2010). Media Literacy. International Encyclopedia of Communication. Oxford: Blackwell.

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