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Seminars on Discrete and Applicable Mathematics in 2010

Below you'll find an overview of previous seminars in this series, as they have been held in 2010. The seminars are listed in reverse chronological order, hence the most recent ones come first.


Thursday 9 December

Maya Stein| (Universidad de Chile)


The Loebl-Komlos-Sos conjecture: the regularity approach


Thursday 2 December

Samuel Mimram| (ENS Lyon)


 Algebraic tools in game semantics


Thursday 25 November

 Mark Broom (City University)


 Models of Evolution on Structured Populations


Thursday 18 November 

Luitgard Veraart |(LSE)

Abstract  |

The relaxed investor with partial information


Thursday 11 November 

Olof Sisask| (Queen Mary, University of London)

Abstract  |

Arithmetic progressions in sums of low-density sets


Thursday 28 October

Abraham Neyman| (Centre for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Generalized Discounted Stochastic Games and Applications


Thursday 14 October

Mitch Keller (LSE)


Interval Partitions and Stanley Depth


Thursday 7 October

Ryan Martin| (Iowa State University) 

Abstract  |

Recent results on the edit distance of graphs


Thursday 30 September

Ron Lavi| (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)


Side-Communication Yields Efficiency of Ascending Auctions: TheTwo-Items Case 


Tuesday 21 September

Harry Miller| (International University of Sarajevo) 

Abstract  |

Old and new problems in Analysis


Thursday 6 July

Karoly Bezdek| (Calgary, Canada) 


Plank problems - the discrete geometric side 


Thursday 24 June

Richard Steinberg| (LSE)


Pricing of Media Service Provision 


Monday 21 June

 Doreen Thomas| (University of Melbourne) 

Abstract  |

Optimisation of Underground Mine Networks   


Thursday 17 June

Leszek Gasieniec| (University of Liverpool) 


Location aware asynchronous rendezvous in discrete 2D-spaces 


Thursday 10 June

Tristan Tomala| (HEC Paris)


Mechanism Design and Communication Networks 


Friday 4 June

Eran Shmaya| (Kellog School of Management)  


Expressible tests need not be manipulable


Thursday 3 June

Ken Binmore| (UCL)  


Sexual Drift


Thursday 27 May

Karl Schlag (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)  


Finite Sample Nonparametric Tests for Linear Regressions 


Friday 21 May

John Bell| (University of Western Ontario, Canada)   


Continuity and Infinitesimals


Thursday 13 May

Colin McDiarmid| (Statistics, University of Oxford)


Random graphs with few disjoint cycles


Thursday 6 May

Yannick Viossat|  (Paris-Dauphine) 


Time-Average Replicator and Best-Reply Dynamics


Thursday 29 April

Dan Archdeacon| (University of Vermont, USA) 


Monohedral Tilings 


Friday 19 March

Imre Leader| (Cambridge)

Abstract  |

Higher Order Tournaments  


Thursday 18 March 

Jozef Siran| (Open University)  


Residual finiteness and highly symmetric maps 


Thursday 11 March

Thomas Erlebach| (University of Leicester) 

Abstract  |

Domination Problems in Geometric Intersection Graphs 


Thursday 25 February

Bill Jackson| (Queen Mary, University of London)


A zero-free interval for chromatic polynomials of 3-connected planar graphs 


Thursday 18 February

Dan Hefetz| (ETH Zürich)

Abstract  |

On two generalizations of the Alon-Tarsi polynomial method 


Thursday 11 February

Miklós Reiter (University of Cambridge)


A Game-Theoretic Model for Pricing Internet Service


Thursday 4 February

Boris Bukh| (University of Cambridge)


Sum-product theorems for polynomials


Thursday 28 January

Amarpreet Rattan| (University of Bristol)


Lattice paths below a cyclically shifting boundary


Thursday 21 January

Reto Spöhel| (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)


Upper bounds for asymmetric Ramsey properties of random graphs


Thursday 14 January

Jan Hladky| (University of Warwick)


On tree packing conjectures