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Seminars on Discrete and Applicable Mathematics in 2006

Below you'll find an overview of previous seminars in this series, as they have been held in 2006. The seminars are listed in reverse chronological order, hence the most recent ones come first.

14 December 2006

Julian Merschen (University of Bonn)

Successive information revelation in 3-player infinitely repeated games with incomplete information on one side


7 December 2006

Imre Bárány| (UCL and Rényi Institute)

On the power of linear dependences


30 November 2006

Damon Wischik| (UCL)

A mathematical model for Internet congestion control


23 November 2006

Amanda Turner (Cambridge)

Stochastic flows, planar aggregation and the Brownian web


16 November 2006

Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary, University of London)

Approximating the Tutte polynomial: a status report


9 November 2006

Prof. G.J. Olsder (TU Delft)

Differential game theoretic thoughts on option pricing and transaction costs


2 November 2006

Christina Cobbold| (University of Glasgow)

A mathematical model of insect development: Spatial and temporal consequences


26 October 2006

Mihail Zervos| (LSE)

Optimal stopping with applications to the timing of investment decisions


19 October 2006

Tugkan Batu| (LSE)

Oblivious String Embeddings and Edit Distance Approximations
Talk Slides (370Kb)|


12 October 2006

Jack Edmonds

Egervary's Theorem and Polyhedral Combinatorics
Talk Slides (4.5 MB)|


26 July 2006

CDAM Sixth International Workshop in Search Games and Rendezvous|


29 June 2006

Fabio Martinelli    (Università degli Studi "Roma Tre", Rome, Italy)

Fast mixing and reconstruction problems for spin models on trees


22 June 2006

Christoph Ambühl    (Computer Science, University of Liverpool)

Single machine precedence constrained scheduling


15 June 2006

Matthias Winkel    (Statistics Department, Oxford)

Continuum tree asymptotics of discrete fragmentations and applications to phylogenetic models


8 June 2006

Stephen Wills    (University College Cork, Ireland)

The quantisation of probability and some applications


1 June 2006

Orest Iftime    (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Optimal Control for Switched Distributed Parameter Systems


25 May 2006

Bernd Gärnter    (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Simple Stochastic Games, Linear Complementarity Problems, and Unique Sink Orientations


11 May 2006

Dorothy Buck    (Applied Mathematics, Imperial College, London)

The Topology of DNA-Protein Interactions


16 March 2006

Paul Williams    (Operational Research, LSE)

What lies between Addition and Multiplication and Beyond?


9 March 2006

Joe Yukich    (Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

Limit theory for some problems in geometric probability - an overview


2 March 2006

Martin Dyer    (Computer Science, University of Leeds)

The counting complexity of graph homomorphisms


23 February 2006

Ronald Meester    (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Percolation in the Signal to Interference Ratio Graph


16 February 2006

Daniela Kühn    (University of Birmingham)

Generalized matching problems


26 January 2006

Jonathan Partington    (University of Leeds)

Classical moment problems for complex measures


19 January 2006

Colin Cooper    (King's College, University of London)

The cover time of random walks on random graphs


13 January 2006

Monique Jeanblanc    (Département de Mathématiques, Université d'Evry, France)

Hedging credit derivatives with CDS


12 January 2006

Jon Warren    (University of Warwick)

Perturbing the Brownian web