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Seminars on Discrete and Applicable Mathematics in 2005

Below you'll find an overview of previous seminars in this series, as they were held in 2005. The seminars are listed in reverse chronological order, hence the most recent ones come first.

8 December 2005

Katalin Marton    (Rényi Institute, Budapest)

Measure concentration and Logarithmic Sobolev inequality for weakly dependent random variables


1 December 2005

Jörn Rothe    (Inst. of Management, LSE)

Epistemic Foundations for Equilibria with Non-Additive Beliefs


24 November 2005

Moez Draief    (Statistical Laboratory, Cambridge)

Multi-hop wireless networks and small-world geometric graphs


17 November 2005

Gesine Reinert    (Statistics Department, Oxford)

Small world networks


3 November 2005

Marcin Jurdzínski    (University of Warwick)

Algorithms for parity and limiting-average games


27 October 2005

Tobias Müller    (Statistics Department, Oxford)

The chromatic number of random geometric graphs


20 October 2005

Christina Goldschmidt    (Statistical Laboratory, Cambridge)

Random recursive trees and the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent


13 October 2005

Paul Goldberg    (University of Warwick)

The Computational Complexity of Finding a Nash Equilibrium


6 October 2005

Mihyun Kang    (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Random Graph Processes


23 June 2005

Dan Crisan    (Mathematics, Imperial College, London)


Minimal Entropy Approximations and Optimal Algorithms for the Filtering Problem


16 June 2005

Peter Jagers    (Mathematics, Chalmers University, Gothenburg)


Before Extinction


2 June 2005

Geon Ho Choe    (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and Imperial College)


Rotational number of a piecewise linear homeomorphism of the circle


26 May 2005

Boguslaw Zegarlinski    (Mathematics, Imperial College, London)


Decay to equilibrium in large interacting systems


5 May 2005

Remco van der Hofstad    (University Eindhoven, the Netherlands)


Random subgraphs of the n-cube


28 April 2005

Keith Briggs    (Complexity Group, BT Research)


Enumeration of labelled graphs


10 March 2005

Joseph A. Ball    (Virginia Tech)


Dynamical systems with inputs and outputs, energy balance laws and robust control theory: a survey


3 March 2005

Dudley Stark    (Queen Mary, University of London)


Random Preorders


24 February 2005

Imre Leader    (Mathematics, Cambridge)


The Devil and the Angel in three dimensions


17 February 2005

James Norris    (Statistical Laboratory, Cambridge)


Cores and cycles in random hypergraphs


10 February 2005

Klas Markström    (DPMMS, Cambridge, and Univ. of Umeå, Sweden)


Even cycle decompositions of 4-regular graphs


3 February 2005

Mikhail Menshikov    (Mathematics Department, Durham)


Random Walks in Random Environment


27 January 2005

Andrew Goodall    (University of Oxford)


Some new evaluations of the Tutte polynomial of a graph


20 January 2005

Stanislav Volkov    (Mathematics Department, Bristol)


Reinforced Processes: models of technological lock-ins and winner-takes-all situations


13 January 2005

Gregory Gutin    (Computer Science, Royal Holloway, London)


Some applications of graph theory, combinatorics and number theory in logistics and quantum mechanics