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Seminars on Discrete and Applicable Mathematics in 2003 & 2004

Below you'll find an overview of previous seminars in this series, as they were held in 2003-4. The seminars are listed in reverse chronological order, hence the most recent ones come first.

9 December 2004

Dries Vermeulen    (University of Maastricht, the Netherlands)


Stochastic dominance equilibria in 2-person non-cooperative games


2 December 2004

Arndt von Schemde    (Mathematics, LSE)


A Geometric-Combinatorial Approach to Index Theory for Non-Degenerate Bimatrix Games


18 November 2004

Leslie Ann Goldberg    (Dept. Computer Science, Warwick University)


Strong Spatial Mixing and Sampling Colourings


11 November 2004

Sverrir Olafsson    (British Telecom Research)


Distributed power control in ad hoc mobile networks


4 November 2004

Colin McDiarmid    (Statistics, University of Oxford)


Random planar graphs with a given number of edges


28 October 2004

Amol Sasane    (Mathematics, LSE)


Nullstellensatz for systems of PDEs


21 October 2004

Norman Biggs    (Mathematics, LSE)


Chromatic roots of families of graphs


14 October 2004

Massimiliano Pontil    (Dept. Computer Science, University College, London)


Regularized Multi--Task Learning


2 July 2004

Tim Roughgarden    (University of California at Berkeley)


Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy


24 June 2004

Dinah Rosenberg    (Department of Mathematics, University of Paris - Nord)


Timing games with informational externalities


17 June 2004

Francoise Forges    (Department of Economics, University of Paris 9 - Dauphine)


Communication equilibria with partially verifiable types

10 June 2004

Paul Williams    (Operational Research, LSE)


Models for Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem


3 June 2004

Dominic Welsh    (Oxford University)


The Random Planar Graph


27 May 2004

Andrew Barbour    (Zurich University)


Some Applications of Stein's Method


20 May 2004

Bernhard von Stengel    (Mathematics, LSE)


Leadership Games


13 May 2004

Peter Cameron    (Queen Mary, University of London)


Min-wise independent permutation groups


6 May 2004

Svante Janson    (Uppsala University, Sweden)


Limit theorems for generalized Polya urn processes


18 March 2004

Mark Jerrum    (University of Edinburgh)


Systematic scan for sampling colourings


11 March 2004

Vera Kurkova    (Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)


Learning as an inverse problem in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces


4 March 2004

Russ Martin    (University of Warwick)


Disjoint decomposition of Markov chains and sampling circuits in Cayley graphs


26 February 2004

Robert Simon    (University Göttingen, Germany)


Topological solutions for principal-agent problems


19 February 2004

Ayalvadi Ganesh    (Microsoft)


Random graphs and overlay networks


12 February 2004

Eilon Solan    (Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University)


Games of Timing


29 January 2004

Simon Blackburn    (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Codes used in copyright protection: how good are probabilistic methods?


22 January 2004

Anne de Mier    (Oxford University)


A solution to the tennis ball problem


16 January 2004

Iain MacPhee    (Durham University)


Classification of random walks using Lyapunov functions

12 December 2003

David Aldous    (University of California, Berkeley)


Largest Common Substructures


4 December 2003

Tommy Jensen    (Royal Holloway, London)


Applications of Homomorphisms to Graph Colouring


27 November 2003

Henry Wynn    (Statistics Department, LSE)


Discrete tube theory: improved Bonferroni bounds with applications


20 November 2003

Mathew Penrose    (University of Bath)


Random sequential deposition onto trees and lattices


6 November 2003

Neil O'Connell    (University of Warwick)


Random walks and the RSK correspondence


30 October 2003

Robert Johnson    (Mathematics Department, LSE)


Long Cycles in the Middle Two Layers of the Discrete Cube


23 October 2003

Christian List    (Government Department, LSE)


Jury decisions and special majority voting: What is special about the proportion?


16 October 2003

Rahul Savani    (Mathematics Department, LSE)


Long Lemke-Howson Paths