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Lunchtime Seminar

Below you'll find the program for the Lunchtime Seminar. The Seminar normally takes place on Fridays from 12.05 pm - 12.35 pm in room 32L.B.09 (32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE).

Questions, suggestions, etc., about the seminar can be forwarded to the seminar administrator, by sending an e-mail to: seminar@maths.lse.ac.uk

Upcoming Speakers:

Lent Term

Friday 12 February - Ahmad Abu-Khazneh, LSE
Extremal problems related to covering and matching in multipartite hypergraphs

Abstract TBC

Friday 19 February - Daniel Quiroz, LSE
Title and abstract TBC

Friday 26 February - Jan Hladky (Prague)
Cliques in dense inhomogeneous random graphs

The theory of dense graph limits comes with a natural sampling process which yields an inhomogeneous variant of the Erdos-Renyi random graph. Here we study the clique number of these random graphs. For a large class of graphons, we establish a formula which gives the almost sure clique number of these random graphs.

Joint work with Martin Dolezal and Andras Mathe.

Friday 4 March

Friday 11 March

Friday 18 March
Speaker, title and abstract TBC


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