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Lunchtime Seminar

Below you'll find the program for the Lunchtime Seminar. The Seminar normally takes place on Fridays from 12.05 pm - 12.35 pm in room 32L.B.09 (32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE).

Questions, suggestions, etc., about the seminar can be forwarded to the seminar administrator (Room COL 3.14), by sending an e-mail to: seminar@maths.lse.ac.uk

Upcoming Speakers:

Friday 9 October - Ewan Davies (LSE)
Independent sets, Matchings, and Occupancy Fractions I

We use a new technique to prove a strengthening of Jeff Kahn's theorem that disjoint unions of K_{d,d}'s maximise the number of independent sets in a bipartite d-regular graph. In probabilistic language, we show that for bipartite d-regular graphs and all λ, the occupancy fraction of the hard-core model with fugacity λ is maximised by K_{d,d}.

The method can be extended to non-bipartite graphs, applied to another model from statistical physics where the analogous result was not previously known, and used to provide lower bounds. For this talk the focus is on the background and the key idea: an optimisation problem over distributions of local random variables. My coauthors will discuss further developments in the near future.

Friday 16 October - Benny Sudakov (ETH Zürich)
Two short stories in Extremal Combinatorics

In this talk we present variants of two classical extremal problems: estimating Ramsey numbers for cliques and Turán numbers for complete bipartite graphs. Our results (obtained jointly with Conlon and Fox) are proved by basic probabilistic arguments and answer questions of Bollobás, Erd˝os, Foucaud, Hajnal, Krivelevich and Perarnau.

Friday 23 October - Barnaby Roberts (LSE)
Title and abstract TBC

Friday 30 October - Matthew Jenssen (LSE)
Title and abstract TBC

Friday 6 November
Speaker, title and abstract TBC

Friday 13 November
Speaker, title and abstract TBC

Friday 20 November
Speaker, title and abstract TBC

Friday 27 November
Speaker, title and abstract TBC

Friday 4 December
Speaker, title and abstract TBC

Friday 11 December
Speaker, title and abstract TBC


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