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2013 Colloquia in Combinatorics

Two consecutive one-day events hosted by QMUL and LSE

A full report of the event can be read here|


Julia Böttcher| (LSE)

Ben Green| (Cambridge)

Simon Griffiths| (IMPA)

Dan Hefetz| (Birmingham)

Wojciech Samotij| (Tel Aviv)

Anusch Taraz| (Munich)

Venue: Maths Lecture Theatre, Mathematical Sciences Building, QMUL|

Contact:  Prof Peter Keevash (p.keevash@qmul.ac.uk|)


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Noga Alon| (Tel Aviv)

Roman Glebov| (Warwick)

Gábor Kun (Budapest)

Viresh Patel| (Birmingham)

Endre Szemerédi| (Budapest)

Julia Wolf| (Paris)

Venue: New Theatre, East Building, LSE| (room number: EAS.E171)

Contact: Dr Jozef Skokan (j.skokan@lse.ac.uk|)


Schedule for Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May|

Full event programme|

Those interested are welcome to attend for all or any part of the event. The two hosting institutions are less than half an hour apart by tube; it is hoped that many people will be able to attend for both days.There is no formal registration process and seats will be allocated each day on a first come, first served basis.

Queries should be sent to Rebecca Lumb|.


Some funds are available to contribute to the basic travel expenses of research students who wish to attend the meetings.  We would ask you to keep costs to a minimum, using public transport on all occasions and off-peak student travel tariffs wherever possible.  Receipts for all journeys must be maintained as proof of travel.  At this stage, we are unable to confirm the maximum amount available; please contact Rebecca Lumb| for further information.

There are also some funds available from the London Mathematical Society for help with childcare costs. Further details can be found at http://www.lms.ac.uk/content/childcare-supplementary-grants|.

Event Support

Support for this event by the London Mathematical Society| and the British Combinatorial Committee| is gratefully acknowledged by the organisers.