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One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics

On May 20th 2010, the Department hosted a One-Day Colloquium in Combinatorics. As is becoming traditional, the meeting was organised jointly with Queen Mary|, who held a linked event on the previous day.

The LSE event consisted of six talks on combinatorics delivered by speakers from the UK and elsewhere. Andrew Thomason| (Cambridge) started the day with an entertaining talk about hereditary properties of coloured and weighted graphs. Peter Allen|, who has a PhD from LSE and is now a postdoc at Warwick, spoke on the extent to which various theorems from extremal combinatorics could be transferred to random settings. Both Oleg Pikhurko| (Carenagie Mellon) and Daniela Kuhn| (Birmingham) gave talks explaining recent proofs of long-standing conjectures involving trees.

In Pikhurko's case, this was a conjecture of Entringer on labellings of trees, while Kuhn's talk concerned the proof of a conjecture of Sumner stating that all tournaments on 2n-2 vertices contain a copy of every directed tree on n vertices. Mathew Penrose| (Bath) discussed some models and results on percolation problems in the plane. The final talk of the day was the Norman Biggs| lecture, delivered by Tomasz Luczak |(Poznan): the theme of the talk was the use of VC-dimension (a topic Norman Biggs is very familiar with) in extremal graph theory.

Overall, there were a variety of different topics covered in the entertaining and instructive talks.

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