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One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics

Write-up: You can find a write-up of the talks that took place at LSE, here.

19th May 2010

Queen Mary, University of London 

20th May 2010

London School of Economics and Political Science 



Imre Barany (UCL)

Boris Bukh (Cambridge)

Jan van den Heuvel (LSE)

Deborah Lockett (Leeds)

Eoin Long (Cambridge)

Klas Markström (Umea, Sweden)

combinatorics image



Peter Allen (Warwick)

Daniela Kühn (Birmingham)

Tomasz Łuczak (Poznan, Poland)

Mathew Penrose (Bath)

Oleg Pikhurko (Carnegie Mellon)

Andrew Thomason

Contact: R.Johnson@qmul.ac.uk

Schedule and titles


Contact: G.R.Brightwell@lse.ac.uk


The programme at Queen Mary will start at 10.30. The programme at LSE will start at 10.00.

Those interested are welcome to attend for all or any part of the event. Some funds may be available to contribute to the expense of research students who wish to attend the meetings. The full schedule, including titles of talks, will appear in future here.

The two hosting institutions are less than half an hour apart by tube; it is hoped that many people will be able to attend for both days.