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Tel: +44(0)207 955 7732/7925


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Green tips

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Calculate your carbon...

Use this handy online resource| to calculate the CO2 emission implications of your travel plans, to help with deciding what option to take. Hint - unless you're travelling a very long distance, public transport is always best. If you're not going far, what about cycling? 

Switch off!

Don't forget to ‘switch off’ when you leave LSE each day (something which we know most of you do already). This means, simply, switching off your PC, monitor, speakers (if you have them), printer (if you have one), lights, and indeed any other electrical equipment you have. Ideally, it means switching off at the plug so that you’re sure things are not just left on standby. If you're wondering why, look at some of the posters below|....

Where's your thermostat at?

With spring turning to summer, despite not being the sunniest of times recently, there's no need for your radiator to be on at all - after all, our building is renowned for its warmth even when the heating is off. So why not set your thermostat to the snowflake symbol to switch it off in all but the very coldest of conditions?

Double-sided copies

Don't forget: always print and photocopy double-sided, unless there is a good reason not to do so. Your PC should be set by default to print double-sided to both of the department's communal printers (if not, please ask Dave| or Jackie| to arrange this).

Recycling rules!

Yes, it does, but of course there are also recycling rules, and you can find out much more about these here|.

Here's a great way to save energy and get fit too - use the stairs instead of the lift!


Switch Off Posters

Switch off Computer