How to contact us

Department of Mathematics
Columbia House
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE, UK


Tel: +44(0)207 955 7732/7925


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Did you know?...


Many of you cycle to work, but did you know that LSE has a number of incentives to encourage staff to cycle to work?

1. Incentives to help buy a bike - Cyclescheme purchase of bicycles|

2. Cycle parking|

3. Showers - Shower locations on campus|

2: Stamps

Many charities raise money by collecting used postage stamps for resale to stamp dealers. We can send our used postage stamps to the Sustainability Team (NCT.01) for forwarding to charities for reuse. Used overseas postage stamps are worth around four times more to charities than UK or mixed UK and overseas stamps, so it is good to separate them if you can. Just hand them in at the Departmental Office.

3: Travel passes

LSE has an interest-free loan scheme for travel passes|

4: Junk mail

We have a 'junk mail' box in the kitchen on the 4th floor, by the pigeonholes. If you receive unwanted junk mail from companies, please place it in the box and we will periodically contact those companies to ask them not to send us anything else.

5: Catering

The Department only orders organic milk, and organic and/or fairtrade tea and coffee. Also, where possible, we're endeavouring to ensure that all the food we order for meetings and events is in the main vegetarian (meat production is worse for the environment than almost all other types of food production), and usually includes free range eggs, and sustainably caught fish.

6. Seasonal food resources

Eating locally grown seasonal food is usually the 'greenest' choice for food because it reduces the 'food miles', or carbon footprint, in the food production chain dramatically. Finding out about seasonal food in the UK:||

7. Sustainable fish


 Industrial fishing processes are hugely damaging to the environment, and to fish stocks, putting our seas at risk. The Marine Stewardship Council certify fish products that have been fished sustainably and are therefore the best choice when buying. Use their useful tools| to find out where and what to buy. Or look for the MSC symbol on the packaging!