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Past news and Events

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Please note that as this is an archive of news stories, some links may, unfortunately, no longer work. 




September 2016: Philanthropic Scholarship support enables LSE students to realise their potential

210 students received support provided though over 100 named philanthropic scholarships during the last academic year (2015-16).  In 2014-15, gifts from alumni and friends of the School provided more than £2.7 million in fees and living costs, helping LSE to meet its commitment to widen participation in university education – university places should not be restricted by circumstances beyond our control.  The School has pledged to broaden the student population and dramatically widen participation in university education.

Dane Jones

The Department was especially pleased to see one of our BSc in Mathematics and Economics students interviewed in the latest edition of LSE Advancement’s Impact magazine, written for supporters of the LSE.  Dane Jones was awarded the James Jeal Scholarship, providing him with the safety net he needed to “dedicate (his) focus to (his) academic performance” and he has already seen an improvement in his results.  He also found the award gave him “a psychological boost of confidence, knowing that somebody has placed their faith in (him)”.  Dane wants to make his donor proud and, all the while, he’s making his Department proud too!


September 2016: "hello" to all our new BSc, MSc and PhD students!

Welcome to the London School of Economics and Political Science, and to the Department of Mathematics!  You are joining a School where "excellence is nurtured and where we strive to provide students with an extraordinary and rewarding learning experience that fosters creativity and unleashes potential" (Julia Black, Inerim Director).  This world-leading Department seeks to meet individual students' needs, wherever viable; its hallmarks are friendliness and a supportive environment for all our members.  We very much hope you enjoy your time at LSE and take all the opportunities that the School offers. One excellent, easy way to keep up-to-date with what the Department and School are up to is to follow @LSEMaths on Twitter, and don’t forget to tweet us about what you’re up to (all you have to do is include @LSEMaths in your tweet).

Enjoy your time here, being part of LSE.

September 2016: 5 minutes with Marc Renault

Marc RenaultMarc Renault is currently a CNRS postdoc at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale (IRIF; formerly LIAFA), Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7.  He visited our Department during the summer to speak at our Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation about “The Bijective Ratio of Online Algorithms“. Whilst he was in London, Tom Lidbetter took the opportunity to discover more about Marc’s interests, both in his research and beyond. Read the full interview here.


September 2016: the new academic year brings new members to the department

As the new academic year approaches, we are exceptionally pleased to welcome academics Paul Duetting and Johannes Ruf to the Department.  Paul has previously worked with the department but we now welcome his return as an Assistant Professor of Game Theory, having spent time researching at ETH Zürich.  We are also very happy to have Johannes join us from University College London as an Assistant Professor of Financial Mathematics.

In addition, our Professional Services Team has grown in number, gaining a new Departmental Administrator, Enfale Farooq.  Welcome, all of you!

September 2016: our Head of Department is listed as one of London’s most influential people of 2016

MAOn Wednesday 7 September, the Evening Standard announced The Progress 1000, a list of London's most influential people of 2016 as judged by a panel of editors, critics and experts. This is the tenth annual edition of the list, which “celebrates ‘progress makers’– people who are helping shape the city for the future”.

In noting that Mathematics “underpins many of our industries here, from finance and technology to engineering and architecture,” the newspaper included a special category on Mathematics, and listed fourteen mathematicians within The Progress 1000, alongside those in other categories: legacy makers, equality champions, business brains, literati, screen stars and a whole remit of other contributors to London’s global opportunities. 

Among those mathematicians is LSE’s Professor Martin Anthony, who is cited for being head of “LSE’s world-leading mathematics department”. Martin, whose research concerns the mathematical underpinning of machine learning and the theory of Boolean functions, has been at LSE since 1990.

Commenting on his inclusion in the list, Martin said: “I am pleasantly surprised by this, and delighted that the work of the Department has received this recognition. Mathematics has long been acclaimed as fundamental to the physical sciences, and its role in social and economic sciences has become increasingly prominent in recent years. The work we do (both in education and research) in our department is informed by our location within LSE: the areas in which we work connect with --- and provide theoretical underpinning for --- the understanding of many aspects of social and economic life. For example, discrete mathematics and the theory of algorithms provide the mathematical basis for the analysis of networks, algorithmic mining of large data sets and efficient computation; mathematical game theory provides the mathematical foundations of strategy and much of modern economics; financial mathematics concerns mathematical modelling of financial markets in order to understand them better; and operational research is an essential tool for any quantitative approach in management. Our Department has been making efforts recently to highlight its work to a wider audience, and our mention in the Evening Standard is very welcome.”

August 2016: Combinatorics Colloquia 2016 report published

GroupThe write up from our Combinatorics Colloquia 2016 is available to read online - just follow this link.  It provides a summary of all our speakers' presentations and some great photos which really capture the sense of the event.  Thanks to everyone who made our 10th anniversary so special!


August 2016: Congratulations to Dr Steffen Issleib!

Well done, Steffen and welcome to the department of Mathematics' alumni family!  We're so happy for you to have been awarded your PhD in Mathematics.  Congratulations, also, to your supervisor, Prof. Graham Brightwell.

For details of Steffen's thesis and to view the ever-growing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour".


July 2016: Summer Graduation Day

LSE graduation is always one of the best times of the year and 2016 has been no exception.  We had a wonderful time celebrating with our graduates and sharing their special day with their friends and families.  We're extremely proud of all our students and wish them well in their future careers. Please do stay in touch with us via the LSE Alumni community!


July 2016: Cyril Offord Prize 2015/16

Congratulations to Sicen Liu, a student on our BSc Mathematics and Economics programme, who has been awarded the annual Cyril Offord Prize for Outstanding Performance in Mathematics.  To find out more about Professor Cyril Offord, the first Professor of Mathematics at the LSE, please read his obituary. Details of the Prize can be read here.


July 2016: Joseph Abraham Prize 2015/6

Congratulations to Miguel Angel Garrido Garcia the first winner of the Joseph Abraham Prize for Outstanding Achievement on the MSc Financial Mathematics programme. To find out more about the Prize please click here

Miguel Garrido Garcia - Joseph Abraham Prize


June 2016: Peter Cameron – Report of the London Combinatorics Colloquia 2016

Peter CameronPeter Cameron is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. He is also a half-time Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews. Peter writes a popular blog about things he “feel(s) strongly enough about” and he recently posted an entry about his observations at the 2016 London Combinatorics Colloquia, hosted by the Departments of Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science. With his kind permisson, we have reproduced this entry on our own blog, Maths@LSE.  Read the article here.


May 2016: MSc students' end of term party

As our MSc students reached the end of their time here at LSE, we hosted a party for them to say thank you for all their hard work and support over the past year and to wish them well in their futures.  Peter Allen, one of our MSc programme directors, took centre stage to congratulate students on a fantastic year.  We love to hear what our graduates are up to and hope they will stay in touch with us via the international LSE alumni community.

MSC party

May 2016: Research Impact Workshop

workshop 3

All research staff gathered together for our first Research Impact Workshop.  It was a great opportunity for us to share thoughts and ideas about making our future more 'impactful' and we are very grateful to Dr. Rachel Middlemass, the School’s Research Impact Manager, for workshop 2her guidance and valuable suggestions.  It was also a wonderful chance for us to hear from Dr. Luitgard Veraart regarding her Houblon-Norman/George Fellowship from the Bank of England. A very productive afternoon!  We look forward to our next workshop in the new academic year.


May 2016:Philippe van Basshuysen – Towards a fairer distribution of refugeesphilippe-van-bashuysen

With the current refugee crisis showing no sign of abating, a fair and efficient method for distributing people to different countries is urgently needed. In this new post (which was originally published on the Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method blog), Philippe van Basshuysen looks at matching systems. 

May 2016: 2016 Colloquia in Combinatorics

2016 sees the tenth year of the Colloquia in Combinatorics and we were excited to celebrate this milestone by making this Colloquia our biggest and best yet. And that's just what we did on 11-12 May, hosting two consecutive one-day events at QMUL and LSE.  Read more about the event here.


May 2016: new blog article from LSE alumna, Tanya Flower featuring insider career tips

Tanya FlowersTanya Flower graduated in July 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Maths and Economics from LSE.  She now works as an Assistant Economist in the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  In this new blog article, Tanya talks about how she wisely used her time at University to undertake placements which helped her stand out from the crowd and gives advice to those considering careers in amths and statistics.  Tanya also gives us important insight inot her current role at ONS.  Read the full article here. Thank you Tanya, and well done!

May 2016: And the winners are...

Summer Term is a time for celebration and we're very pleased to announce the following winners in 2016:

Katirtzoglou, Eleni

LSESU Teaching Excellence Award Winner in Innovative Teaching: Dr Eleni Katirtzoglou (Mathematics).  Students from all over the LSE nominate their teachers for the LSESU Awards, and Eleni is to be congratulated on this significant achievement.


Julia BottcherLSE Teaching Promotion Award: Dr Julia Böttcher, on promotion to Associate Professor, was also awarded a Major Review teaching prize for her outstanding teaching. Congratulations to Julia.



  • LSE Class Teacher Awards: Barnaby Roberts, Michael Yiasemides, Elisabeth Grieger, Phil Johnson, Tom Lidbetter. Well done to them all.
  • DepartmentalPrizes for New Class Teachers (those in their first two years of teaching for us): Aaron Lin, Amal Merhi and Michael Yiasemides.Thank you to you all.

 Photos of all our prize winners can be viewed here.

May 2016: New Research Award

Veraart, LuitgardDr Luitgard Veraart, Mathematics, has been awarded a Bank of England George Fellowship to develop a rigorous methodology to assess systemic risk when information about the underlying financial network is only partially available. This will enable regulators such as the Bank of England to account for higher-order financial contagion effects in macroprudential stress tests even if the full network is not observable.  Congratulations Luitgard!


April 2016: New blog post: Norman Biggs - Calculus on Clay?

Norman BiggsNorman Biggs is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at LSE.  Follow him on Twitter: @norman_biggs.  In this new blog article, Norman comments on the recent discory of a Babylonian clay tablet thought to contain material that resembles ‘calculus’.  He thinks the tablet describes a universal method of measuring a cumulative effect


April 2016: Improvements in the sequential change-point detection schemes for finance

Gapeev_PavelThe implementation of detection procedures by Dr Pavel Gapeev, Department of Mathematics, by certain analytic research groups in the financial industry led to improvements in the existing methods for trading and hedging in financial markets.

Read Pavel's impact case study here.



April 2016: Paul Dütting – Designing auctions for re-allocating spectrum rights

Paul Duetting profilePaul Dütting is a Senior Researcher at ETH Zürich; during the the academic year 2014-2015, he was an LSE Fellow in the Department of Mathematics. In this new blog article, Paul considers the Federal Communications Commission Incentive Auctions and the Algorithmic Game Theory processes behind them.



March 2016: Public Lecture: The Diffusion of Innovations: why does it take so long for new ideas to take hold?

Young, PeytonDate: Monday 7 March 2016
Speaker: Professor H. Peyton Young
Professor Martin Anthony

Peyton Young is Centennial Professor of Mathematics at the London School of Economics. He is also a Professorial Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC. He is noted for his research on the evolution of social norms and institutions, the diffusion of innovations, and the measurement of systemic risks in the financial system. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and a former President of the Game Theory Society.

In this lecture, Peyon considered how new ideas, technologies, and ways of doing things are the key to economic growth and development. Yet it often takes many years after the introduction of an innovation before it comes into widespread use. Delays result from many issues; we examined these in the context of several well-documented cases.  The event was chaired by Martin Anthony (@MartinHGAnthony), Professor of Mathematics and Head of Department of Mathematics at LSE.

The video of the lecture can be viewed via our YouTube channel here with accompanying slides available here.

March 2016: Alumni Reception: celebrating 20 Years of the Department

cakeOn 1 March 2016 we hosted a special evening reception for alumni, staff (both past and present) and current MSc and PhD students in honour of a momentous occasion: the Department of Mathematics' 20th anniversary.

This was a great chance to reconnect and build networks, catching up with familiar faces and meeting new LSE faculty and students.  We loved celebrating with our friends!  A full write-up on the event (and more photos) can be here.


February 2016: Congratulations to Mathieu and Marta!

More happy news for the Department and our fabulous MPhil/PhD students.  Mathieu Dubois is now Dr Dubois, having been awarded his PhD in Mathematics.  Furthermore, Marta Casetti has received her Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Mathematics.  For details of their thesis titles, supervisors, and the ever-growing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations to both Mathieu and Marta - do stay in touch!

February 2016: 5 minutes with Maura Paterson

Maura Paterson2Maura Paterson (Birkbeck, University of London) visited our Department to present her seminar on “Applications of Disjoint Difference Families”.  She also kindly took time out with Julia Böttcher (LSE) to answer a few questions on her research interests and how she takes a break from mathematics. Read the full interview here.



February 2016: Student visit to Bletchley Park

On Saturday 6 February, a group of our MSc Applicable Mathematics students visited Bletchley Park, the iconic heritage site of World War 2 codebreaking.  The most famous of the cipher systems to be broken at Bletchley Park was the Enigma, subject of the 2014 award-winning film, "The Imitation Game".

January 2016: A tribute to Anatole Beck (1930-2014)

Anatole Beck1A little over a year since his passing, Adam Ostaszewki, Professor of Mathematics at LSE, remembers Anatole Beck, our friend and colleague, with input from Steve Alpern and Kenneth Binmore.  He was a Leonardo-like mathematician with awesome insight and inquiry and is much missed by the Depatment.




February 2016: Congratulations to Chlump!

Chlump Chatkupt has been awarded his PhD in Mathematics.  For details of his thesis title, supervisors, and the list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations Dr Chatkupt!

January 2016: Ewan Davies – Counting the number of ways a gas can fill a room

EwanEwan Davies is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Mathematics. His research is on graph theory, the study of connected systems of abstract ‘things’ which we call graphs. In his latest blog post, he develops a new method for understanding mathematical models in these graphs, using particles of a gas or atoms in a molecule as examples.



January 2016: Joint Mathematics and Philosophy Reading Group on Game Theory

We are pleased to announce the launch of an interdisciplinary reading group on game theory which is jointly organised by LSE's Mathematics and Philosophy Departments.

Primary focus of the group is on foundational and philosophical issues in game theory, but applications will also play a role. We particularly aim to promote interdisciplinary research projects among graduate students from any disciplines.

The reading group is launched this term but we hope it will endure beyond this academic year, and become an established group for exchange of ideas, discussion and research in game theory. We believe this will promote and strengthen the position Game Theory occupies at LSE and highlight its status as an important interdisciplinary science at our school.

Depending on time constraints and participants’ interests, in Lent Term 2016 we will focus on the following topics:

  • Epistemic Game Theory
  • Bounded rationality in games
  • Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Games of Incomplete Information.

The group will meet every second week starting Tuesday January 19, 16.00-17.30 in LAK2.06, Lakatos Building, LSE.  For more information, please contact seminar@maths.lse.ac.uk.

January 2016: Public Lecture: Non-Western Mathematics

Wilson, RobinDate: Monday 18 January 2016
Time:  6.30-8pm
Venue: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Professor Robin Wilson
Professor Jan van den Heuvel

Robin Wilson is Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics, LSE.  In this lecture, he explored the mathematics of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and the Mayans.  The event was chaired by Jan van den Heuvel (@JanvadeHe), Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, LSE.


December 2015: Norman Biggs – Strictly not dancing

StrictlyWith the season finale set to air just before Christmas, Norman Biggs, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at LSE, has addressed some questions arising from the scoring system of the popular UK television programme Strictly Come Dancing.  Taking the limited data the programme reveals, Norman shows that it is still possible to deduce public voting trends.



December 2015: PhD Christmas competition: best mathematics joke

For the last few years, the Department has run a (somewhat silly...) Christmas competition for our PhD students.  For 2015, we asked them all to write some cracker jokes for our Christmas party - the only rule was they had to be maths related. Here were some of our top entries:
- Why does the Matrix Algebra teacher only lecture at home? ... Because he rarely commutes!
- Why was the Python bad at sums? ... Because he wasn't much of an Adder!
- Why did the topologist marry her husband? ... They simply connected.

And the winner was Matthew Jenssen:
- Why did the mathematician name his dog Cauchy? ... Because he left a residue at every pole!

Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas everyone!

December 2015: Danny Quah – The world’s tightest cluster of people

figure 3Danny Quah (Professor of Economics and International Development at LSE, Director of the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, at LSE’s Institute of Global Affairs, and a  Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS) considers large economic facts about the world that mathematics helps uncover.  In his blog article "The world’s tightest cluster of people", Danny tries to locate the smallest area of our planet containing a majority of the world's population.


December 2015: Festive Bake-Off

crisisStaff from the Department of Mathematics got their competitive Christmas bake on, cooking up a feast of sweet treats and offering them up to the gingham altar.  It was a closely fought contest of gingerbread versus puff pastry, with the ultimate winnings being awarded jointly to a marvellous selection of Plätzchen and some fabulously fruity Festive Flapjacks.  Best of all, our fun and frolics raised a great contribution to the  Crisis at Christmas fund.




December 2015: Public Event: Using Mathematics: Making Big Economics Visible to the Human Eye

Quah2World-renowned Professor Danny Quah (Professor of Economics and International Development, LSE) discussed large economic facts about the world which mathematics helps to uncover.  The event was hosted jointly by the LSESU Applicable Maths Society and the Department of Mathematics and was chaired by Professor Jan van den Heuvel (Mathematics, LSE).

The video of the lecture can be viewed here with accompanying slides available here.


December 2015: Departmental Christmas party

Xmas dinner

As we come to the end of Michaelmas Term 2015, all staff and PhD students joined together at our Christmas lunch to celebrate a busy and successful year.  We've seen lots of exciting changes and welcomed a number of new members to the team so this was a perfect opportunity for everyone to catch up, relax and begin their countdown to Christmas and the New Year.  Have a fantastic break, everyone!

 December 2015:  Haya Freedman Prize 2014/5

Congratulations to Alastair Maxwell and William C Palmer joint winners of the Haya Freedman Prize for "Best Dissertations" 2014/5 on the MSc Applicable Mathematics programme. To find out more about the Prize please click here.

November 2015: Giacomo Zambelli (LSE) awarded the 2015 Lanchester Prize by INFORMS

Zambelli, GiacomoGiacomo Zambelli, Assistant Professor in LSE’s Mathematics Department (with co-authors Gerard Cornuejols (Tepper School of Business) and Michele Conforti (University of Padova)) has been awarded the prestigious Frederick W. Lanchester Prize for 2015 by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the largest professional body in the world in the field of operations research, management science, and analytics. The prize, which honours “the best contribution to operations research and the management sciences published in English in the past three years”, was awarded for their book “Integer Programming”, published by Springer in December 2014.  It is of note that the prize, conferred since 1954, is so selective that it was not awarded four of the previous six

Integer Programming


Martin Anthony, head of the Mathematics Department, said “I am delighted that Giacomo’s outstanding work in mathematical operations research and his ability to communicate it has been recognized by the award of this prestigious prize. The prize committee has noted that this major book ‘will serve the next generation of researchers to further advance the field in the years ahead’. We congratulate Giacomo on this achievement.”


 October 2015: Tom Lidbetter (LSE) - Being Hunted

Hunted_webViewers of Channel 4's intense reality television show Hunted might have been stunned by the degree to which our behaviour can be monitored and predicted by hidden surveillance systems and the state.  Tom Lidbetter's blog article "Being “Hunted”: how randomness can help" looks at the best randomised strategies both for searching and hiding using game theory.




October 2015: Boat Party

On Thursday 8th October, our MSc Applicable Mathematics, MSc Financial Mathematics, PhD students and staff got together for a boat party on the River Thames.  Setting off from Westminster Pier and cruising down to Greenwich.  Along the way they were able to enjoy some of London's many well-known landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, Cutty Sark and the Old Royal Navel College.  It was a great evening and an excellent start to the new term!

October 2015: Departmental Teaching Prize Winners – 2014-15

Teaching prizes 2014-15We are very happy to announce the winners of the Departmental Teaching Prizes for academic year 2014-15: Hao Hang, Matthew Jenssen, Amal Merhi & Barnaby Roberts.  The photos show Jan van den Heuvel (Head of Department 2011-15) awarding them with certificates and prizes to thank them for the excellent teaching they delivered as Graduate Teaching Assistants.




October 2015: Maths at LSE Blog launch

BlogLaunchPicThe Department celebrated the launch of our blog (Maths at LSE) by joining together with Communications and Research colleagues across the School for an afternoon reception.  We are very grateful to Adrian Thomas (Director of Communications), Chris Gilson (Managing Editor LSE USAPP blog) and Sierra Williams (Managing Editor LSE Impact blog) for presenting their experiences of academic blogging, social media and communications strategy.  It was a very fun, informative event and really inspired us all to get blogging! Some great photos, captured by Dr Tugkan Batu, can be found here.

September 2015: Macmillan Coffee Morning


The Department took part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to raise funds for Macmillan.  Lots of staff got their bake on, with sweet treats including Black Forest gateaux, luschious lemon fairies and chocolate orange cupcakes, and savoury delights such as Spanish tortilla and feta parcels.  It was a great opportunity to shares elevenses and raise money for a fantastic cause.




August 2015: Congratulations to Pucheng and Yavor!

Pucheng Shi and Yavor Stoev have been awarded their PhDs in Mathematics. For details of their thesis titles, supervisors, and the ever-growing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations Drs Shi and Stoev!

August 2015: Combinatorics Colloquia 2015 report published

cc2015 webThe write up from our Combinatorics Colloquia 2015 is now available to read online - just follow this link.  It provides a summary of all our speakers' presentations and some great photos which really capture the sense of the event.  Join us next year for our 10 year anniversary!


August 2015: New seminar series within the department

We are very pleased to add the Seminar on Operations Research to our seminar series, as of Michaelmas Term 2015.  The series will run on Wednesday afternoons, from 4pm - 5pm in OLD.1.26 (Old Building, LSE).  The first seminar takes places on 2 September, when Zeev Nutov (The Open University of Israel) will speak on 'On LP-Relaxations for the Tree Augmentation Problem'.

July 2015: Changing of the guard

m6The end of the month bought a major change to the Department: the Head of Department role passed from Professor Jan van den Heuvel to Professor Martin Anthony.  We named the day 'Jandependence Day', in Jan's honour, to thank him for the incredible work he has done for the team over the past four years - far too much to mention here.  We also wanted to welcome Martin into his new, very important role and what better way tocake - web do that than to have a party!  We were very happy to be joined by colleagues, both burrent and former, as well as our PhD students.  There was specially-crafted maths bunting, balloons, beer from our favourite brewer (Dave Scott of Kew Brewery), an orb, a sceptre and even a delicious cake in the shape of a crown - every coronation needs one!  We have now entered the era of 'Martination' and look forward to all that is to come!

July 2015: LSESU Student-Led Teaching awards 2015

This year, more than 20 of the teachers in the Department of Mathematics were nominated for a Student-Led Teaching Award. We congratulate all of these teachers on receiving their nominations and thank them for all their efforts to provide high quality teaching and feedback throughout the year. Read more about the nominations in the full article.

July 2015: Prizewinners aplenty!

Summer Term is a time for celebration and we're very pleased to announce the following winners in 2015:

  • LSE Teaching Promotion Awards: Dr Amol Sasane was promoted to Professor in recognition of his exemplary contributions to courses that are compulsory, challenging and highly technical, including effective student feedback and the design of original resources that have been inherited and highly valued by junior faculty in the department, as well as for services to theUndergraduate Studies Sub-Committee and the departmental teaching committee.

  • LSE Class Teacher Awards: Elisabeth Grieger, Matthew Jenssen, Philip Johnson, Tony Whelan and Georgios Zouros were nominated by our department in recognition of the special contribution made to teaching.

Mathematics Student Prizewinners 2015

  • Cyril Offord Prize 2015 - this prize for outstanding performance in Mathematics was awarded to Jeremy Macrae, BSc Mathematics and Economics. Jeremy said “I have spent an amazing three years at the LSE in large part thanks to the Mathematics Department.” Read more...

  • Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Prize - Shyamal Patel, BSc Mathematics and Economics, is this year’s Joint Winner of the IMA Prize for Outstanding Performance in the Final Year of an Institute of Mathematics and its Applications approved course.

July 2015: Public lecture: A Beautiful Question: finding nature's deep design

Frank WilczekWorld-class physicist and Nobel laureate Professor Frank Wilczek (MIT) discussed his new book, "A Beautiful Question", which argues that beauty is at the heart of the logic of the universe, a principle that had guided his pioneering work in quantum physics. A Beautiful Question is the culmination of Wilczek's life work, a work that looks to combine the age-old quest for beauty with the age-old quest for truth.The press release can be read here.

The event was chaired by Professor Bernhard von Stengel.  The podcast of the lecture can be viewed here, the video of the lecture can be viewed here   and photographs taken by Dr Tugkan Batu can be seen here.

July 2015: It All Adds Up:  Celebrating 150 Years of Women Across the Mathematical Sciences 

The department sponsored, Judy Wang, MSc Applicable Mathematics 2014/15 student to attend the following conference at Oxford University in April 2015: "It All Adds Up:  Celebrating 150 Years of Women Across the Mathematical Sciences".  An article written by Judy about her experience at the Conference can be found here.

June 2015: Maths at LSE blog launches!

BlogWe're very excited to announce the launch of our research blog, 'Maths at LSE'! The core mission of this blog is to increase public awareness and understanding of the research we undertake within our Department. Blog entries will highlight news and views on the work of our academic colleagues, both those based here in the Department and our esteemed guests. Take a look here.

Current entries come from Andre Nies (University of Auckland), Yannai A. Gonczarowski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Microsoft Research), Bernhard von Stengel (LSE) and Andy Lewis-Pye (LSE)



Workshop on Search Games and Rendezvous

shardThe Shard, Warwick Business School London Campus: July 6 and 7, 2015

Confirmed Speakers: Shmuel Gal (Haifa, Israel) Robbert Fokkink (TU Delft, Netherlands) Thomas Lidbetter (LSE, UK) Noemi Zoroa (Murcia, Spain)

Organisers: Steve Alpern, ORMS Group, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick: steve.alpern@wbs.ac.uk Thomas Lidbetter, LSE: t.r.lidbetter@lse.ac.uk

Talks on all topics related to search and patrolling, including predator-prey games, are welcome. Rendezvous problems will also be covered. This is an ‘informal’ workshop with no fees, but prior registration through the organisers is required.  More information can be found here.

May 2015: LSE Green Impact: Gold Project Award received

Award2015The Department was very excited to be presented with a Gold Project Award at this year's Green Impact Awards.  The Award reflects the high level of involvement and green saving we have demonstrated within the department.  This photograph of our award features some of the wonderful new plants we have recently cultivated.






May 2015: Prof. von Stengel interviewed on BBC World News

Prof. Bernhard von Stengel appeared on BBC World news on Monday 25 May, following the sad news of John Nash's tragic death.  Prof. ven Stengel was interviewed by the anchor, discussing Nash's work in game theory and how this relates to the Greek financial crisis, particularly with reference to negotiating with creditors.

April 2015: SSLC Annual Lunch

As a small token of our thanks for all their hard work this year, we took our undergraduate and masters student representatives from the departmental Staff-Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) out to lunch at The Old Bank of England.  Good food and good company was an excellent way to spend a lunchtime.

The SSLCs for each programme meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest.  The committees are central to effective quality assurance of courses and programmes and provide a key forum for student engagement.  We really do appreciate the work our representatives: thank you, everyone!

April 2015: LSE Undergraduate Offer Holders' Visit Day

The department was delighted to meet incoming students at LSE Offer Holders’ Day. Martin Anthony talked them through the degree programmes and gave a mini-lecture on the mathematics behind the Gale-Shapley algorithm for producing stable matchings, something with important economic and other applications (and work for which Gale and Shapley were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics). Offer holders, staff and current students then had lunch together, with plenty of time for discussion and questions. We look forward to welcoming the participants to the department in September!

April 2015: Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2015

The LSE Department of Mathematics had a good showing at the recent 2015 Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference held at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), with five of our combinatorics PhD students  (Ewan, Matthew, Daniel, Barnaby and Ahmad, who wrote this brief report) giving a talk on recent progress on their respective research problems.

The students also had a chance to network and discuss research problems with fellow research students from the wider combinatorics community from around the UK.

The LSE wish to thank the event organisers (Katie Clinch and Trevor Pinto, QMUL) for hosting the event and we look forward for the 2016 edition.

For more information on our PhD students’ research interests, please click here.

March 2015: PhD Alumna wins Mastermind 2015

Marianne-Fairthorne-webHearty congratulations are extended to Dr Marianne Fairthorne, following her spectacular, close-fought win on BBC's Mastermind 2015.  She saw off five other finalists by scoring 25 points and, crucially, no passes.  Her specialist subject was the life of the 15th century Italian noblewoman Caterina Sforza and she showed excellent prowess in the general knowledge round, too.  In previous rounds, Marianne specialised in such topics as the Roman Empress Livia (the villainess in I Claudius) and Çatalhöyük – a fantastic large Neolithic and Chalcolithic site now in Turkey.

Marianne is one of our PhD alumni who was awarded her doctorship in June 2011.  Marianne now works as a quantitative analyst in London and is a regular quizzer.  Of particular note, she reached the quarter finals of University Challenge in 2008/9 as part of the LSE team – they lost to the eventual winners that year.  Also, in 2013, she led the Festival Fans team to the semi-finals in Only Connect.

March 2015: MSc Students' Bletchley Park visit

Bletchley-Park-Trip-PictureOn Saturday 7 March, a group of our Applicable Mathematics Masters students visited Bletchley Park, the iconic heritage site of World War 2 codebreaking.  The most famous of the cipher systems to be broken at Bletchley Park was the Enigma, subject of the 2014 award-winning film, "The Imitation Game".

March 2015: Dr Paul Dütting presents “Spectrum Auction” poster in Parliament

Paul Duetting - SET for Brit 2Paul Dütting, an LSE Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, presented his poster “Spectrum auctions: Greed is good,… if you do it well!” at SET for Britain 2015 on 9 March at Westminster. The poster addressed the issue of how mathematics can help organise the optimum sale of spectrum rights. Based on Dr Dütting’s article, “The Performance of Deferred-Acceptance Auctions”, the poster was well-received and prompted a number of questions from the audience of MPs, scientists, engineers and fellow mathematicians.  For more information about the event, please click here.








February 2015: The Department of Mathematics joins Twitter

Twitterweb2We're very excited to have launched our Twitter account.  Come and follow us: @LSEMaths. There'll be more social media developments coming in the next few weeks so please keep checking back.




January 2015: Dr Dütting's poster to be displayed at SET for BRITAIN 2015

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Dr Paul Dütting's poster, entitled "Spectrum Auctions: Greed is Good,… If You Do It Well!", has been selected to appear at the final of the SET for BRITAIN 2015 Mathematical Sciences Session on 9 March. The session runs from 18:15–21:00 in the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House.

The overall aim of SET for BRITAIN is to encourage, support and promote Britain's early-stage and early-career research scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians who are an essential part of continuing progress in and development of UK research and R&D through a series of posters and exhibitions.

Congratulations, Paul—we look forward to seeing your poster soon!


December 2014: PhD alumna faces the Mastermind chair

mmmDr Marianne Fairthorne, one of our PhD alumni who was awarded her doctorship in June 2011, joined three other hopefuls in episode 18 of series 2014/15 of BBC's Mastermind.

She made it through to the semi-finals, which are due to be broadcast in mid-February on BBC Two. Well done Marianne!







December 2014: REF results released

To read the analysis of the REF results from the Department and the School overall, please click here.

December 2014: 2014 Christmas card competition

We asked our PhD students to design a Christmas e-card for the Department to send to our colleagues and the winner was... Barnaby Roberts!  His winning creation can be found below and more information about the competition and our green impact efforts can be found here.  Thank you Barnaby!


December 2014: Departmental Christmas party

It was wonderful to gather together so many of the Department and our close friends at our Christmas lunch.  The food was excellent and the company was even better.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up, relax and begin their countdown to Christmas and the New Year.  Happy holidays, one and all!Christmas-party

November 2014: PhD alumnus, Dr Lidbetter's thesis awarded OR Society prize

Thomas_Lidbetter_5318We are thrilled to announce that our PhD alumnus, Dr Tom Lidbetter (Senior LSE Fellow, Department of Management), has won the 2013 Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Operational Research Society for his PhD in Mathematics (awarded from our Department in June 2013).  The prize, for the "most distinguished body of research leading to the award of a doctorate in the field of Operational Research", was awarded for Tom’s PhD Thesis entitled “Hide-and-Seek and Other Search Games”.

Tom will make his winner’s presentation at the Beale Lecture in Manchester in February 2015.  Further details appear in the January 2014 issue of Inside OR




November 2014: New book co-authored by Dr Amol Sasane

SasaneCoverNewsAmol has co-authored with Sara Maad Sasane (Lund University, Sweden), a new book entitled "A Friendly Approach to Complex Analysis" published by World Scientific. An excerpt from the review by Peter N. Ruane for the Mathematical Association of America explains: "This book is ‘friendly’ because... the narrative always conveys a sense of direction, and it makes many valuable comparisons with real and complex analysis. Overall, this is a very nice addition to the existing literature on complex analysis. It is rich in ideas and there is a very effective use of diagrams at key points in the text." The publisher's website for the book can be found here.




October 2014: Departmentally-created artwork unveiled 

Flowers-of-segragation-revealWe're very pleased to announce that the art display of Dr Andy Lewis-Pye’s Royal Society Flowers of Segregation model is now in situ on the 3rd floor corridor of Columbia House, outside Andy’s office—and it's looking great (the accompanying picture doesn’t do it justice!). Produced alongide George Barmpalias, and Richard Elwes, it was a winner in the Royal Society's Picturing Science competition, in the Infographics category. More information is available here.

Hearty thanks go out to Kate Barker and Rebecca Lumb for coordinating the project and Tony Hough, Senior Maintenance Technician from Estates, who very kindly took this job on and generously contributed to our Green Impact statement by using Perspex offcuts to create the frames!  And, of course, Andy, for letting us splice up his incredibly stunning model—thanks all! Do stop by and take a look, when you have a chance.




September 2014: Prof  Bernhard von Stengel interviewed by BBC Newsnight
bvs1On Monday 1 September 2014, Prof Bernhard von Stengel appeared on BBC Newsnight. He was interviewed as an expert, in front of the Emirates Stadium (home of Arsenal FC, who made a number of summer signings), on the "economics of the football transfer window".  We followed up on Bernhard's experience in a brief interview, which can be read here.






September 2014: Report from the Colloquia in Combinatorics now available
Dr Jozef Skokan has provided a brief summary of the events which took place at this year's Colloquia in Combinatorics.  You can also see some photos of the LSE-hosted day, provided by Event Analysis LTD. Please read more here.

August 2014: Welcome to Dr Paul Duetting
The Department wishes to extend a very hearty welcome to Dr Paul Duetting, who joins us as an LSE Fellow.  He has previously worked and studied at Standford University and Cornell University.  Welcome to the team, Paul!

August 2014: Summer antics
To thank Kate Barker for her outstanding contribution to the Department over the past year (as temporary Departmental Manager) and to warmly welcome David Scott back from his sabbatical, a number of staff and PhD students congregated at a local bar.  Even though we are in the midst of summer vacation time, lots of us are still busy working and studying in the department on a regular basis. Here's some of our PhD students, enjoying a well-earned break at the pub!


May 2014: LSE Green Impact: Excellence Award received
MDGreen20140The Department was very excited to be presented with an Excellence Award at this year's Green Impact Awards.  Mathieu Dubois, one of our PhD students who has been instrumental in introducing sustainability into our degree curriculum, accepted the Award on the Department's behalf.  The Award reflects the high level of involvement and green saving we have demonstrated.  In addition, Dave Scott, our Departmental Manager (currently on sabbatical leave), took the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate his 'green' beer which he is developing—there was no shortage of wannabe connoisseurs!







May 2014:  Congratulations to Professor Martin Anthony who has won the award in the category  “Sharing Expertise and Knowledge” in this year’s student led LSESU Teaching Excellence Awards
MAwebEvery year the LSE Students’ Union runs the LSE Teaching Awards. Students were free to individually nominate any member of staff and this year 450 members of staff were nominated. The LSESU Education Officer Rosie Coleman writes on her blog: “Martin has been awarded this Teaching Prize because students wanted to thank Martin for his enthusiasm, generosity and compassionate approach to teaching complex mathematical concepts. Not only is Martin incredibly knowledgeable, nominations pointed to his ability to share this expertise using clear lectures, excellent additional resources, and a patient and coherent communication technique. Students appreciate his positive attitude to teaching, creating a safe and open classroom environment where no question is too small or silly to ask. Furthermore, many students referenced Martin’s skill at making mathematics relevant to the real world, giving background motivation for topics and taking time to approach problems from multiple different angles.” You can read full details about the awards and all of  this year’s prizewinners on Rosie Coleman's blog.

May 2014: Mathematics student is LSE Volunteer of the Year
Connor Russell, a third year undergraduate studying the BSc Mathematics and Economics was named the LSE Volunteer of the Year for his excellent work with IntoUniversity. The annual award is presented to an LSE student who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to volunteering. Jess Dunning, Volunteer Development Manager at IntoUniversity said, “We can’t praise Connor enough for his volunteering work with IntoUniversity. Connor has shown a high level of commitment to our opportunities and ethos during his three years as a Mentor, Academic Support Tutor, Ambassador and Buddy, contributing well over 100 volunteering hours. He really has gone above and beyond as an IntoUniversity volunteer. More on the LSE Careers Blog.

May 2014: Two One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics 2014
The event, held across two days, with six speakers presenting at Queen Mary University of London on 14 May and a further six speakers presenting on 15 May at LSE, was attended by over 90 delegates; we all agreed it was a great success and already looking forward to next year's event.  Further event details can be found here.

April 2014: Mathematics student wins first prize for best student paper at the APMOD 2014 conference
MSc Applicable Mathematics student Frans de Ruiter attended the Applied Mathematical Optimization and Modelling (APMOD) conference at Warwick in April 2014 and won the first prize in the best student paper competition. Frans writes: “At this conference I presented our paper in which we introduced a new methodology to solve dynamic multistage decision problems when revealed data is inexact. As a student I was eligible for the best student paper competition. I have seen many more outstanding presentations given by other students. Therefore, I was very pleased that the jury not only shortlisted our paper, but also awarded it with the first prize in this competition. It was a great surprise to win this award as a Masters student, especially because this was my first conference presentation and I was the only MSc student among other PhD students. This paper is a result from my dissertation written at Tilburg University and is joint work with Aharon Ben-Tal (from Technion in Israel and widely regarded as one of the co-founders of the robust optimization research field) and my supervisors Dick den Hertog and Ruud Brekelmans. More on our methodology can be found in our paper, which is freely available online.

April 2014: Mathematics student tutoring success
Avision Ho, a third year undergraduate studying the BSc Mathematics and Economics is featured in LSE news as one of the school’s volunteer tutors, visiting his sixth form college every Wednesday afternoon to offer tutoring in the same way that LSE students helped him a few years before. He said “I volunteered on the LSE tutoring program because I wanted to give back. It also helps keep me grounded and reminds me that the opportunities I have received to study at LSE shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

February 2014: Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today
The Department is pleased to report that two of its undergraduate students presented papers at the Undergraduate Mathematics Conference “Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today” on 15 February 2014 at the University of Surrey.  The conference was held by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Surrey, in conjunction with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

Max Brozynski (BSc Mathematics with Economics) presented 'Isolating isomorphisms: making abstract algebra less abstract' and Karl Hallgren (BSc Mathematics and Economics) presented 'Counter-intuitive properties on infinite sets: Hilbert's investment strategies' and you can read their abstracts here. The conference is aimed at middle and final year undergraduates, either intending to stay in academia or planning to go into the workplace and gives participants the opportunity to learn about a wide range of Mathematics and have exciting exchanges of ideas. It also exposes undergraduate mathematicians to a conference experience, gives them the opportunity to present the results of research projects they have undertaken, and to obtain feedback from and have stimulating discussions with their peers and, Max says, it was “a great forum to discuss maths over copious amounts of coffee”.


Fraxinus – LSE staff member soundtracks online game
David Scott, Department Manager in Mathematics (but currently on a year’s sabbatical) and alumnus of International History, has recently written the music to soundtrack an online game. ‘Fraxinus’ is designed to help in the fight against dieback in ash trees, and Dave’s 7 minute ‘opus’ went live on the game last week. Fraxinus is a genetic puzzle game, developed by academic research institutions including The Sainsbury Laboratory and The John Innes Centre, and can be found here.

It has been likened to the popular Candy Crush game, but better for the planet, of course. Dave says that the musical remit was to produce something ambient and organic that would enhance gameplay without being a distraction. More of his music (under the name Biggtime Productions) can be found on his Soundcloud page. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

"An Inductive Proof of Hex Uniqueness"
Samuel Clowes Huneke, an Alum of the MSc Applicable Mathematics 2011/12 programme, recently wrote an article on "An Inductive Proof of Hex Uniqueness" , published in the American Mathematical Monthly.  The article is based on part of Samuel's dissertation, "A New Result in Annular Hex", supervised by Professor Steve Alpern.  To read the article, please click here.

Festive fun in the Department  - Most Elegant Snowflake Competition 2013
Our PhD students participated in a little light Christmas relief as the end of Michaelmas Term neared, creating the most fantastical paper snowflakes for our departmental grotto.  Take a look at the competition and results here.

Further PhD success: congratulations to Alexey!
Adding to our glut of completions over the summer of 2013, we are now very pleased and proud to announce that Alexey Pokrovskiy has been awarded his PhD in Mathematics.  Details of his thesis and supervisors can be found on the PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations Dr Pokrovskiy!

Haya Freedman Prize 2012/13
Congratulations to Marcello Rossi - winner of the Haya Freedman Prize for "Best Dissertation" 2012/13.  To find out more about the Prize please click here

Institute of Mathematics (IMA) International Conference
The first IMI International Conference will take place on 10-12 September 2014 at the Glasgow Caledonian University.  Meena Kotecha, will co-chair the conference on "Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners".  Full event details can be found here.

Cyril Offord Prize 2013
The Cyril Offord Prize 2013 for outstanding performance in Mathematics was awarded to Jasdeep Kochhar and presented to him by Head of Department Professor Jan van den Heuvel who congratulated Jasdeep on his excellent results which reflected his dedication to his studies during his time in the Mathematics Department. Full news item here.

ESRC Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory
Professor Bernhard von Stengel organised an ESRC Workshop on 17-18 October 2013.  15 speakers presented over the course of two days on LSE campus.  Full event details can be found here.

Welcome to Dr Christoph Czichowsky
The Mathematics Department extends a warm welcome to Dr. Christoph Czichowsky, a lecturer specialising in the field of financial mathematics.  Christoph joined LSE in the beginning of September 2013 from the University of Vienna and we wish him a very happy time with us.

Congratulations to David, Tom and Neofytos
David Ferguson, Tom Lidbetter and Neofytos Rodosthenous have been awarded their PhDs in Mathematics. For details of their thesis titles, supervisors, and the ever-growing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations Drs Ferguson, Lidbetter and Rodosthenous!

PhD alumni captains BBC Four Only Connect team to semi-finals
Dr Marianne Fairthorne, one of our PhD alumni who was awarded her doctorship in June 2011, captained her team, the 'Festival Fans' on BBC Four's show "Only Connect" in July 2013.  The team had a colourful journey, scraping through the first round via the repechage.  They bounced back to make it through to the semi-finals, sadly losing out to Team Celts on 22 July 2013 by four points (score 16 vs 20).  Very well done to Marriane and well played Festival Fans!

Only-connect team

Congratulation Andy!
Dr. Andy Lewis-Pye has won the Infographics photo award as part of the Royal Society's Picturing Science Competition, with his image, "Flowers of Segregation" (Credit: Dr Andy Lewis-Pye, with George Barmpalias and Richard Elwes from the University of Leeds). For an explanation of this image, please read below.

Andy-Lewis-Pye-RS-competition-winner---Flowers-of-Segregation-fullFlowers of Segregation
A major achievement of the Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Schelling was an elegant model of racial segregation, first described in 1969. The aim of the model was to understand the large-scale segregation observed between black and white communities in large American cities.

For the first time, Andy and his colleagues have rigorously analysed the model to get a deeper understanding of its interesting behaviour, such as situations where an increase in racial tolerance increases segregation.  In the image, each disc illustrates a simulation of the model. The inner ring displays a large number of individuals of two types, given a random order and arranged in a circle. According to simple rules they then rearrange themselves into a more structured form, which is illustrated in the outer ring. The process by which this segregated configuration is reached is illustrated in the space between the inner and outer rings.

Leverhulme Library book donation
A big thank you to Filippo Casati, a former student of the Department, who has kindly donated a number of his study books to the Leverhulme Library, held by our colleagues in the Department of Statistics.  We wish Filippo every success in the future.

Welcome to Dr Andy Lewis-Pye
The Mathematics Department is delighted to welcome Dr. Andy Lewis-Pye, a lecturer specialising in both the fields of discrete mathematics and game theory.  Andy joined us in July 2013 from the University of Leeds and we wish him a very happy time at LSE.

Congratulations to Somkiat
Somkiat Trakultraipruk has been awarded his PhD in Mathematics. For details of his thesis title and supervisor, see our PhD "Roll of Honour" and keep checking back for more updates - it's a very exciting time for the Department, with a number of our students completing their PhDs over the next few months. Congratulations Dr Trakultraipruk!

A packed New Theatre at the Combinatorics Colloquium at LSE on Thursday 16th May 2013:Audience-Alon LSE

The event, held across two days, with six speakers presenting at Queen Mary University of London on 15 May and a further six speakers presenting on 16 May at LSE, was attended by over 90 delegates; we all agreed it was a great success and already looking forward to next year's event.  Further event details can be found here.



Maths Department achieves Gold Excellence in Green Impact
We're delighted to announce that at the Green Impact Awards 2013 at LSE, the Mathematics Department achieved a Gold Excellence Award for its contribution to 'greening' LSE. Of particular note is the current project to introduce sustainability into the curriculum, which has secured funding from LSE's Sustainable Projects Funds, and which will focus on finding connections between concepts in sustainability and the mathematics being taught in courses MA100 and MA107. The department also won an award for its recycling (100% perfectly sorted in a spot-check), and Department Manager David Scott was given a special award for 'outstanding contribution to sustainability at LSE'. More information can be found here.

Maths Department hosts visit from Bushey Meads School
On 30th April, LSE's Mathematics Department hosted a visit from some budding young mathematicians from Bushey Meads School (and their mathematics teacher, former LSE Maths student Suresh Varsani). You can read a write-up of the day on the Bushey Meads website, here.

Maths Department Manager David Scott's 172-mile Cycling and Running Challenge for Friends of the Earth
David Scott is undertaking a sponsored cycling and running challenge between March and June to raise money for Friends of the Earth. Click here to find out more.

Congratulations to Derek
Derek Wan has been awarded his PhD in Mathematics. For details of his thesis title, supervisor, and the evergrowing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour". Congratulations Dr Wan!

MSc Careers Networking Event 2013
The Department successfully held an alumni panel and careers networking event for our MSc Applicable Mathematics and MSc Financial Mathematics students. 

ESRC Game Theory Workshop 2013 with Nobel Prizewinner Alvin Roth
The Department recently hosted a Workshop on "Matching Under Preferences" supported by a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) on "Games and Economic Behaviour". The highlight of the event was a very accessible and hugely popular talk by Professor Alvin Roth (Nobel Prize winner): "Who Gets What? The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design".  Earlier in the day, five other experts on "Matching under Preferences" gave presentations on their recent research: Sophie Bade (Royal Holloway), Lars Ehlers (Montreal), Aytek Erdil (Cambridge), Flip Klijn (Barcelona), and David Manlove (Glasgow).  Further details can be found here.

National Student Survey
Are you a 3rd year undergraduate student at LSE? If so, then please remember to take part in theNational Student Survey 2013, which has recently launched. It is your opportunity to influence developments in teaching and support at LSE, and in the Mathematics Department.


Review of Linear Algebra by Martin Anthony and Michele Harvey
Martin Anthony and Michele Harvey’s recent book, Linear Algebra: Concepts and Methods, has been warmly reviewed by the Mathematical Association of America: the review can be read here.  The reviewer suggests that the book, "covers the subject more thoroughly than its competitors do." He goes on to say that, "Much more so than the other books I’ve seen lately, this book succeeds in presenting the subject properly to fellow travellers (e.g. economists!) to the extent this is reasonable, and doesn’t skimp on actual mathematics" and that it has "a wealth of illustrations and discussions leading the reader to progressively improved perceptions about the subject and increased facility with the requisite manipulations and computations."

New Real Analysis Course on the Summer School Programme
Dr Eleni Katirtzoglou from the Department of Mathematics has designed a new course in Real Analysis for the LSE Summer School's Methods programme. More details on the programme, and the course itself, can be found by clicking on the respective links.

Haya Freedman Prize 2011/12
Congratulations to Samuel Clowes Huneke - winner of the Haya Freedman Prize for "Best Dissertation" 2011/12.  To find out more about the Prize please click here  

Prof Steve Alpern's Visiting Professor appointment
We are very happy to welcome Prof Steve Alpern back to the Department as a Visiting Professor.  Having been a long-standing member of the Department of Mathematics, this approval means Steve will continue to contribute to on-going research projects here at LSE, both within our own Department and the Management Department and be a regular participant in and contributor to our Seminar on Discrete Mathematics and Game Theory.

4th Congress of the Game Theory Society - GAMES 2012
This event, held July 22-26, 2012 in Istanbul, was attended by over 800 international participants. Prof Bernhard von Stengel from the LSE Department of Mathematics chaired one of the main plenary events of this congress, a 90-minute Nobel panel of discussions with Nobel Laureates in Economics Eric Maskin, John Nash, Reinhard Selten, and Roger Myerson. He also gave a presentation at the Istanbul Stock Exchange, a main local sponsor of the congress, alongside Eric Maskin and Roger Myerson. This presentation is an accessible introduction to game theory in the context of telecommunications markets. Prof Bernhard von Stengel is the Vice President for Communications of the Game Theory Society and responsible for their website.

London Mathematical Finance Seminar Series gets under way - 25 October 2012
This new initiative is a joint seminar series organised by a partnership of the matematical finance groups of several London-based universities. The seminar series aims to bring the mathematical finance community in London closer together and provides a platform where both academics and practitioners are invited to discuss recent advances in the field. All are welcome to attend.  Full details of the seminar series can be found here.

New advanced undergraduate course: MA318 History of Mathematics in Finance and Economics
We're pleased to announce a new undergraduate Mathematics half unit course entitled History of Mathematics in Finance and Economics, starting in 2012-13. For more details, please the Course Guide, here, or the Moodle page for the course, here.

Congratulations to our teaching prize winners.
Our congratulations go to Mr Ahmad Abu-Khazneh, Dr Ioannis Kouletsis, and Dr Georgios Zouros on winning three of the School's Graduate and Guest Teacher prizes 2012. These are awarded annually by LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre based on a number of factors, including the termly surveys of students' opinions of class teaching. Each of the three achieved excellent scores and received great student feedback.
We would like to thank all our class teachers for their excellent work over the last year.

Congratulations to Cyril Offord Prizewinner for 2012
Congratulations to Joshua Bernstein, winner of the Cyril Offord Prize for outstanding performance in mathematics for 2011/12. More details here

Advent Software Scholarship 2012/13
Congratulations to Sagnik Roy, MSc Applicable Mathematics  -Sagnik is this year's recipient of the Advent Software Scholarship.

Welcome to new colleagues
The Maths Department is delighted to welcome several new colleagues. Dr Marie Frentz joined us at the beginning of August as Research Officer working with Dr Amol Sasane. And in September we were joined by a new lecturer, Dr Ron Peretz, and a new Course Tutor, Dr Ioannis Kouletsis. Welcome to all of them.

Mini-Conference on Infinite Combinatorics - 25 July 2012
This Mini-Conference in Infinite Combinatorics was aimed at bringing together mathematicians researching in fields where a common underpinning may be seen to be a theorem of Stainhaus. The event was well-supported, with speakers including N.H. Bingham, I. Leader, A. Ostaszewski, S. Solecki and D. Strauss. A full report of the day's events can be found here.

Mathematics Goes Green To Win Gold
The Department of Mathematics has achieved a Gold Award in the national Green Impact project in 2012 - for its contribution to 'greening' LSE. Congratulations to the department's Green Impact team: David Scott, Jackie Everid, Tugkan Batu and Mathieu Dubois for all their efforts. To find out more, click here.

Welcome to Rebecca Lumb
The department is delighted to welcome our new Research Administrator, Rebecca Lumb, who started on 2nd July. Rebecca joins us from Cardiff University's Child Protection and Systematic Review Group.

Green Impact and Sustainability Event
On Thursday 7th June, the department held a fun Green Impact and Sustainability event, which also show-cased some very tasty organic and/or local food. To find out more, click here.

Options Information for 1st and 2nd year Undergraduates
Detailed information to help you choose your courses for next year is now available on our website, for any of you that missed the Lent Term Options Meeting. Please click here to see more.

A packed New Theatre at the Colloquium in Combinatorics held on 17th May at LSECombinatorics 2013 at LSE

linear-algebra-book-62x86 New book by Martin Anthony and Michele Harvey
Martin and Michele, both from the Department of Mathematics, have written a new book entitled 'Linear Algebra: Concepts and Methods'. As the publisher's website explains, "Any student of linear algebra will welcome this textbook, which provides a thorough treatment of this key topic. Blending practice and theory, the book enables the reader to learn and comprehend the standard methods, with an emphasis on understanding how they actually work...."


Congratulations to Hessah, Julian and Polly
Hessah Al-Motairi, Polly Lon and Julian Merschen have all been awarded their PhDs in Mathematics in the last month or so. For details of their thesis titles, supervisors, and the evergrowing list of PhD alumni of the department, have a look at our PhD 'Roll of Honour'. Congratulations Dr Al-Motairi, Dr Lon and Dr Merschen!

The Beauty of Mathematics - Martin Anthony
Professor Martin Anthony
helps to raise the profile of mathematics at LSE (and in Social Science) by writing in the Summer 2011 edition of LSE's alumni magazine Connect on the subject of 'The Beauty of Mathematics'. You can read his article online here: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/alumni/LSEConnect/LC_summer_2011.aspx (on page 19).

Search and Rendezvous Workshop  (in Lorentz, Netherlands, part organised by Steve Alpern, LSE Mathematics) - 1-4 May 2012

Welcome to Peter Allen and Julia Böttcher
The Mathematics Department is delighted to welcome two new lecturers, both starting in January 2012. Dr Peter Allen and Dr Julia Böttcher both come to us from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.


Haya Freedman Prize 2010/11
Congratulations to Robert John Arculus - winner of the Haya Freedman Prize for "Best Dissertation" 2010/11.  To find out more about the Prize please click here.

Mathematics Public Lecture: "Pricing the Future" by George Szpiro - 22nd November 2011
Dr George Szpiro is a journalist for the Neue Zuercher Zeitung and a highly-regarded popular science author who will present some of his recent writing on the history of financial mathematics. For more details, click here.

Public lecture and Alumni Reception - 22 November 2011
Organisers: Bernhard von Stengel, Steve Alpern and Pavel Gapeev

Graduate/Alumni Careers Panel 2011
The Mathematics Department recently hosted a very successful careers event, bringing alumni and representatives from a number of major employers to LSE for a networking lunch. To find out more, click here.

Advent Software Scholarship 2011/12
Congratulations to Ananya Roy, MSc Applicable Mathematics  - Ananya is this year's recipient of the Advent Software Scholarship.

Search Games Workshop at LSE - 28th and 29th June 2011
Professor Steve Alpern recently organised LSE Mathematics' Annual Search Games Workshop for Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th June 2011. Full details here.

ESRC Game Theory Workshop - 10 June 2011
"Correlation and Coordination in Games"
, with speakers Francoise Forges, Vince Crawford, Michalis Drouvelis, Eran Shmaya, Nick Vriend, Joel Sobel.
Organisers: Olivier Gossner and Bernhard von Stengel

Maths Department Manager's song for charity....
Department Manager David Scott's band The Phonic have written and recorded a song for an album released by the charity Forever Searching, who raise awareness about missing and abducted children. The song is called Birthday Girl, all proceeds go to the charity, and it can be found on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/album/find-your-way-home/id439274882

Goodbye to Malwina
The Mathematics Department is very sorry to be saying goodbye to Malwina Luczak, who left us at the end of August to take up a Professorship at the University of Sheffield. Malwina joined the department in September 2003. We wish her the very best of luck in her new role. 

Cyril Offord Prize 2010/11
Congratulations to Alexander Christou, Vanessa Do and Maathumei Vijayakumaraguru, joint winners of the Cyril Offord Prize for outstanding performance in mathematics for 2010/11. More details here.

Welcome (back) to Amol Sasane
The Mathematics Department is delighted to welcome back Dr Amol Sasane. He rejoins us from KTH Stockholm, having been away for 18 months or so.

Congratulations to Ben Veal
Ben, a PhD student in the Maths Department, was formally awarded his PhD in Mathematics on the 31st May 2011. Ben's thesis was entitled 'Binary similarity measures and their applications in machine learning', and he was supervised by Prof. Martin Anthony. Congratulations, Dr Veal!

Two One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics 2011
The Mathematics Department organised and hosted two linked One-Day Colloquia in Combinatorics in May 2011. For details about the event and speakers, please click here.

Congratulations to Fares Al-Azemi
Fares, a PhD student in the Maths Department, was formally awarded his PhD in Mathematics on the 31st March 2011. Fares' thesis was entitled 'A Pair of Explicitly Solvable Impulse Control Problems', and he was supervised by Prof. Mihail Zervos. Congratulations, Dr Al-Azemi!

Welcome to Loraine
We're delighted to welcome Loraine Evans to the Maths Department as our new Research Administrator, taking over from Simon Jolly. Loraine has joined us from the London Business School.

Congratulations to Wan Huang
Wan, a PhD student in the Maths Department, was formally awarded her PhD in Mathematics on the 31st January 2011. Wan's thesis was entitled 'Equilibrium Computation for Extensive Games', and she was supervised by Prof. Bernhard von Stengel. Congratulations, Dr Huang!

Congratulations to Adam and Konrad
We are delighted to announce that Adam Ostaszewski has just been promoted to Professor, and Konrad Swanepoel to Reader. Both titles commence officially from 1st August, but nonetheless we would very much like to wish both Adam and Konrad our heartiest congratulations.


Nobel Prize for LSE Professor of Economics
LSE professor of Economics Christopher Pissarides was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences 2010. Click here to find out more...

Congratulations to Jackie Everid - winner of a Service Excellence Award
Jackie has just won one of LSE's prestigious Service Excellence Awards 2010 for her outstanding support and service to students and staff in the Maths Department. We can't think of a more deserving recipient! Well done Jackie.

New Staff
The department is delighted to welcome a new lecturer, Dr Luitgard Veraart. Luitgard joins us at the beginning of September, and comes to us from the Institute for Stochastics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Congratulations to Zibo Xu!
Zibo, a PhD student in the Maths Department, was formally awarded his PhD in Mathematics on the 31st December 2010. Zibo was successfully examined for his PhD in early November 2010 and was jointly supervised by Dr Robert Simon and Dr Adam Ostaszewski. His thesis was entitled 'A Stochastic Ramsey Theorem'. Congratulations, Dr Xu!

Goodbye to Simon
The Mathematics Department is very sorry to be saying goodbye to our Research Administrator, Simon Jolly, after more than 5 years in the department, spanning two different roles. We wish him all the best in his new job at LSE, in the External Programme Office.

Advent Software Scholarship 2010/11
Congratulations to Charlene Mliswa, MSc Applicable Mathematics  - Charlene is this year's recipient of the Advent Software Scholarship.

Haya Freedman Prize 2009/10
Congratulations to Jacob Daniel Baron - winner of the Haya Freedman Prize for “Best Dissertation” 2009/10.  To find out more about the Prize please click here.

Maths Class Teacher gives talk at MSOR Network Conference
LSE Mathematics class teacher, Meena Kotecha, gave a presentation at the the Maths, Stats & OR Network fifth annual Learning and Teaching Conference at the University of Birmingham. To find out more, click here.

2010 Conference on Search Games and Rendezvous
July saw the Department host the LSE 2010 Conference on Search Games and Rendezvous, with participants from a number of different countries. The event, which was organised jointly with the Operational Research Group and which received funding from STICERD, was a great success with ten talks taking place over two days. A write-up of all the talks can be found here.

Congratulations to Dr Anne Balthasar 
Anne was formally awarded her PhD in Mathematics at a presentation ceremony on Thursday 15th July. Anne was successfully examined for her PhD in December 2009 and was supervised by  Anne was successfully examined for her PhD in December 2009 and was supervised by Prof Bernhard von Stengel. The Department would like to wish Anne all the best for the future.

Cyril Offord Prize 2009/10
Congratulations to Mei Lien Chew on winning the Cyril Offord Prize for outstanding performance in mathematics for 2009/10 on the BSc Mathematics and Economics. Mei Lien achieved an average of over 87% across the 12 units of courses she studied, with particularly noticeable scores such as 91% in MA310, 96% in MA203 and 95% in MA201, not to mention 99% for MA100 and 100% for ST102 in her first year with us.

Congratulations to our teaching prize winners.
Our congratulations go to Dr Nicholas Cron, Mr Derek Wan and, for a fifth year in a row, to Dr Ioannis Kouletsis on winning three of the School's Graduate and Guest Teacher prizes 2010. These are awarded annually by LSE's Teaching and Learning Centre based on a number of factors, including the termly surveys of students' opinions of class teaching. Each of the three achieved excellent scores and received great student feedback.

We would like to thank all our class teachers for their excellent work over the last year.

LSE Maths goes green to win Gold 
The LSE Mathematics Department has been awarded a Gold Standard in LSE's Green Impact project (part of the DEFRA-funded 'Degrees Cooler Programme').

The Mathematics of Machine Learning - Podcast
Prof Martin Anthony has recently been interviewed by the LSE Research Channel as part of a series of podcasts highlighting the diverse range of research carried out at LSE. In the podast at the link above Prof Anthony discusses his field of research, machine learning, and explains what role mathematicians play in making computers less stupid. 

Goodbye to Amol:
we are sorry to announce that Amol Sasane has left the Mathematics Department, to join his family in Sweden. He will be greatly missed by all of us, and we wish him well in his new post. 


Congratulations to Tom Bates and Preeyesh Bhadresha - joint winners of the Haya Freedman Prize for "Best Dissertations" in 2008/09.

Cyril Offord Prize 2008-9
The Offord Prize for 2008-9 was awarded to Stephen Almond for his outstanding achievements on the BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics. To find out more, please click here .

Congratulations to Teaching Prize Winners
Our congratulations go to David Ferguson, Ioannis Kouletsis, and Julian Merschen on winning three of the School's Graduate and Guest Teacher Prizes 2009. These are awarded annually by LSE's Teaching and Learning Committee based on a number of factors, including the termly surveys of students' opinions of class teaching. Each of the three achieved excellent scores and received great student feedback.

We would like to thank all our class teachers for their excellent work over the last year.

New staff!
The Department is delighted to welcome two new lecturers, and a new member of administrative staff. Dr Albina Danilova joined us in July, and Dr Konrad Swanepoel starts with us on 1st September. In addition we welcome a new MSc Administrator, Rebecca Batey, who also starts with us on 1st September.

New Book by Amol Sasane

Amol Sasane's new book

We are pleased to announce the publication of Amol Sasane's book 'Algebras of Holomorphic Functions and Control Theory'. The book is an undergraduate-level text, which illustrates the the role of algebras of holomorphic functions in the solution of an important engineering problem: the stabilization of a linear control system. Its concise and self-contained treatment avoids the use of higher mathematics and forms a bridge to more advanced treatments. It is published by Dover Publications and further information can be found on their website.





Congratulations to Viresh Patel
Viresh was successfully examined for his PhD in May. Viresh was jointly supervised by Graham Brightwell and Jan van den Heuvel.

One day Colloquium in Combinatorics
On Thursday 21st May the LSE Mathematics Department hosted its third one-day colloquium in combinatorics. This followed a similar event held on the previous day at Queen Mary. As in previous years the colloquium was a great success attracting around 90 participants from all over the UK, around a third of whom were PhD students.

There were six talks at LSE. Peter Keevash (Queen Mary) explained some of his combinatorics imageimpressive recent work on a class of processes for generating graphs without a given subgraph, improving the lower bounds on some Ramsey and Turan numbers. Stefanie Gerke (Royal Holloway) gave an entertaining account of her work on thresholds for connectivity in random intersection graphs, with applications to the problem of distributing secure keys in networks. Angelika Steger (ETH Zurich) spoke about her mathematical analysis of a recent model for bursts of neuron firing in the brain, explaining how the rigorous analysis explained some (but not all) of the curious behaviour observed in computer simulations. Leslie Goldberg (Liverpool) spoke about recent work on the complexity of evaluating partition functions: she was able to describe exactly what types of weighted substructures of a large structure are computationally easy to count. Rahul Savani (Warwick), a former student in the Department, explained how two game-theoretic problems related to connectivity in graphs are equivalent, and related to the structure of the graph. Finally, Jaroslav Nešetřil (Prague) gave the annual Norman Biggs lecture: he spoke about graph-theoretic problems stemming from approaching the subject from the point of view of category theory, and described some of the extraordinarily rich structure of the class of directed graphs with the homomorphism relations.

You can find further details of the talks given at both LSE and Queen Mary, including titles and abstracts, by clicking here.

LSE Mathematics launches a new BSc in Mathematics with Economics
Find out more about the new degree, which will start in October 2010, by clicking here.

New book by Norman Biggs
Cover of Norman Biggs' new bookWe are pleased to announce the recent publication of Norman Biggs' new book 'Codes: An Introduction to Information Communication and Cryptography'. The book is an integrated introduction to the mathematics of coding and it has been described as 'an undergraduate textbook that is a pleasure to read'. It is published by Springer and more information can be found on their website.


Congratulations to Peter Allen - Peter has been awarded a share of the LSE Robert McKenzie Prize 2007/8 for his PhD in Mathematics. This prize is awarded each year by the School in recognition of outstanding academic performance.

Commiserations and congratulations to LSE's University Challenge team. Commiserations to the team, which included the Mathematics Department's Marianne Fairthorne, on losing narrowly to Manchester University in the quarter-finals of this year's University Challenge, but congratulations too on getting to the last eight.

Congratulations Ioanna Katrantzi - Operational Research student Ioanna was successfully examined for her PhD on Friday 21st November 2008. Although a student in OR, Ioanna began her PhD in the Mathematics Department and was supervised by Professor Steve Alpern throughout her studies.

Congratulations to Marta Casetti - Marta won the Haya Freedman Prize for 'Best Dissertation' 2007/8.

LSE Mathematics hosts Seventh International Workshop in Search Games and Rendezvous

Cyril Offord Prize - The Offord Prize for 2008 was awarded jointly to Sakhee Joisher and Neelan Santhirarajah for their outstanding achievements on the BSc Mathematics and Economics. Click here for more.

Mathematics Department Class Teachers win LSE Teaching Prizes: Ioanna Katrantzi, Ioannis Kouletsis and Raminder Ruprai were all recently awarded teaching prizes.

Congratulations to Tom Bates - Tom, an applicant to the MSc in Applicable Mathematics to start 2008, is the first recipient of the Advent Software Scholarship.

Welcome to new staff - Two new members of academic staff will be joining the Department in September. Professor Olivier Gossner joins us half-time from Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques, and Dr Arne Lokka comes to us from the Mathematics Department at King's College London.

PhD successes - our congratulations go to PhD students Peter Allen, Luis Cereceda and part-time PhD Snezana Pejic who were all successfully examined for their PhDs this year. Peter was supervised by Graham Brightwell; Luis and Snezana were supervised by Jan van den Heuvel.

Educational Research Grant for LSE Mathematicians - A team from the Mathematics department has been successful in attracting research funding from the University of London Centre for Distance Education. Click here for more.

Congratulations to Malwina Luczak - she has just been promoted to Reader.

October 2007

Congratulations to Justas Bugnevicius -Justas won the Haya Freedman Prize for 'Best Dissertation' 2006/7.

September 2007

Mathematics Department Class Teachers win LSE Teaching Prizes: Peter Allen, Ioannis Kouletsis and Raminder Ruprai were all recently awarded teaching prizes.

Amol Sasane wins Teaching Prize. Congratulations to Amol, a lecturer in the Maths Department, who has just won a Major Review Teaching Prize at LSE. These prizes are awarded for outstanding teaching performance above and beyond that required to pass Major Review.

June 2007 

New  photos online - photographs from the recent Alumni Evening, and from the recent events honouring Norman Biggs, are now available online.

Welcome to new lecturer -
we are delighted to welcome Dr Pavel Gapeev to the Mathematics Department as a lecturer from September 2007. Pavel comes to us from the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin.

Congratulations to Jan van den Heuvel and Adam Ostaszewski. Jan has just been promoted to Professor, and Adam has just been promoted to Reader.

London Taught Course Centre for PhD students in the Mathematical Sciences: EPSRC has approved funding for a bid from a consortium of institutions in the London region for "pump-priming" funds of 400K to establish a Taught Course Centre in London. Click for more...

January 2007

Mathematics Professor becomes best-selling author! Steve Alpern was one of the contributors featured in the recent number one best-selling book, "Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze", (on page 203, to be specific). He answered a question on how two people lost in a large supermarket might best find each other again (an example of a problem Steve has looked into on a number of occasions in his research on Rendezvous Theory).

December 2006

Photos from the 2006 December Graduation now available online.

LSE Mathematician, Malwina Luczak, wins Humboldt Fellowship. Congratulations to Dr Luczak, who has been awarded a prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship... click here for more.

September 2006

Congratulations to Mathematics Department Class Teacher Prize winners 2006: Luis Cereceda, Ioannis Kouletsis and James Ward.

Congratulations to student prizewinners! Sayeed Zaman (BSc Business Mathematics and Statistics) has won the Cyril Offord Prize, and from the MSc Applicable Mathematics, Zibo Xu has won both the LSE Robert McKenzie Prize and the University of London Lionel Cooper Prize, whilst Julian Merschen has won the Haya Freedman Prize for 2005/6.

Appointment of New Chair in Financial Maths - We're pleased to announce that Mihail Zervos has been appointed to the new Chair in Financial Mathematics. The post is part of an exciting strategic initiative by the School to extend the research and teaching activities of the Mathematics department in the area of financial mathematics.

Welcome to (more) new staff - the Mathematics Department would like to welcome two new members of academic staff, who joined us in September: Dr Tugkan Batu and Dr Jozef Skokan.

June 2006

Congratulations Dr Rahul - Maths PhD student Rahul Savani was successfully examined for his PhD in June.  Rahul's supervisor was Professor Bernhard von Stengel .

Grant Success - Amol Sasane has just been awarded a Nuffield Newly Appointed Lecturers Scheme Grant of £5,000 to pursue his research on 'State Construction for Partial Differential Equations'

May 2006

Congratulations to Bernhard von Stengel - Bernhard has just been promoted to Professor of Mathematics.

More congratulations! Rahul Savani has just been awarded an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Computer Science. 
The fellowships, which last three years, are awarded to enable talented young researchers to establish an independent research career directly or shortly after completing their PhD. Rahul will be based at the University of Warwick, and plans to visit ETH Zurich and McGill University.

Mar 2006

MSc in Applicable Mathematics at LSE - New page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) now online

Feb 2006 

Congratulations Dr Nic - Maths PhD student Nicholas Georgiou was successfully examined for his PhD on Friday 27th January. Nic's thesis, which will appear soon in the CDAM Research Report Series, was entitled 'Random Structures for Partially Ordered Sets'. Nic's supervisor was Professor Graham Brightwell.

 Dec 2005 

A selection of photographs from the Graduation and Leaver's Parties in July and December 2005 are now available online.

Congratulations to Iain Morrow, winner of the University of London Lionel Cooper Prize for Mathematics.

Congratulations to Gabriel Rosenberg, inaugural winner of the Haya Freedman Prize at LSE.

Nov 2005 

The Haya Freedman Prize, for Best Dissertation on the MSc Applicable Mathematics, has been established. Click here for details.

Sept 2005 

In memory of Haya Freedman:

August 2005

Congratulations to Shahin Namati-Nasab, prizewinner in the Mathematics Department.

Congratulations to Mathematics Department Occasional Teacher Prize winners 2005: Mark Baltovic, David Cartwright and Luis Cereceda.

July 2005

Sponsor Me! - Our Departmental Manager, David Scott, is taking part in a series of events for charity and is seeking some sponsorship. Click here for more details...

June 2005

Two new courses for the MSc Applicable Mathematics in 2005/6 - The Department will have extra options on its MSc in the coming year, with two new courses being introduced: MA412 Functional Analysis and its Applications and MA413 Games of Incomplete Information. For more information on the MSc, please click here.

May 2005

Congratulations to Maths PhD students Ben Veal & Rahul Savani on winning the Penn-Lehman Automated Trading Competition - For more details, click here.

Review of the recent CDAM Mini-Symposium on Games and Dynamics

April 2005

Congratulations to Malwina Luczak - Malwina has been awarded a grant of £5,000 by The Nuffield Foundation, as one of their 'Awards to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics 2005'. She will be working on 'Asymptotic behaviour of complex random systems and phase transitions'.

Welcome to new staff - Simon Jolly has joined the Mathematics Department as our new Graduate Course Administrator.

The Mathematics Department's Annual Report for 2004 is now available online.

21st April - Mini-Symposium on Games and Dynamics at LSE. The Centre for Discrete and Applicable Mathematics is hosting this one-day event from 10.00 - 17.30 in room A379.

Maths Alumni Event! - Wednesday 27th April, 6pm - 8.30pm. If you are a former student of the Mathematics Department, please do come along. Pass it on to any other former LSE Maths students you are in contact with. More details are available here....

March 2005 

Congratulations to Martin Anthony - Martin has just been promoted to Professor of Mathematics.

Jan 2005

Congratulations to Maths PhD students Ben Veal, Rahul Savani and Raju Chinthalapati, runners up in the December 2004 Penn-Lehman Automated Trading Project Competition. They were given 'Honourable Mention' for their 'spirited submission'. It was noted that their 'strategy also achieved perfect liquidation and positive Sharpe Ratio'. Well done Ben, Rahul and Raju.

 Dec 2004 

Congratulations to Arndt von Schemde on being awarded his PhD in Mathematics - Arndt was supervised by Bernhard von Stengel, and his thesis for examination was entitled 'A Geometric-Combinatorial Approach to Index and Stability in Bimatrix Games'. This is now available as a CDAM Research Report (LSE-CDAM-2004-18). Well done Dr von Schemde!

A selection of photographs from the Graduation Party in July 2004 are now available online.

August 2004

Welcome to new staff - the Maths Department welcomes two new lecturers: Dr Robert Simon and Dr Amol Sasane.

Congratulations to Pavitra Kumar and Peter Chapman, prizewinners in the Mathematics Department.

Congratulations to Mathematics Department Occasional Teacher Prize winners 2004: Gillian Colkin, James Spelling and James Ward.

Jan 2004: EU Sixth Framework Grant Success for Mathematics and Statistics Martin Anthony (Mathematics and Centre for Discrete and Applicable Mathematics) and Henry Wynn (Statistics and CDAM) are the LSE partners on a newly-announced Network of Excellence funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme. Click here for more information.

Sept 2003

In September, Dr Bernhard von Stengel, (LSE Reader in Mathematics) and his PhD student Rahul Savani each gave successful talks at Cowles Foundation Workshop on Complexity in Economic Theory at Yale University, New Haven.

All change in the Department of Mathematics: new faces, some goodbyes, and a new degree.

August 2003

Congratulations to Noor Drummond, Marios Kalotychos, Pavitra Kumar, Binyamin Radomsky and Kanishk Sarin, prize winners in the Mathematics Department.

Congratulations to Mathematics Department Occasional Teacher Prize winners 2003: Mark Baltovic, Rahul Savani and Tony Whelan.

July 2003: At the end of July, Dr Bernhard von Stengel, (LSE Reader in Mathematics), organised the Stony Brook Game Theory Conference in New York. LSE Maths PhD students Arndt von Schemde and Rahul Savani also gave successful talks at the event. 

June 2003: New MSc course: The Department of Mathematics will launch an MSc in Applicable Mathematics, with the first intake of students to arrive in September 2004.

March 2003: Congratulations to Philipp Reinfeld, who has just been awarded his PhD in Mathematics. Well done, Dr Philipp!

The Mathematics Department's Annual Report for 2002 is now available online.

Dec 2002

12th December - Mathematics and Statistics Departments' Christmas Party for undergraduates in the two departments. This will take place in the Underground Bar at 12.00.

Nov 2002

28th November - Maths & Stats Society Event - A talk from MLP at 6pm in room S78 .

28th November - Orientation Seminar for Maths & Econ 1st year students - how to improve your applications for internships and summer work.

21st November - Two former BMS students will be speaking at the Orientation Seminar for BMS 1st year students on Thursday 21st.

Oct 2002: Congratulations to Li Shan Shi, Cassandra Hannibal and Gabriel Dauvin, prize winners in the Mathematics Department

August 2002: A selection of photos from the 2002 Leaver's Party and Graduation Party now online...

June 2002: LSE Department of Mathematics has an EPSRC-funded PhD studentship available.

May 2002: Obituary of Professor W T Tutte in the Independent, by Professor Norman Biggs

March 2002: TQAC Review of Mathematics - Friday 15th March
The Teaching Quality Assurance Committee will be conducting a review of educational provision in the Mathematics Department on Friday 15th March in room B813. The Review team will be meeting with undergraduate students from the Maths Econ and BMS degrees at 2pm. This is your opportunity to express your views on the teaching and facilities you receive. Refreshments will be provided.

February 2002: Maths staff make LSE Winter School "Brilliant, because it has increased my level of interest and enjoyment in mathematics". LSE News & Views from 4th February

Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program: A search for the most accomplished 100 2nd year students

January 2002: Joan Davies, lecturer in the Maths Department, has had her new book (and course text for MA100) 'Calculus' published.

September 2001: Congratulations to the Kevin Sheedy and Luke Thomas, prize winners in the Mathematics Department

July 2001: A selection of photos from the 2001 graduation party now available to view...

June 2001: The Cyril Offord Prize, in memory of the first LSE Professor of Mathematics, has been established. Click here for details.

October 2000: Maths Department Winner of the ESRC Essay Competition

September 2000: Obituary of Professor John C. Harsanyi by Bernhard von Stengel

June 2000: Excellent Education in Mathematics and Statistics
The full report on the Subject Review of Mathematics and Statistics at the LSE by the QAA has now been published.